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6 Clumsy Wedding Poses That You Should Dump Away Asap

6 Clumsy Wedding Poses That You Should Dump Away Asap

Admit it or not, we all are damn sick and tired of seeing same age-old wedding photography poses of brides and grooms in wedding albums. If you are an Indian, there is quite fair chances that you have seen wedding albums numerous times and must have vowed not to see them anymore. We surely can feel your agony, but couples should understand that there is no novelty in clicking wedding photographs in humdrum poses which millions of couples have already tried.

The saddest or dramatic thing about awkward wedding photographs is they tend to go viral on the Internet expeditiously. And we know you don't want your wedding photographs to be the part of 'Top 10 Awkward Wedding Photographs' kind of list. To save you from the future sheer embarrassment, we have collated a list of 7 graceless wedding photography poses that you should put right away from your wedding photography poses list.

1. The Titanic Wala Pose

titanic pose

If you think you can nail the iconic Titanic movie pose of Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, Duh! What's wrong with you? There is already a picture-perfect pose, and we are quite happy with that.

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This is the number one clumsy wedding photography pose that you should immediately cut out from your list. We seriously don't want you to recreate that pose from a movie where the hero dies, and girl lives alone for years.

2. The Shy Wala Pose

wedding shy pose

From where on the earth brides found out this pose and started using in the wedding photography? This photography pose is so obsolete, looks so phony, yet brides don't miss the opportunity to try out this heart-stabbing pose.

We have yet to figure out that why brides even put efforts to look like a shy person when they lucidly know they live in a generation where public display of affection is so common, and canoodling is the new pampering. Your grandmother shying in their time makes sense, but your photography pose absolutely not!

3. The Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha Pose

dum lga ke haisha

This pose is still an enigma for us. Like, how a quite healthy man can't lift a 30 kg cylinder but when it comes to carrying the bride, he instantly turns into a superman. We do understand the excitement of grooms, but why they lift the bride is beyond our comprehension.

4. Leaning on Back Pose

lean on back

Usually, we have seen leaning on Back pose in WWE, Boxing, or MMA fights posters where competitors lean on each other backs and give an intense poster perfect pose. When they give pose, it is quite understandable and logical. We have seen this amusing pose in literally every wedding album, and we don't know why couples hire a wedding photographer to take this stupid ol' generic pose.

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You are not Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so don't even consider including this senseless pose in a photography session and ruin your wedding album.

5. The Hanging on Back Pose ( The Vikram Betaal Pose)

hanging on back pose

Please, Can we be more creative? This pose war formulated because earlier there was no option of selfie in camera and due to limited focus and zooming ability of lens, people used to click photos in this pose to get into the frame completely.

But we guess, in this digital era, where selfies are taken without any shyness, couples can surely ditch this pose and save themselves from utter embarrassment.

6. The Chipkoo Wala Pose

chipko wala pose

This awkward photography pose is also the most hilarious one in our list. For this photography pose, we can blame photographers more than couples because they are the ones who invented this clumsy photography pose.

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While there is not much wrong with this pose, but it is definitely not worth including in your wedding album.

This is all about ever graceless wedding photography poses. If you think there are some other awkward poses that we have missed, feel free to tell us by dropping the comment below!

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