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Will It Be Safe To Buy Jewellery Online For Your Wedding?

Will It Be Safe To Buy Jewellery Online For Your Wedding?

When it comes to buying your wedding jewellery online you’ll be offered with a mountain of choices to choose from. We understand that there are many uncertainties when it comes to buying something that you haven’t seen. and you’ll always be in doubt about the quality and the suitable price.

Indians love gold, and when shopping for your wedding jewellery there will be a lot of gold and diamonds involved. Let me clear this out that no matter whatever be the case, you must avoid buying diamonds online at all costs. Because of the absence of a consistent strategy to examine the value of the diamonds, it becomes really risky to buy them over the internet. Not just the diamonds, but any gemstone must be bought from a reliable supplier in your area.

As for the gold, you can consider buying it over the internet but what’s more important is to read the consumer guidelines and the return policy of the website first.

Some Things You Must Consider When Going For Online Jewellery Shopping

Know The Right Size

Know The Right Size

It is important that you know the right size when you are buying a ring or a bangle over the internet. You must check all the images properly as a closeup image can give you a sense that it is much bigger. So it’ll be better to check the image for the design pattern and for the dimensions you can refer to the product description.

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Check The Gold Karat

Check The Gold Karat

Karat is a measure of the gold purity like 24KT gold is the purest form of gold and stands for 24/24 parts of gold. However, when looking to buy jewellery online you’ll find options up to 22KT as 22/24 gold mixed with 2/24 parts of other metals is the highest purity that can be moulded into jewellery.

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Check The Fineness Of Gold

Check The Fineness Of Gold

Apart from Karat, Fineness is another parameter to check the gold purity. As per WGC(World Gold Council), the purest gold also have some impurities that couldn’t be removed. So, fineness measure the purity expressed in units per 1000 parts of pure gold, and when 24KT is measured its fineness shows to be as 999.9/1000.

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Check The Hallmarking

Check The Hallmarking

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set some criteria for accurate determination of proportionate content of precious metals in the articles. So, it is important to check if the jewellery you’re buying is properly hallmarked. Hallmarking ensures that the customer is not cheated while they buy jewellery online or through the local markets. Hallmarking also ensures that the jewellery manufacturers maintain legal standards of fineness and BIS certifies the gold (or other articles made from precious metals like silver) by embossing the hallmarks with the level of purity.

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Pros and Cons of buying wedding jewellery online


  • You’ll find tons of options and different designs to choose from, all of which won’t be available with the local supplier because of the constraints like the storage space.
  • It’ll be time-saving as you can order online from the comfort of your home. You can change your mind innumerable times without any pressure from the salesperson hovering around.
  • You can compare the prices from different brands, all in one place, and make a better decision. Many websites will also allow side by side comparison and will help you select the best product at the least prices possible.


  • We are Indians, and no matter how westernized we become, it will always be uneasy for us to purchase such an expensive item without actually seeing it.
  • The numbers (Karats and Fineness) doesn’t always add the value when it comes to buying the gemstones. There are various factors like the gridle thickness and face-up size that affects the value significantly. So, when you buy jewellery online you might end up paying more.
  • Unlike buying from a nearby supplier, which allows you to try on the jewellery instantly, online shopping requires patience and you’ll have to wait for at least 2-3 days for the item to arrive at the doorstep.

I am quite sure that forementioned tips will really help you in making a right choice when it comes to decide on - whether to buy wedding jewellery online or not?

If you ask my opinion on it, it’s simple, if I come across a product that I am totally obsessed on then I would buy it, provided that it is hosted on a reliable website.What are your views on buying wedding jewellery from an online marketplace? Do tell us in the comments down below.

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