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4 Enticing Bengali Groom Wear Essentials For The Perfect Bengali Groom Look

4 Enticing Bengali Groom Wear Essentials For The Perfect Bengali Groom Look

Marriages in India are mostly women-centric where the bride is considered to be the centre of attraction. When it comes to a Bengali wedding, clad in a red Banarasi saree with Alta laden hands and feet, Chandan bindi on her forehead the Oti Shundori Bengali bride steals the limelight with her killer looks. What about the groom? At an Indian wedding, we tend to sideline the groom with the emphasize on only the bride. A bride right from being choosy about her wardrobe selection to her hairdo selection she desires every aspect of her wedding to be perfect. What about the regal groom? Why ignore him at the wedding?

Gone are the days when the groom had limited options for choosing which hailed right from attire to hairdo. With changing times the wedding industry has completely revolutionized the concept of the groom wear. The groom has a plethora of options when it comes to the attire that they can fuss over. At Bengali wedding where the bride opts for the heavy zari work Benarasi saris the groom takes the traditional path and wears a dhoti and kurta or a Punjabi. Identifying a Bengali bride is easy as her doe-eyed makeup paired with the Chandan bindi adorning her forehead makes her separate from the league. Similar the Bengali groom attire is what sets the groom or bor apart from the others.  Are you looking for Bengali groom dress that is simple and elegant? Here are a few Bengali groom essentials without which a Bor is deemed to be incomplete.

4 Bengali Groom Wear Essentials That Makes The Ideal Bengali Groom

1. Dhoti


Better known as Dhuti in Bengali it is the most important element of a Bengali groom’s outfit. The Bengali groom’s dhoti is made either of silk or khadi. A Bengali groom usually opts for a white, beige or cream coloured dhoti. If your one of those grooms who prefers comfort over style then you can opt for a cotton dhoti. Wearing a white dhoti at the weddings has become an outdated concept the modern grooms love experimenting with their look; they love playing with colours and hence opt for dhotis in other colours one that matches with their d-day look. Even readymade dhotis are also available in the market. The readymade fitted dhotis with elastic avoid the glitch of a wardrobe malfunction. The style of folding the dhoti and wearing it with pleats is known as Kochano Dhuti.

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2. Punjabi


No this does not refer to the people residing in Punjab, lol! Punjabi is basically the kurta that is worn by the groom. A kurta is an essential attribute of a Bengali grooms attire. The kurta is usually made of silk or tasar. The kurta is adorned with minimalist intricate embroideries. Give a royally ever after to your fairytale wedding by picking up a kurta in cream or maroon colour to get a regal look. For a modern groom look, you can consider ditching the Punjabi and consider wearing a Sherwani. A host of spectacular dapper Sherwanis are available in the wedding market, you can select from. If you want to stick to your roots and keep it traditional then you can opt for an ethnic Punjabi. For the best look, you can pick a Punjabi and group it with monochromatic pyjamas or a subtle hue dhoti for a blend and match impact.

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3. Jor


Jor better known as Jodh in Bengali is basically a silk drape that is worn by the groom for the wedding rituals. In Bengali wedding, the groom has to wear a jodh along with a dhoti for the wedding ceremonies. The jodh is an essential attribute in a Bengali grooms outfit. The groom usually wears the dhoti and Punjabi followed by wearing the jor. The jor is similar to the stole worn by the other grooms. During a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom have to take rounds of the holy fire the jor of the groom is tied to the bride’s dupatta after which they take the ceremonial 7 pheras.

4. Topor


Topor is a customary headgear that is worn by the Bengali grooms. A topor is equivalent to the safa or turban worn by the Hindu or Sikh groom. The traditional topor is a conical cap that is a representation of expert craftsmanship. The topor is made of paper and reef and it has numerous intricate details adorning it. Red and white are considered auspicious colours for a Bengali wedding which is as per the culture white is the requirement for a Bengali grooms outfit. The topor worn by the

So these are a few subtle Bengali groom outfit essentials that create the transformation of a boy into a dashing groom. So brides to watch out as the men in wedding attire come to steal your heart and make you go oh la la! Grooms have you found the perfect outfit for your D-day? Tell us in the comments below about your choice.

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