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10 Perfect Bridal Makeup Guide For Your Skin Tone

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10 Perfect Bridal Makeup Guide For Your Skin Tone

Bridal makeup Trends 2018 are more about soberness rather than traditional heavy appearances. Gone are the days when brides were loaded with heavy outfits, jewelry, and bridal makeup. The latest trends are more about magnificence and creativity. Current fashion trends focus on particular areas to make the bride appears beautiful and subtle on the final day.

Several wedding rituals have received an anonymous alteration in the year 2018. The makeup artist in Jaipur has always kept pace with the changing makeup Trends and latest fashion styles. Therefore, if you are at all worried about how you are going to look on your wedding day, leave it all up to the experts with utmost faith.

What are the 7 days beauty tips?

Since your face has to look naturally glowing on the final day if you have to follow certain rituals and care for that Pink healthy glow. The leading makeup experts in Jaipur particularly advise these tips for glowing skin even without makeup -

  1. Drink a lot of water and fruits
  2. Cover your face out of home
  3. Use natural products to pamper the facial skin
  4. Cleanup once in a month is a must
  5. Do not forget to Scrub your skin on weekends
  6. Apply Ubtan for at least 2 months
  7. Kick of stress miles away

Once you follow these 7 rules of beautification, without a fail your skin would Shine and look naturally Radiant.



The beautiful brides are the source of inspiration right from head to toe. They are absolutely goddess of beauty in every sense. With The wow makeup beauty Trends, the Perfect Combination of color and dresses give that glam look which makes the wedding pictures really mesmerizing.

Would you like to know what the best bridal makeup Trends 2018 is?

Let's know the correct way to bring out the hidden beauty of a woman through these matured and promising bridal makeup tips. With the correct makeup, any girl can look gorgeous and special on her wedding day. The latest bridal makeup tips are here for you -

● Smokey Eyes- the makeup gets magnified manifold when you have coloredSmokey Eyes to impress the onlookers. Currently, brides are experimenting dark grey and charcoal combination colors to stand out from the common traditional bridal look.

Smokey Eyes Bridal Makeup

● The beautiful brow- the big and bold expertly framed eyebrows particularly energize the overall bridal makeup look. They instantly uplift the face by pulling up the overall facial features. The modern mermaids achieve the Luminous look with a combination of highlights and beautiful eyebrow look all together.

Stylish Eyebrow Bridal Makeup

● Sun stripping- the traditional pink blush is out of fashion nowadays. Have you noticed that the cheeks are slightly sun-kissed with a brown tinge? Well, that's all because of flat Foundation brush and bronzer that highlights the integrity of the face in a natural way.

bridal makeup guide

● Dual tone lip color- a single lip color can never know that impressive and matching. Then you have to create a customized bridal look that goes with the bridal dress and the bridal theme, you have to create a combination of everything. The dual tone lip colors are created out of Neutral shades, red, Cherry and brown colors. They enhance the overall beauty of the bride in the evening wedding ceremonies.

Dual Tone Lips

● The Blue Eyes- why particularly Blue Eyes? Well, there is nothing more beautiful than having a fair bride who has curly hair and bright Blue Eyes that has been given a touch of Smokey look. I hope you can imagine it all! The latest upgrade to the bridal makeup trend comes with blue eyes and blue toned eyelashes which exaggerate the overall bridal makeup technique. Since, the Smokey color all about Gray and black combination, slightly blue hue makes the bride look absolutely Drama Queen.

Bridal Makeup Tips

● Retro eyeliner look- the 80s wedding trends are partially back when it comes to using eyeliner technique. Instead of using a soft eyeliner to highlight the eyes, the current makeup artist is using old forgotten winked eyeliner and long stroke lashes with the blend of different angled brushes. The dreamy look is absolutely the latest. it brings out so much of Grace in the wedding pictures.

Retro Liner

● The eyelashes- the eyelashes were always an important part of the overall makeup look. However, currently, the best beauty parlours in Jaipur are using eyelashes on both the sides of the eye. This gives the best look at the bridal makeup by making the eyes look like artificial dolls. Boost in length with separate eyelashes before applying mascara is so much in trend nowadays. In fact, apart from the bride, the important people attending the wedding ceremonies choose artificial lashes for giving a heavy look to their overall makeup.

Eyelashes makeup brides

● The dark shades and the glitters- the hard angled brushes use blending and glittering techniques to highlight the bridal makeup all the more. Apart from using the eyeshadows that are of dark tone, makeup artist or Relying upon colored pressed glitters to give that diva look to the girls.

Glitters Makeup

Final words

Having a fresh look at your final day is more important than carrying a particular variety of makeup. Therefore, more than practicing anything else makes sure that you eat fresh and have proper sleep. That dewy finish of makeup can make you look graceful only when your skin is naturally ready for it.

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