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10 Grave Wedding Invitation Mistakes Which Should Not Be There

10 Grave Wedding Invitation Mistakes Which Should Not Be There

A little “Comma” can change the entire meaning of a sentence. The mistake of a comma can create hazardous misunderstanding and destruction more than an atom bomb. So whoever is writing, and whatever is writing, write good and before publishing, proofread it entirely with attention. Wedding Invitation Mistakes.

Especially at the time of creating your wedding card or invite, you have to pay great attention to the matter whatever is going to be written in it. If any mistake happens, then your guests might go whirlwind here and there searching for your wedding location if it gets printed with a wrong address. And it is normally the case that most of the times mistakes happen.

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Wedding Invitation Mistakes that Should Not Be in Your Wedding Card

Elegant Card Format/Design

elegant card format

First of all you should pay attention to the design of your card including the writing format where the matter is going to be written. The invite matter should be comfortable in reading and where it is written. And the design of the wedding card must be elegant provided one can easily handle it. If you are going to a more experimental side of card design, keep this point in mind.

The Font Style

the font style

Oh! You may be like to write in a very cursive font on your computer that only few can understand. There are many that can’t understand the cursive variations of fonts while they only understand the “The Times New Roman”, which everyone can understand easily. That’s the thing we want to say.

When you select the font style for your wedding invite, select the one which everyone can understand and easily readable.

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Proofread it Before Giving to Publishers


When you have finally settled your wedding invitation card matter, proofread it twice, left and right. If anyone in your family is impeccable at grammar whether Hind or English language, then give the matter to him/her for better advice. In whatever language it is going to be published, give it that language matter expert guy.

“EkBindi Ki Mistake Bhi Hindi Main BhautBadaToofan La SaktiHain”

Not all Altogether

not all altogether

These days couples prefer customized wedding card, and on it, they want their puppy photos, family photos, mother photos, and many more that can be anything. We want to say you should try to include and place everything at your small size wedding card. It is not your drawing space that you paint as you want to paint. So make it elegant, soothing and eye-pleasing. This is one of the severe wedding invitation mistakes.

Typos Mistakes

typos mistakes

Don’t try to use typos like some your made-up words, if it is occurring somewhere or you have used them, remove it otherwise a lot could happen!


spacing in invitation card

Pay attention to spacing also, check it before giving the final order. First, get a preview card, and check in there if everything is correct, if something wrong you notice, correct it in the card and then order it for final publication.

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Not Too Many and Not Too Less

Not Too Many and Not Too Less
A pile of envelopes with invitations lies on the table

The order of your wedding invitation card should not be too many and should not be less. Just whatever number of wedding invite card you are ordering, order 25 extra provided in case of emergency you need it if you want to invite extra guests.

Unnecessary Information

Unnecessary Information

There should not be unnecessary information there on your wedding card, e-invite or website which is made for your wedding invite. It should not be over-creative also otherwise guests would get lost to see your wedding date when it is. So your wedding card, e-invite, or website should be guests-wise informative and elegant.

Poor Quality Printing Paper

poor quality printing paper

People to save the cost of wedding cards, say for poor quality printing papers which ruin the look and feel of wedding cards. It is one of the serious mistakes that couples and their families make, while you should go for a good quality of printing paper.

Poor Color Theme

poor color theme

The color theme of your wedding invite must be eye-soothing and pleasant. If your taste is like black with white, then we really want to advise please take the help of someone else in your family who is good at choosing color or your designer who is designing the card. 

These are the grave wedding invitation mistakes which should not be there when you are making and designing your wedding invitation card. Take care of everything, and invite as many guests as you want to. And please never make these mistakes!

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