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Six Zesty-Tasty-Spicy Dishes You Love to Include in Your Wedding Food Menu

Six Zesty-Tasty-Spicy Dishes You Love to Include in Your Wedding Food Menu

What do you need most in your life, more than anything if someone asks you? More than love, husband and wife, it is good food that you need. Everyone wants to eat good, tasty and savory food. Who doesn't want to? So yes, it is the verdict that everyone needs good and tasty food.

In weddings, more than any other planning; family, friends, and relatives all remain busy in deciding the food menu. What should be included and whatnot, what guests would like and whatnot, groom and bride favorite sweet must be included, couldn't ignore that, "Aur Bhua Ki Ye Meethai To include Karni Hi Hain, otherwise Nahi to Naraaz Ho Jaayegi".

These all kinds of jolly discussions and arguments always going on in families where weddings take place. These kinds of talks make and create a holy and cheerful wedding atmosphere that we all wish to remain in.

Yeah, it is a really difficult task to decide a good budgeted wedding food menu. Although rather than taking it from the budget side, we are going to tell you some savory and tasty dishes that you can include in your wedding food menu. Here they are, ready to taste them:

Zesty-Tasty-Spicy Dishes For Your Wedding Food Menu

Zafrani Pulao

Rather than just Pulao, there should be Zafrani Pulao in the menu. Just by hearing the name it seems that it is a sort of heavy dish while it is not. It is a light one mixed with dry fruits, saffron, milk, cashews, and other sweetmeats. If you are a Hyderabadi or ever have visited the place then you must know about it. It is one of the immensely eatable dishes of the city. "Mugalo Ke Zamane Ki Dish Hain". And besides all this, we everybody love to eat rice. Leave you, Bengalis couldn't live without it. Such popular rice is in Indian Cuisine.

Zafrani Pulao
Pic credit - spicyworld.in

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Onion Kulcha

You must have eaten onion kulcha somewhere n somewhere with your friend or with your life partner before marriage. It is a likable dish to be included in the wedding. So soft and warm, cooked in earthen oven, it feels like you are eating baked bread mixed with a bit onion masala and wrapped in butter. When you see it baking, you salivate to eat it. It reigns in people's heart. So how could you leave it? And it doesn't cost that much budget too, Yaar. Include it in your food menu if you want to memorize those streets in which you used to eat it with your friends.

Onion Kulcha
Pic credit - HomeCookingShow

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Dal Bukhara

It is not Dal Makhani, it is Dal Bukhara that is made with Urad lentils. And by the way, who could ignore Dal not having it in the menu. "Daal to Honi Hi Chaiye."  Your guests can eat with Onion Kulcha or Zafrani Pulao with it. It is a heavy dish, not much spicy but really savory. Lots of butter and cream in it that you would see floating on it when you take a gulp of it and you feel the aroma of it, the taste, going through your nose to that part of brain which says to you, don't ignore it. Just take it in a bowl and leisurely eat it.

Dal Bukhara
Pic credit - yourfoodfantasy

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Dahi Baingan

We could understand no one loves to eat Baingan and who wants to? If it is someone's favorite dish, then I want to say they really have the courage and heart of stone. But perhaps this time, you would love to eat this variety of Baingan that is first fried patiently in oil and then dipped in the curd with garlic and onion paste. Everyone wants to eat it spicy but if you not, then put garlic and onion paste away. It is a complimentary dish in Orissa and Punjabis also love to eat it. And why not we if it is cooked savory. "Accha Pakka Hua Sab Accha Lagta Hain Bhai, Phir Wo Baingan Hi Kyo Na Ho."

Dahi Baingan
Pic credit - slurpyplatter

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Amba Khatta

In weddings, "Bina Chutney Ke Kya Maza". This is Amba Khatta, if you select it, going to give sooth full, mouthful, sweet-sour candy taste to your delightful taste buds. It is like a little bit pickle that is hand-made. Though not for winter but good for summer weddings it is. So it is Amba Khatta for those of your Khatta guests that always speak with a bit satire in their mouth!

Amba Khatta
Pic credit - spicesnflavors.com

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Dilli Ki Chaat

On the street food menu side, you want to put something for just giving relax to your guests and something to chew on later when they have eaten almost everything, then we think "Dilli Ki Chaat" will be a good selection. Who doesn't want to eat it, babes? Everyone wants to. It is famous. "Dilli Ki Chaat" rocks everywhere.

Dilli Ki Chaat
Pic credit - eat.and.spread

What you want to select and what not in your wedding food menu, it is your choice. Some dishes suggestions we have laid for you and they are some of the best that you can include in your wedding. It is a guarantee guests would lick their fingers in their mouth if they eat them. On the other hand, budget is a fine line too. So you see that also. Seeing budget and guests in numbers, decide your wedding food menu properly. Enjoy your wedding and let others enjoy it too!

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