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15 Classic Hairstyles for Indian Men to Achieve an Irresistible Look

15 Classic Hairstyles for Indian Men to Achieve an Irresistible Look

Gone are the days when men were stuck only to age-old retro hairstyles. Nowadays, like women, men too love to experiment with their hair. They strive to get a hairstyle that resonates with their personality and also render them an irresistible look in front of the ladies!

As there is a myriad of hairstyles for Indian men right now, it is a cumbersome task to decide which hairstyle to opt. We have compiled 15 classic hairstyles for Indian men that they would love to try and flaunt. Choose any of them and don’t miss a chance to stand apart from the pack.


Trendiest Hairstyles for Indian Men


1. Undercut Hairstyle

undercut hairstyle for men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

This hairstyle is hottest in trend right now. In undercut hairstyle, hairs are short from the side and are high in volume at the top side. The captivating thing about this hairstyle is you can do numerous variations like comb back, raised up, slicked back etc. Be ready to sizzle the world with undercut hairstyle.


2. Buzzcut Hairstyle

buzzcut hairstyle for indian men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

Buzzcut hairstyle is simple, easy to maintain, and give a perfect dapper look. To achieve a breathtaking manly look, combine buzzcut with hipster beard style.


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3. Ponytail Hairstyle

ponytail hairstyle for men
Image Credit - idiva.com

Ladies find men with ponytail hairstyle irresistible and drool-worthy. Our Badshah Khan of Bollywood makes women go weak on their knees with his sex ponytail hairstyle.


4. Slicked Back Hairstyle

slicked back hairstyle for men
Image Credit - haircutinspiration.com

This hairstyle renders you superstar kind of appearance. You can find numerous movies and sports celebrities having slicked back hairstyle and nailing look in that. Slicked back hairstyle is attention-grabbing and stunning in every sense.


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5. Top Knot Hairstyle

topknot hairstyle for men to consider
Image Credit - pinterest.com

If you think only girls can ace their look in buns then, you are absolutely wrong. This hairstyle for men is currently riding high on trend. Topknot hairstyle is an upgraded version of undercut hairstyle except, this hairstyle has bun included.


6. Short Spiky Hairstyle

short spiky hairstyle for formal occasions
Image Credit - nextluxury.com

It is one of those hairstyles which you can carry at any occasion, even at the professional events. If you are a kind of individual who doesn’t like to spend much of his time grooming hair, the short spiky hairstyle is just for you.


7. Pompadour Hairstyle

Amazing pompadour hairstyle for men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

If your goal is to achieve an uber-cool and scintillating look, here is the hairstyle for you. In this hairstyle, both the sides are tapered and the top voluminous hairs are comb back completely.


8. Untidy Spikes Hairstyle

smooth untidy spikes hairstyle for indian men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

The messy and charming version of the short spikes hairstyle. For the versatile look, give a shot to this hairstyle.


9. Side Swept Hairstyle

sideswept hairstyle for men for dashing look
Image Credit - instagram.com

In this hairstyle, the major chunk of the hairs is inclined at one particular side. For the casual meets and dating, this hairstyle is perfect to woo your partner with your charm. It is also one of the best Indian wedding hairstyles for Indian men to consider.


10. Medium Shag Hairstyle

medium shag hairstyle for indian men
Image Credit - mensxp.com

For a sexy and seamless look, hop on to medium shag hairstyle. The long and smooth hairstyle with chevron beard style can set any stage on fire.


11. Shoulder Length Hairstyle

sleek shoulder length hairstyle for men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

A hairstyle that gives the men timeless look and bit of royal touch. Many actors like Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, Arjun Rampal have raised the heartbeats of millions of girls with shoulder length hairstyle. Moreover, you need to put great attention to maintain this hairstyle.


12. Wavy Hairstyle

stunning wavy hairstyle
Image Credit - instagram.com

One of the most popular Indian formal hairstyles for men. Wavy hairstyle is best to attain an adorable and meeky look. Just groom your hair on a daily basis and you can flaunt them at any time.


13. Beckham Style Haircut

super sexy beckham hairstyle for men
Image Credit - pinterest.com

Undeniably, David Beckham is a style icon both on and off the field. His hairstyle is impeccable and super-sexy. Well, you can also make women go gaga over you with this swoon-worthy David Beckham style haircut.


14. Simple Back Brushed Hairstyle

simple back brushed hairstyle for royal look
Image Credit - stylesatlife.com

It is one of those rare and gripping hairstyles which never goes out of the fashion. All you need is long hair and some gel to acquire an eye-ball grabbing stunning look. From parties to the official meetings, this hairstyle will bring you tons of attention.


15. Pixie cut Hairstyle

pixie hairstyle for cool dude look
Image Credit - menhairstyleslab.com

Zac Efron has made women go gaga with pixie cut hairstyle, why shouldn’t you give the shot? If you love to try new hairstyles on a regular basis, pixie cut will satiate your quench to find the perfect hairstyle.

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