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From Cranky Kids to Irritating Aunties: Here Are 13 Types of Pesky Guests We Find At Every Indian Wedding

From Cranky Kids to Irritating Aunties: Here Are 13 Types of Pesky Guests We Find At Every Indian Wedding

A big fat wedding is incomplete without the guests including crazy uncles, naughty kids, irritating aunties, and flirtatious people. These are kinds of annoying guests that we can find at every wedding that we attend. We can see different kinds of characters out there, be it someone who is annoying, maddening, irritating, advice-giving or an attention-seeker.

If you have ever been in any of the weddings, I am sure that you too must have also faced a few of such unique characters. After all, you have to be extra lucky for not meeting these kinds of people. Nowadays, weddings are not just about the bride and the groom; it is a huge affair involving all the relatives and friends from both sides. This makes it really common to find such type of pesky guests in every wedding.

These bothersome and annoying guests sometimes ruin the fun of the wedding. This doesn’t mean that every guest is like that, as there are many guests who try to help us out as much as they can!!!

Some Frustrating Guests Who Are Hard To Handle

If you are getting married, then it’ll be really helpful to prepare yourself to deal with the pesky guests in advance because you won’t be able to ignore them. So, here is the list of some irritating guests you probably have to deal with at your wedding:-

Irritating Interviewer

Irritating Interviewer

Surely, you know this person!! There is always some distant relative out there at every wedding, who has nothing to do rather than asking everyone that ‘what are you doing nowadays?’, ‘oh my god!! You are not married yet?’, ‘still, you have no job?’ and ‘what about your future’?

You should learn how to deal with this, and yes, if you find any solution, tell me too!!


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The Matchmaker


“Pairs are made in heaven”, who said that? Because I believe that pairs are made by aunties at the wedding. At any wedding, you can easily find an aunty who is doing matchmaking of some random boy with the daughter of their relative. I don’t know the purpose behind this, but I believe that this is their favorite time pass at the wedding.



Ahaaaa!!!! Taking loads of selfies is some girls’ favorite pastime to do at any event. We can easily see many girls taking selfies here and there during the whole wedding. Wait!! Let me ask first ... are you too one of those ‘Selfie Queens’? If yes, then you should try to control your selfie cravings and avoid taking endless selfies with the bride, the groom, and relatives too.

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The Boy With ‘Who Is That Guy?’ Looks

Who Is That Guy Looks

‘Who is that boy?’ we often hear this question at a wedding. A boy with handsome looks is always a center of attraction among girls at a wedding. Some gold-diggers target the successful guys with hot looks. They act like charming the guy is their only purpose for attending the wedding.

‘Not So Happy’ Uncle

Not So Happy Uncle

Woohoo!! This is my favorite category of irritating guests at the wedding. After all, no wedding is complete without an uncle who is angry for absolutely no reason, but just to fulfill his prestige. We all have that kind of uncle who is stubborn and will not be happy with any of the arrangements at a wedding.

He always feels that he is not getting enough respect from all the people. No matter what you and your family members do, he will be the worst critic that is beyond your imagination.

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Guests of Guest

Guests of Guest

These are some ‘Not so invited’ kind of people who come with our guests. I still don’t understand how people can go somewhere they are not invited? But they come along with relatives or friends and all we can do is to welcome them, no matter how much irritated we are!!! 

Person with Forever Bachelor Tag

Forever Bachelor Tag

It is not easy to go to a wedding while you are not married. Because some people will not let you live your life peacefully just because you are still a bachelor!!

There is always a person who has the ‘bachelor’ tag because of not marrying until 30. So, be careful if you are also above the age of 30 and still not married!!

The Exaggerator Fellow

Exaggerator Fellow

These are the persons we can find anywhere including weddings. These people tend to overemphasize every little thing, it can be a bit of inconvenience they face in arrangements or a little shortage of food. They also overstate every little thing they do for helping at the wedding.

The Hungry Bird

The Hungry Bird

Some people always feel hungry even after eating. They always starve and need something to eat. But the strange thing is that they never get satisfied with the taste of the food. These persons are usually the chefs too, as there is always at least one dish that is not perfect, isn’t it right?

Overdressed Aunties

Overdressed Aunties

Wedding is meant to be full of glamour, sparkle and well-dressed people. Yes, you heard it right!! I said ‘dressed’ not ‘overdressed’, because sometimes ladies take this term in a way that they have to wear flashy and weird sarees and combining them with the most outdated jewelry. It makes them odd in front of everyone and they get entertained by them.

Flirty Guests

At weddings, some people act like they are free to flirt around with anyone they want. Girls can understand this thing very well because they all have faced this kind of person including jijaji, uncles, cousins of a cousin, etc. we all know they are not easy to handle because of their mask of decency. Be aware of them!!

Dance Floor Breaker

Dance Floor Breaker

There is always a person with no dancing skills but is dead-focused on dancing at every single function in the wedding along with everyone. They even force everyone to dance along by pulling their hands, some people get irritated by this but after all, that’s the fun of a wedding, right?

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These were some of the guests that you might encounter at your wedding, and must be ready to deal with. But, don’t think that this is the end of the list of annoying wedding guests because there are still many other different kinds of people out there.

Which of the pesky guests have you come across at the weddings you have attended, and how you dealt with them? Do share your stories about it in the comments section down below.

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