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Top 21 Wedding Cake Designs : Cut What You Like Taste Best (Totally Baked Us!)

Top 21 Wedding Cake Designs : Cut What You Like Taste Best (Totally Baked Us!)

When cultures get mixed, it is always a remix. In weddings also, we can see that there are sometimes, of different culture of ceremony is performed; because it teaches us good values and it has some great historical significance. People include good, great and best things in their life and in their culture. Nowadays it is the time of this. It is 21st century of millennial who wants to experience with different things and wants to taste everything.

When we were small kids we had seen in Indian weddings that people used to make eat each other sweets when they greet first time. It was a custom, still is but a little change has come over. Sweets are still there but Cakes have also taken place.

Now people want to celebrate every function with cakes and pastries. Sweets are only for Gods as Bhog! A couple cuts cake on their wedding. After some years they cut cake on their wedding anniversary and it gets continued. There are so many wedding cake designs for everything like anniversary cakes, wedding anniversary cakes and many more.  Cake, cake, cake… it is cake that is baking us.  Nowadays it is a thing like that without a cake there is no celebration. Western wedding cakes are always there. But Indian wedding cakes also have made their mark baked by India’s top bakers.

Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs Pictures

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Beautiful wedding cakes pictures


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