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Want a Picture-Perfect Bridal Look On Your D-Day? Avoid These 13 Inane Makeup Mistakes Girls…

Want a Picture-Perfect Bridal Look On Your D-Day? Avoid These 13 Inane Makeup Mistakes Girls…

Are you getting married this wedding season? So this is really going to be helpful for you girls...Every girl is fond of having that flawless look on her wedding day. As the wedding season has already embarked on and you have very little time left for your preparations, it is important that you know about the makeup mistakes that most of the brides make when it comes to their bridal look.

When you have to decide on your bridal look, there are so many looks that can suit you and you can easily achieve that impeccable look. But there are some mistakes that are mostly made by the brides with their bridal appearances. It is not always that everybody does these mistakes but I have seen that most of the brides have a perfect look but one little mistake brings all their charm down.

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So I really don’t want you to do the same. That is why I am here to save you from the blunders. Today I am going to tell you about the things that you have to take care of while selecting and having your look for your D-Day. I am sure that you will relate to all these pointers and will not repeat them in your wedding girls….

Say “No” To These 13 Makeup Mistakes That Most of the Brides Make

#1 Makeup “Not” As Per Skin Type

makeup as per skin type
Credit :

There are several makeup products and makeup procedures that are available for you to choose from. Honestly speaking, the makeup artist would always recommend the expensive one but you have to choose the products and makeup style as per your skin type. If you do not do so, you can end up having a “made-up” makeup look and this can also harm your skin. So girls, you need to be attentive not to make this makeup mistake.

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#2 New Skin Regime

New skin regime
Credit :

Everybody has a skin routine for making it clean and healthy. Girls especially take care of their skin by following a dedicated skincare regime on a regular basis. Let me tell you girls that all the products that you choose for your skin must suit your skin type and most of us take care of this. But some brides-to-be change or try a new skincare regime just before their marriage date which is a big “NO” ladies. If you apply new products on your face, there are chances that they may cause rashes or breakouts because your skin needs some time to adapt to the changed products. So, never try any new product or skincare routine before your wedding date.

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#3 Different Colour Brows

Different colour brows
Credit : Pinterest

Have you ever noticed some brides having darker colour brows as compared to their hair? Well, I have noticed that. This is a major makeup mistake done by make-up artists. They fill the brows of the bride with a shade that is way too darker than the natural hair colour of the bride which is totally a wrong makeup trick. The brow colour must always match the hair colour and this is a basic rule of makeup which if not followed can lead to a gaffe.

#4 Too Much Highlighter!!!

Credit :

A bride needs to glow on her wedding day… right? Some makeup artists put too much of highlighter on the bride’s face that the makeup looks so fake. The glow must always be from within and the highlighter must be used only to highlight the high points of your face. If you put too much of highlighter, your face will reflect the light and you face will look extra glistening which is not at all required.

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#5 Don’t Get Carried Away By Trendy Looks

Don’t Get Carried Away By Trendy Looks
Credit :

I know girls, you love to be trendy but please don’t get carried away by the trends while choosing your bridal look. Being trendy is not to follow the latest fashion but to create your own style and look the best in your skin. When you try to adopt new fashion trends and sometimes mix two or three trendy things in one look, it can sometimes create a disaster. And I know you don’t want that, especially on your wedding day. So keep your bridal look simple and try not to experiment much with your look.

#6 Accentuate Your Eyes Or Your Lips

Accentuate  Your Lips
Credit :

So, girls, this is a makeup mistake which is very common and you all must have seen this slip-up made by many brides. See, I am being honest with you as this is a very important topic of discussion for the brides-to-be. Trust me, girls, the makeup artists will do your makeup as they do it ordinarily and won't guide you as to which look would suit you the best. At that time you need to be very careful. In a makeup look, you can either accentuate your eyes or focus on your lips. You can go for louder eye makeup and subtle lips or you can opt for bolder lips with minimal eye makeup. But the biggest mistake that is often made is that brides go for both of them at the same time. No girls you can’t do that. Don’t be a Christmas tree. Choose the one that suits you and your attire in the best possible manner.

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#7 Forgetting Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara
Credit :

Girls, you need to be very careful while choosing your mascara, it must be waterproof. All your makeup can have that edgy look if your mascara is waterproof as it has a great holding capacity. If you use the regular one, it cannot give you that watery eyes look. So please go for a high-quality waterproof mascara on your D-day.

#8 Not Taking Enough Sleep

Not Taking Enough Sleep
Credit : Pinterest

Sleeping enough can enhance your beauty and I am not saying this, it is a fact that everybody knows. I know that a wedding is really very hectic especially for the bride and the groom. I know you can’t get enough sleep in the hustle-bustle of the marriage.  But guys you need to take at least 8 hours of sleep before the wedding day so that you can look fresh. Your makeup will look flawless if you have a fresh face.

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#9 Skipping Makeup Setting Spray

Skipping Makeup Setting Spray
Credit :

Once the makeup is done, we think that it is done!!! No girls…you skip on a very important step after your makeup. Yes…that is a makeup setting spray. A makeup setting spray is used to give a finished look to your makeup and to make it last longer. As a bride, you cannot have quick touchups, so setting your makeup with the spray is very important for you to have longer staying makeup.

#10 Missing On The Makeup Trials

Missing On The Makeup Trials
Credit : Pinterest

You know what, I have always perceived girls booking their makeup artist, going for their pre-bridal facials and other services and then directly getting ready for their wedding day. NO, you can’t do this. All the eyes are on the bride at a wedding so there cannot be even smallest mistakes in her looks. To help the brides achieve that impeccable look, I suggest you take a trial before you get ready for your big day. When you take a trail, you have the option to rectify the makeup mistakes on your wedding day but if you straight away go for the final makeup, your makeup mistakes cannot be reversed completely so you need to be very careful.

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#11 Too Rosy Cheeks

Too rosy cheeks
Credit : Pinterest

A bride herself has a pinky glow on her face during her nuptial ceremonials so I don’t think that using too much blush is good. Subtle pink cheeks look attractive but when you have extra rosy cheeks, there might be a problem girls. Don’t be a clown…be you. So ask your makeup artist to use very little blush on the cheeks so that it looks natural yet attractive.

#12 Forgetting Body Makeup

 Forgetting Body Makeup
Credit : WikiHow

Ok….so girls, this is also a very common mistake made by several brides on their wedding day. You adorn yourself with beautiful attire, jewellery and most of all, ultimate makeup. But have you ever thought that your other body parts other than your face also need to be touched up with makeup so that you can get a seamless bridal look? Many brides, as well as the makeup artists, forget to apply makeup on the other body parts such as the neck, back, hands, collar bones, and others. Applying makeup on these areas is important to get a seamless look and also to have uniformity in makeup.

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#13 Heavy contouring

Heavy contouring
Credit : Pinterest

Contouring looks great in pictures as it adds more dimension to your face but when it is done too much…it can lower down all your makeup. Ask your makeup artist to do minimal contouring on your face as heavy contouring can look like fake strokes made on your face. This is because the camera lights capture every detail and heavy contouring can be one such detail.

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So girls, avoid these common makeup mistakes and be ready like a queen for your wedding day to stagger everyone. Get a flawless bridal look by adhering to these pointers.

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