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Groomwear Fashion Alert 2019! 4 Must-Have Engagement Dresses For Man

Groomwear Fashion Alert 2019! 4 Must-Have Engagement Dresses For Man

Are you a soon to be groom? Then we are pretty sure, either you have faced or currently facing a hell lot of confusion while pondering over what to wear for the wedding functions? Trust us, you aren’t the only one, because these days a lot of grooms have started dressing to look dapper AF. And are giving their gorgeous brides a run for the money! The Indian wedding festivities are usually kicked off with a ring ceremony. So it's important for you to start with a strong fashion statement and find the best engagement dresses for man.

To help you, we have crafted a list of fanciable dressing options which is a must-have for every groom this wedding season 2019!


Four Fabulous Engagement Dresses For Man

Nehru Jacket: If your wedding is scheduled to take place in the summer season, then comfort has to be the topmost priority. And the quintessential choice for a relaxed yet dapper style is a Nehru Jacket. You can have a jacket custom designed in floral prints or silk fabric or embossed motifs as well. Pair up the jacket with pant-shirt or kurta-pajama/dhoti, depending upon your preference.

nehru jacket - engagement dresses for man


nehru jacket - best engagement dress for men


nehru jacket - engagement dress for men


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Suit: One of the most preferred engagement dress for mens, a tuxedo or a classic three-piece suit looks sexy as hell on any groom. The key point, which can either make or break your look is fitting. Therefore its imperative to find a tailor who designs the suit which fits your body frame like a second skin. The bride will surely go weak in her knees on seeing your smoldering hot look!

engagement suit for men


engagement dress for men


site - best engagement dresses for groom


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Achkan: If you are looking to buy something which is traditional and still looks fresh, then we recommend going for an Achkan. It's basically a sherwani which got influenced by the Mughal apparels during the time of their rule. You can find ethereal fabrics with fine embroidery work or in plain colors like olive green, pearl white, royal blue etc. 

achkan best engagement wear


achkan best engagement wear


achkan - best engagement dress for groom


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Jodhpuri Suit: If the western grooms have their 3-piece suit or tuxedo suits, we have the royal and luxurious Jodhpuri Bandh Gala. As per many high-end fashion designers, an Indian groom’s wedding ensemble is incomplete without a Jodhpuri suit in rich, luxurious black color. Though many grooms are now opting for colorful prints and fabrics, a basic suit is a must buy as an engagement dress for man in India. 

jodhpuri suits for engagement


jodhpuri suits for engagement for men


jodhpuri suits for engagement for groom


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Dashing Accessories Are The Key To Make Mind Blowing Fashion Statements

Getting custom-made groom wear stitched, does not complete the job. Creative and appealing accessorizing is a thing which sets apart a groom from the rest of the crowd. Below you will find a list of enticing and appealing accessories which are a must-have for engagement dress for mens in summer season 2019.

Boutonniere: They take masculine elegance to next level. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a three-piece suit or a tuxedo or a jodhpuri, boutonnieres look dapper with every style.   

boutonniere -engagement dresses for man




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Pocket Square: Your dress, no matter suit or achkan, will look incomplete without a complementing pocket square. The market is filled with countless prints and patterns of pocket squares, pick the one which looks quirky as well as fun. But make sure, the color of your pocket square matches with the tie or bow-tie color. 

Pocket square -engagement dresses for man


Pocket square - best engagement dresses for man


Shawl: One of the least used wedding accessories by an Indian groom, shawl makes your entire look suave as well as luxurious. Accompany your Achkan with either an embroidered or a plain shawl.





Collar Pin: If you are wearing a tuxedo or 3-piece suit, then a collar pin as one of the wedding accessories groom is an obvious choice. It will give you a very seductive and handsome look. 

collar pin


collar pin


Cufflinks: We cannot talk about wedding accessories without mentioning cufflinks, can we? Grab a pair of sleek and graceful looking cufflinks for the big day. We recommend purchasing cufflinks, tie, and the pocket square in a set – this will make the whole look more synchronized. 





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