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Fix Your Wedding Date With Auspicious Wedding Calendar 2024!

Fix Your Wedding Date With Auspicious Wedding Calendar 2024!
1. wedding calendar for 2024

Are you planning for a 2024 wedding? Shaadidukaan has an exclusive and auspicious wedding calendar for 2024, which includes all the Saava Wedding Dates with awesome recommendations. Check out the ultimate wedding calendar for 2024 stands out.

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An Indian wedding is no less than an occasion and festival for the bride, groom, or family. Binding the two in sacred bond is a ceremony under the attention of family, friends, and beloved. Families unite the two in respective bonds with auspicious religion. The sacred bond decides an auspicious day and time to celebrate the wedding day.

If you have planned a wedding in 2024, then here we have extracted marriage dates in 2024 as per the guidance and knowledge of astrologers. You can plan for the perfect marriage date according to the long weekends to celebrate your united day with your close ones. Here the 2024 wedding calendar brings auspicious long weekends to celebrate the pre-wedding events and the special day. Now continue reading to find the best marriage dates in 2024 with long weekends available.

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Wedding Dates in January 2024

January is the beginning of the new year, which is very special to start your new wed couple life. The year brings new hopes, new beginnings, new dreams, and new ideas for a bright future. It’s the best month to start the new beginning of your wedded life though. January is a heavy winter month, which is also a perfect month for a wedding. Pick the trending velvet Lehengas and start planning for other favorite outfits for your wedding.

Here are the January Wedding Dates for 2024

january 2024

"16 January, Tuesday

17 January, Wednesday

20 January, Saturday

21 January, Sunday

22 January, Monday

27 January, Saturday

28 January, Sunday

30 January, Tuesday

31 January, Wednesday"

Unique Wedding Dates In January

"1 January, Monday - New Beginning

14 January, Sunday - Love Harvest

15 January, Monday - Love Harvest

25 January, Thursday - Full Moon

26 January, Long Weekend"

Hindu calendar for January 2024

Explore the Hindu calendar for January 2024, filled with festivals and daily insights. Pausa and Magha are the lunar buddies for this month.

Notable events include Uttarayan, celebrating longer days, and the cozy winter season known as Shishir Ritu. It's the year Vikram Samvat 2080, promising goodness.

From Pausa Badi Panchami to Magha Badi Panchami, special days abound with cultural and religious vibes. Magha month starts on January 26, inviting you to join the festivities.

tithi calendar January 2024

Wedding Dates in February 2024

February is the month of love. Do you want to plan and celebrate the sacred day of unity in Feb? The number of Marriage dates in February 2024 has been extracted for the couples to plan for wedding events. Check out below for the February Sava Wedding Dates in 2024:

Here are the February Wedding Dates for 2024

"4th February, Sunday

6th February, Tuesday

8th February, Thursday

12th February, Tuesday

13th February, Wednesday

17th February, Saturday

24th February, Saturday

25th February, Sunday

26th February, Monday

29th February, Thursday"

Unique Wedding Date In February 2024

tithi calendar february 2024

"14 February, Thursday - Valentine’s Day"

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Wedding Dates In March 2024

March is the start of the spring season in different parts of India. For those new couples who want a decent, pleasant, and comfortable wedding in outdoor wedding locations, then March is the best season to opt for. There are numerous auspicious wedding Dates in March 2024 which come along with long weekends because of Holi. March is the best month to celebrate a new start in life.

Wedding Dates In March 2024

Here are the March Wedding Dates for 2024

"1st March, Friday

2nd March, Saturday

3rd March, Sunday

4th March, Monday

5th March, Tuesday

6th March, Wednesday

10th March, Sunday

11th March, Monday

12th March, Tuesday"

Unique Wedding Dates In March 2024

"8th March, Friday - Shiv Ratri

9th March, Saturday

23rd March, Saturday - Weekend Of Holi

24th March, Sunday - Weekend Of Holi

25th March, Monday - Holi

29th March, Friday - Good Friday

30th March, Saturday - Weekend Of Good Friday

31st March, Sunday - Weekend of Good Friday"

tithi calendar march 2024

Wedding Dates In April 2024

The couples who love the spring-summer season, April is the best month to pick up for them. April sounds to be an excellent season for brides, grooms, and family gatherings. Everyone can wear beautiful pastel lehengas and go for the best wedding decoration with super exciting summer & spring vibes. Couples from other religions are looking for non-sava dates in 2024.

Wedding Dates In April 2024

Here are the April Wedding Dates in 2024 or Sava Dates In April 2024

"18th April, Thursday

20th April, Saturday

22nd April, Monday

24th April, Wednesday

26th April, Thursday"

Unique Wedding Dates in April 2024

"10th April, Wednesday - Eid-ul-Fitr

13th April, Saturday - Vaisakhi

14th April, Sunday - Vaisakhi

17th April, Wednesday - Ram Navami

21st April, Sunday - Mahavir Jayanti

23rd April, Tuesday - Full Moon"

tithi calendar April 2024

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Wedding Dates In May 2024

May 2024 does not have Sava Dates for Weddings 2024, so couples used to avoid weddings during this month. Still, Buddha Purnima can be considered as one date for the wedding in May 2024. If you want to get married in May 2024, then:

Wedding Dates In May 2024

Here are the May Wedding Dates for 2024

"23rd May, Thursday - Buddha Purnima"

tithi calendar May 2024

Wedding Dates in June 2024

June is a slow wedding season month, which has just two perfect marriage dates in June 2024. You can plan for a beautiful wedding ceremony in the indoor venue, as June is a hot summer month.

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Wedding Dates In Jun 2024

"28th June, Friday

29th June, Saturday"

Unique Wedding Dates in June 2024

"21st June, Friday - Summer Solstice

22nd June, Saturday - Full Moon"

tithi calendar jun 2024

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Wedding Dates In July 2024

There are more marriage dates in July 2024 compared to May and June. If someone is planning for a monsoon wedding, then here we have several Sava Dates in June for wedding calendar for 2024 with a full moon.

Wedding Dates In July 2024

Here are the July Wedding Dates for 2024

"9th July, Tuesday

11th July, Thursday

13th July, Saturday

14th July, Sunday

15th July, Monday"

tithi calendar july 2024

Unique Wedding Date In July 2024

"21st July, Sunday - Full Moon"

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Wedding Dates In August 2024

Wedding Dates In August 2024

August does not have many Sava dates for weddings, but still do not miss planning your wedding in the August Calendar yet. The millennial couple from any religion should plan for a gala wedding celebration in August 2024 because of the exclusive wedding weekend events and festivals.

Here are the August Wedding Dates for 2024

"4th August, Sunday - Friendship Day

15th August, Thursday - Independence Day

16th August, Friday - Rakhi weekend

17th August, Saturday - Rakhi weekend

18th August, Sunday - Rakhi weekend

19th August, Monday - Rakhi

24th August, Saturday - Janmashthami Weekend

25th August, Sunday - Janmashthami Weekend

26th August, Monday - Janmashthami Weekend"

tithi calendar august 2024

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Wedding Dates In September 2024

Wedding Dates In september 2024

There are no Sava Dates for planning weddings in September 2024 as per the Hindu Panchang. There’s 1 auspicious day to plan for the wedding in September 2024:

Here are the September Wedding Dates in 2024

"7th September, Saturday - Ganesh Chaturthi"

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tithi calendar september 2024

Wedding Dates In October 2024

Wedding Dates In October 2024

There are no Vivah-Mahurats on Wedding Dates in October 2024. This is the month of festivals, which turns out to be the best wedding season for couples. If someone does not follow up with Hindu Panchang 2024, then here the dates are demonstrated right below for the plan for your pre-wedding and the main event day.

Here are the October Wedding Dates for 2024

"11th October, Friday - Nav Durga Blessings

12th October, Saturday - Nav Durga Blessings

13th October, Sunday - Nav Durga Blessings

16th October, Wednesday - World Food Day

17th October, Thursday - Full Moon

31st October, Thursday - Festive Feels"

tithi calendar october 2024

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Wedding Dates In November 2024

November 2024 is the peak season for a wedding, in which you can pick a number of Sava Dates or auspicious marriage dates in November in wedding calendar for 2024. Couples can plan for spiritual wedding events in November 2024 with the assistance of Shaadidukaan, absolutely stunning.

Wedding Dates In November 2024

Here are the October Wedding Dates for 2024:

"13th November, Wednesday

17th November, Sunday

22nd November, Friday

23rd November, Saturday

25th November, Monday

26th November, Tuesday

28th November, Thursday"

tithi calendar november 2024

Unique Wedding Dates in November 2024

"3rd November, Sunday - Bhai Dooj

15th November, Friday - Full Moon

16th November, Saturday - Full Moon"

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Wedding Dates In December 2024

The duration between Mid-November to Mid-December is the peak time to plan for weddings in December 2024. December 2024 has multiple Sava Dates to plan for an exceptional and ultimate wedding. You can receive long weekends, in which the couple and families can have the chance to celebrate auspicious wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Dates In December 2024

Here are the December Wedding Dates in 2024:

"4th December, Wednesday

5th December, Thursday

9th December, Monday

10th December, Tuesday

14th December, Saturday"

December Wedding Dates 2024

tithi calendar December 2024

"15th December, Sunday - Full Moon

21st December, Saturday - Winter Solstice

25th December, Wednesday - Christmas

31st December, Tuesday - New Year’s Eve"

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 Wrapping Up

Here is the forecast of Wedding Dates in 2024 to celebrate the occasion of love and blissful relations. Check out the best dates to plan for marriage in 2024, and decide on suitable and best wedding venues and wedding vendors.

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