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40+ Splendid Bridesmaids Quotes To Soon-To-Be-Bride

40+ Splendid Bridesmaids Quotes To Soon-To-Be-Bride

Every bride needs her girl-squad by her side when getting hitched, and inviting your best friends to be your bridesmaids is the best way to let them know how committed you are towards your relationship. A marriage proposal may be a romantic gesture but a bridesmaid proposal is nothing less.

Finding your perfect bridesmaids is just as important as finding your partner. You probably have a lot of friends but despite all the options when you choose someone to be one of your bridesmaids there’ll definitely be an exchange of a lot of tears, hugs and kisses.

Bridesmaids will be there organizing everything throughout your wedding and confronting all the stress before it reaches you while dealing with all your bridezilla moments. They’ll be helping you out selecting the right dress and will probably be the ones keeping you sane under all that stress.

Be it the bridesmaids quotes to bride or bride quotes to bridesmaids, they’ll be a great way to convey your emotions to one another.

Heartfelt Bridesmaids Quotes

Here, I have compiled some heartfelt bridesmaids sayings that’ll surely express your love towards each other in most appealing way possible.

“Friends by Heart,
Sisters by the Soul.”

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“My ‘I Do’
would not be the same
without you.”

“I got my Rock,
now I need my Flock.”

“I am such a lucky bride,
to have you by my side.”

“I said yes to him,
now will you say
yes to me?”

“I’ll need a dress, some shoes,
a bouquet and something blue,
but most of all…
I’ll need you!”

“I need Something Old,
Something New,
Something Borrowed,
Something Blue, & You!”

“I’m not sure when or where,
but I do know I want you there!”

“You’ve stood by me through thick and thin
and I want you there
when I marry him.”

“A happy bridesmaid
makes a happy bride.”

“My best day ever…
Won’t be complete
without you.”

“As I prepare for the day that I become a Bride,
it would mean a world to me
to have you by my side.”

“Found my man, got the ring.
Now I need just one more thing…
Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

"Bridesmaid for a day,
but a best friend for life..."

"I found my mister,
but I need my sister..."

"I'll only be a happy bride
if my best friend is by my side."

"The only thing better than having you as my bestie…
is having you stand by my side
as my bridesmaid..."

Funny Bridesmaids Quotes

Let’s move on with the emotional quotes and look to some humorous and funny bridesmaids quotes that can be exchanged between the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids. They’ll be great to escape the wedding rush and laugh around with your girls 

“Good friends
don’t let you do stupid things…

“He might be marrying me,
but he’s stuck with us.”

“Plan with me,
Stand with me,
Cry with me,
but don’t look prettier than me.”

“I’m getting Hitched,
and I need my Bitch.”

“Unlike Barbies,
my girls aren’t sold separately.”

“I know sometimes we said he was an ass,
but help me marry him anyways.”

“I’m tying the Knot,
and I need someone Hot.”

“You’ve helped me through a lot of drama,
heartbreaks and a lot of sh*ts!
Now I’ve got this ring,
so help me do this damn thing!”

“You’ve helped me through
every other bad decision,
Let’s keep the tradition Alive!”

“I am someone who can eat Cheetos on my wedding day,
and wipe my hands with my wedding dress.
Basically what I’m saying is I need you!”

“Don’t let me
F**k this up!”

“You’ve always been there,
and it is now that I realize,
I can’t do this sh*t alone.”

“He gave me something Shiny,
Will you stand beside my Hiney?”

"'s sassy, it's flirty,
it's like having several
human glitterballs at your side
for the whole of your big day"

"Kind of feel sorry for the whole world
that my bridesmaids and I aren't a girl band."

"All you have to do
is show up
(and hold my dress when I pee)."

"You curse like a Sailor,
you drink like a Fish,
and you have the morals of a pirate.
You are perfect for the job."

Famous Sayings

A lot has been said and a lot will be, but here are some of the bridesmaids sayings, by some famous personalities, that’ll definitely inspire you and will make up for the best ways you can propose to your sisters and best friends to be your bridesmaids'.

“We are all of us stars,
and we deserve to twinkle.”
- Marilyn Monroe

“You think your friends
have good taste in fashion,
until they ask you to wear
an ugly bridesmaid dress!”
- Wendi McLendon-Covey

“You'd better be my bridesmaid,
since you gave me the idea
that led to this whole farce.
It's a horrible job, I'm sure,
so you deserve it.”
- Jane Bauling

“Storm Sister:
A friend who sticks close
when storms hit her friend’s life.”
- Afton Rorvik

“I am usually part of any disaster
at a wedding if I'm a bridesmaid,
which I've been lucky enough
to be several times.”
- Jennifer Garner

“Asking your friend to be a bridesmaid
is one of the modern paradoxes:
no one actually wants to do it,
but everyone would be offended if you didn’t ask.”
- Mindy Kaling

“I would rather walk
with a friend in the dark,
than alone in the light.”
- Helen Keller

“We all wish there were
more ‘Bridesmaids’ out here.”
- Gillian Jacobs

“It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend,
but it’s your best friend,
who are your diamonds.”
- Gina Barreca

“My five best friends, who were
my bridesmaids in my wedding,
are still my best friends.”
- Jill Kargman

Wedding planning can easily get on your nerves but with the bridesmaids around it will surely be a lot of fun. So just gather your squad and tell them how much they mean to you by these awesome bridesmaids quotes on wedding.

Have you had a bridesmaid for your wedding?

Or, is there a friend who you absolutely believe will be your bridesmaid at your wedding?

Do Let Us Know

how you proposed or are planning to propose to her in the comments section below.

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