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Engagement Games And Activities That’ll Be Perfect To Get The Conversations Started Between Guests

Engagement Games And Activities That’ll Be Perfect To Get The Conversations Started Between Guests

An engagement ceremony is not only about two people exchanging rings and some beautiful decor and delicious food counters set up for the guests’ enjoyment. Playing some really enjoyable engagement games is another great way to entertain the guests and help them mingle. These engagement party games will be pe a perfect icebreaker and help the guests get acquainted with each other. Although arranging the games for the engagement might not be popular in Indian weddings but it is not some alien concept as well.

The main reason behind the grandeur of the different ceremonies that goes into ones’ wedding is to make it memorable to the guests. Including engagement games that can be played by the guests will be a perfect step towards making your wedding a fun-filled evening that’ll be cherished by your guests.

Engagement Games That’ll Make Your Engagement A Memorable One

Game #1 How Well Do You Know Each Other?


This will be one of the most awesome and enjoyable engagement games for couples. The couple has to be seated back to back with a two-sided board indicating their names on each side. The host will then ask different fun questions like,

Who proposed first?
Then Who is more likely to sleep during a movie?
Who is a better cook?

In order to answer, each of them has to hold up their signs to indicate their answers. This cute engagement game will surely be amazing and bring a lot of laughs.

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Game #2 How Well Do You Know The Couple


When looking for some great engagement party game ideas that’ll be quite interesting and will involve all of the guests, this is the perfect game that requires the host and the couple to prepare a set of 15-20 questions that they can ask the guests. The questions that can be decided upon can be:

Who’s their favourite singer?
What’s there favourite food?
When and where the couple first met?

The game requires the host to call out these questions aloud and the guest who knows the most number of answers gets an awesome engagement party favour.

Game #3 My Significant Other

It will be sure that you’ll be inviting the guests from all the different parts of India and the only common connection between them will be their connection with the couple. This engagement game will provide the much-needed stage to start the new conversations between the different guests.

The game requires for you to cut the photos in half and keep every piece in a separate envelope to be handed out to the guests randomly when they arrive. Now people have to go around comparing the pieces with other guests to find the other half.

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Game #4 Scrabble Using Couple’s Name


This is one of the most popular engagement party word game among the newlywed couples. It is easy to play and don’t require the need of a set of rules that must be conveyed to the guests first.

The guests have to create some words of at least 4 letters each starting with the letters that come in the couples names and define their relationship. The points are then awarded based on the complexity of each word and their length. The guest who gets rewarded with the most number of points wins. Be ready for some really funny words in the lists as well.

Game #5 Cards Against Humanity


One of the trendiest party games that are on the rise now. Cards against humanity will be the best engagement game that’ll be really funny and will help keep the guests entertained for the whole evening. Consisting of a set of black cards and another of white cards, a person draws one black card with a question and the others answer with their hilarious white cards.

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Game #6 The Wedding Vows

Provide each of the Guests with paper and pens and ask them to write down wedding vows for the groom and the bride and keep them in the box. There will be a lot of funny as-well-as some touching vows that’ll be quite entertaining and should be read aloud by the groom and the bride at the end of the party.

Game #7 Guess The Right Guest


This engagement game is all about the guests mingling with each other. All the attendees are given a copy of the list and pen with some qualities and facts about another guest. Now they have to mingle around with the others while asking the questions in order to find the person who best suits the described qualities.

Game #8 Two Truth And A Lie


Each guest is made to share three statements about themselves of which two are true while the other one is false. Then the other guests are required to guess which statement is a lie with the show of hands. You’ll really be surprised how hard it is to guess the correct one and this will surely sprout up new conversations among the guests who are totally strangers.

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Game #9 How Many Kisses?


Everyone loves those small chocolates called kisses. You can introduce A large jar of these tasty chocolates in the centre of the lounge area with a tag. “How Many Kisses?”

The guests are required to write the no. of candies that they think are filling that jar. The guest whose guess is the closest to the actual number of chocolates gets to take the whole jar home.

Game #10 Tambola

The good old Tambola is really a great game that all the elderly love to play. Introducing this to your engagement games is a great way to get them involved in your wedding.

The game calls for the host to take out random numbers from a box and calling them aloud while the guests have tickets with random numbers. With the call of each number, the guests having that particular number on their ticket can cross out the number. Guest whose all the numbers get crossed off first wins.

Game #11 Spin The Wheel


The classic spin the wheel is another great option that’ll be really great to play. Each couple can be asked to spin the wheel marked with different activities to perform. When the wheel stops spinning, the marker shows what activity the couple should perform. The different activities can be:

A romantic dance.
Singing a song for each other.
A romantic proposal.
This game is sure to add a lot of fun to your engagement ceremony.

There were some of the best games, including which. Will make sure that your engagement is a lot vibrant and fun. These engagement games will surely be loved by the guests and will help them to mingle with each other making your engagement truly memorable.

Have some more games that can be included to help kick-start conversations among the guests? Do tell us about them in the comments section below.

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