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Happy Friendship Day 2019: 7 Special Ways To Honor Thy Maid Of Honour

Happy Friendship Day 2019: 7 Special Ways To Honor Thy Maid Of Honour

It’s National Friendship Day! It calls for the time to thank your bestie for being your constant aid, your pillar of support, for being your guide. While you gear up to call up your close pals and make them realize how much you mean to them, a soon to be bride will be thinking of ways to make her maid of honour to feel special. She’s been your best friend, your partner in crime, your confide, your moral supporter, your shoulder to cry, your soul sister. She’s always been there for your perhaps way longer than your groom has been. She is your maid of honour!

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow”
William Shakespeare

You have already made her aware of how special she is for you. Giving her the title of maid of honour would show that she is someone without whose presence you can’t get married. She is someone you trust blindly, one who helps you to plan your perfect wedding, someone who is most important to you amongst all your bridesmaids. Chances are there that your maid of honour played an instrumental role in getting you to your wedding day.

7 Best Ways To Honour Your Maid Of Honour

 You have given her the big job of leading the bridesmaids, of taking care of the pre-wedding ceremonies, of sticking by your side on your special day; of backing you during the hectic wedding time-she is doing way lot for you. With all the responsibilities that she has to fulfil as maid of honour, she deserves much more honour on your special day. Here are 7 special ways to make your maid of honour to feel special and make her to stand out at your wedding.

1. A Unique Bridesmaid Dress

Unique Bridesmaid Dress

Whether you're opting for a mix and match trend in vibrant hues or outfitting your bridesmaid in the same hues in same look, putting your maid of honour in a different coloured and patterned outfit is the easiest way to make her stand out from the crowd. A subtle and effective way to make your maid of honour to shine is to get her outfit made in darker or lighter hue over other bridesmaids dress. A different coloured maid of honour is an ideal way of adding specific colours to your colour palate.

You can also opt for a maid of honour’s outfit in patterns. Top-notch fashion designer nowadays offers cohesive silhouettes and variations that give the MOH a slightly different look.

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2. Give Her A Bigger Bouquet

Give bridesmaid A Bigger Bouquet

One of the easiest ways of distinguishing the maid of honour from amongst the bridesmaid is making her to hold a bigger bouquet . Although her bouquet should not coincide with the brides’ bouquet. Enhance the look of your MOH’s bouquet with the incorporation of more colours of flowers and stacking it with different accents or distinctive sash. Watch her to better privileged as she poses for your wedding photo with the unique and distinctive bouquet.

3. Unique Hairstyle

Unique Hairstyle

A subtle distinction that makes spotting the MOH easier is with her hairdo. The subtle differentiation between the hairstyles makes you MOH to stand out amongst the bridesmaid and take the centre stage in your wedding picture.

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4. Shower Her With Gifts

Shower Her With Gifts

Show your love for your MOH as you shower her with gifts. Pamper your MOH and make her to feel extra special as you shower her with thoughtful gifts such as earning or a priceless necklace. The gifts not only make her to feel loved but also make her to stand out from the wedding crowd.

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5. Give Your MOH Her Own Wedding Entrance

bridesmaid Own Wedding Entrance

Make your MOH to feel loved as you make her own dedicated wedding entrance. Give her an entrance on her own song one that she hums often or perhaps a song on which you both had a blast together during those long road trips. No matter whether your guests get the significance or not but it would be a special moment for you both.

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6. Let Her Walk Down The Aisle Alone

bridesmaid Walk Down The Aisle Alone

Who said the walking down the aisle is a thing meant only for the bride and the groom? Whilst all your bridesmaid and groomsman walk down the aisle, make spotting your MOH way easier by making her to walk down the aisle alone. It’s a known fact that the last maid to walk down the aisle before the bride would be MOH. The concept of enabling the MOH to walk down the aisle alone enables her to have her own moment of shine at your wedding.

7. Highlight Your MOH In Your Thank You Speech

Thank You Speech for bridesmaid

Show your gratitude towards your MOH for everything that she has done for you by mentioning her in your thank you speech. Publically recognizing the work done by your maid of honour is a great way to acknowledge her contribution and show her how much you care. If you’re not planning for having a thank you speech then write a special note or make a card for her or perhaps take her out for a dinner. Remember gratitude is the key for strengthening bonds and for things she has done for you, she defiantly needs to be acknowledged.

 She is your bestie who has stuck with you through the thick and thin of time. These are a few ways in which you can express your gratitude towards her and thank her for being an indispensable part of your life. Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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