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Shape That Brow Up: Men Edition!

Shape That Brow Up: Men Edition!

Ever wondered why are men born with those thick and shiny eyebrows, when we women aren’t? Yes, it makes me jealous too. Today, we will guide the men in the house as to how they can groom that lush eyebrow to win the game! It’s a myth that shape the eyebrows are only limited to women. Eyebrows are a more significant feature for men than women. And they complete the handsome structure of a man’s face by constituting the jawline and cheekbones to the forehead. 

If you think I am wrong, then talk to the man sitting next to you. There’s no denying that your eyes involuntarily ponder to the full eyebrows of a man. This is how significant the eyebrows are to a man’s appearance.

Eyebrow grooming is not just limited to those long lost eyebrow slits. There are innumerous amounts of ways to groom and shape the eyebrows. The most efficient ways for men are as follows-

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This is the most common method to control the excessive growth of the eyebrow hair. In this, you take a tweezer and remove the oddly grown eyebrow hair. Your aim should be to shape the eyebrows in a way that the pair looks symmetrical and even in appearance. 

However, using a tweezer can be a bit painful and take a lot of time. Mastering the tweezing method might take you a lot of time as well but don’t go overboard with the practice or you will end up with bald eyebrows.    

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This is another method of maintaining your eyebrows. In this, the professionals apply hot wax near the brows to define and shape them. Waxing leaves your skin smooth and removes the hair for a long time but can be irritating if you have acne in the area. 

Waxing home kits for eyebrows are available and have been a hit ever since they were released. But don’t forget that waxing without any prior knowledge can be deadly because it is hot wax on your face after all, and that also near the eye area. This is why this method is very risky, professional help should be taken if you want your brows waxed.

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Did you feel accomplished after reading this point? Not to disappoint you but eyebrow shaving is pretty different from shaving your face, mustache, beard or goatee. As mentioned before, eyebrows have to be groomed in a way that they become more symmetrical and defined without any extra hair. 

And the biggest drawback while shaving your eyebrow would be the immediate growth of rougher and thicker eyebrow hair. So, eyebrow shaving is a big no-no. I mean, would you like to spend 15 minutes to shave your eyebrows daily? 

Rather than shaving, you can go for a daily trimming. It will hardly take a minute to trim the extra hair and you will end up with a clean look.



Sounds like a taboo? Do you think it’s only limited to men? Well, you are absolutely wrong. There’s a reason why women go for threading. It is the removal of hair with utmost and commendable accuracy. But the only drawback is that it depends on the professional who is performing the threading.

Threading is a technique where the eyebrow hair is removed with cotton threads by rolling them over the concerned area. This technique is less painful and better than waxing. If you don’t mind spending some time in the saloon then this can be a good choice!

These are the most common ways to maintain that edgy brow, gentlemen! Of course, if you are willing to spend more time and money on your appearance then you can use eyebrow gels and get professional help as well. But don’t forget to groom these well-grown eyebrows to rock the clean look and to attain the perfect symmetrical brows; why should girls have all the fun anyway!     

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Anushri Adhikary

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