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Ways to Create a Perfect Wedding Video Invite

Ways to Create a Perfect Wedding Video Invite

Weddings are an important part of people’s life. They try their best to make everything perfect for weddings. It would be great if you tried experimenting with different aspects of the wedding ceremony. Experimenting can help bring a breath of freshness to the entire ceremony. You can start the process by creating an exciting wedding video invitation. People send out invites to their guest lists. These invites can be e-mails or invitation cards. You can use your creativity and come up with a wedding invite that is unique and innovative.

A wedding video invite is one such way to take your guest list by surprise. A wedding video invite allows you to use your imagination and create something people will love. You can create a wedding video in different ways. This guide will give you some great ideas for your wedding invitation video.

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Tips to Create a Wedding Video Invite

While creating a wedding video invite, you can go all out. You can be as creative as you want, and you should also take some inspiration online. Before creating your wedding video invite, ensure you have access to a video invitation maker. There are several invitation makers online. You can choose one based on the interface of the platform.

Let’s look at some tips to create an adorable wedding video invite for your guests. 

DIY Videos

While reaching out to a professional to create your wedding video invite might seem like an obvious choice, you may try to design one yourself. It would be best to conceptualize what you want in your wedding invite video. Once you have a plan, you can start making the video invite.

Creating a wedding video invite is not a big challenge if you have access to the right tools. You can create your own invitation free of cost online. Explore the platform and try using the tools available on the platform before you start designing your actual wedding video invitation. When you decide to create a DIY video invite, you save a lot of costs. Choose a template on the platform and start creating the invitation video.

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Include Pictures from Close Events

You can weave a story by bringing together some beautiful pictures and videos of your journey with your partner. Personal photos add to the beauty of the invite. If you have some candid pictures and videos of you and your partner, ensure that you include them. Try to include any media that best describes your relationship. 

The sequence of the pictures and videos you use should tell a story. Therefore, place the media accordingly. Everyone loves to watch a fairy tale wedding. You can use the video invite to give them a glimpse of the ceremony and create a buzz around the entire event.

If you want to follow a theme, ensure that the pictures and videos align with the theme. that doesn’t happen, you can make individual edits to the picture or the video that is out of sync. If adding pictures and videos in a sequence is not enough, you can add a voiceover to the video invite. The voiceover can be done using a professional microphone and a recorder.

There might be a small chance of going overboard with the entire thing. However, try your best to keep the entire invite crisp so that people don’t lose interest. Try to wind it up within a minute..

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Go, Black and White

Monochromatic colours, especially black and white, show timelessness. It adds to the elegance of the pictures. Try going with monochromes if you want a minimalistic yet effective wedding video invite. You can use an online invitation maker to create a monochrome invite video.

However, you must decide on the colour before making the invite. The choice of colour will give you a direction and an idea of the kind of elements that you can add to the video invite. If you cannot choose a colour, try forming some connections with the wedding. For instance, if your wedding theme involves a lot of white roses, you can go with a golden-coloured video invite to compliment the entire ceremony.

Ensure that you use fonts and texts in the video invite that compliments the colours and stands out. Ensure that you add all the important information about the wedding ceremony in the video invite so that your guests do not miss out on any information.

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Try Animations

Want to do something creative? You can use animation to make your wedding video invite even more exciting. You can explore the tool and try to add relevant transitions between the images and the videos. The animation effects should appear like it is naturally ingrained in the video invite.

While basic animations can make your video invites exciting, you always have the chance to take things up a notch. You can get in touch with a caricature artist and get your caricature sketches made. Once the sketches are ready, you can include them in your wedding invite video. Additionally, you can add some quotes and callouts in the video invite and try to animate them. Animations add to the appeal of the video invite. Hence, it would be best if you tried to include them in your invite.

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Create an abstract Wedding video Invite

While including pictures in your wedding invitation video is a great idea, you can also take things the old way. Instead of adding your media, try incorporating small clips of the wedding rituals followed in your religion. You can use stock photos and videos for the same. The best part about this method is that you will get pictures and videos of excellent quality.

For instance, you can include generic clips of the ceremonies. These videos are appealing and give your guests an idea of the wedding. Therefore, you must capitalize on the opportunity and create a wedding video that showcases traditional values. The best part about a traditional format is that you will get thousands of stock images and videos online. Hence, you have a choice and control over what goes in your video invite.

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Wrapping Up the Wedding Video Invite

The invitation is a very important part of a wedding ceremony. It would be best if you tried to create a good impact with your invite. When you decide to create a wedding video invite, you must be willing to devote some time to it. A wedding video invite is an unusual and exciting way to call people to your wedding. 

Hence, creating a good wedding invite video will create a lot of buzz around the ceremony, and people will want to be a part of it. You not only invite people creatively, but you also end up saving a lot of paper.

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