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The Art of Perfecting Manliness - Grooming Secrets for An Iconic Appearance

The Art of Perfecting Manliness - Grooming Secrets for An Iconic Appearance

One of the key traits of some of the most handsome hunks and style icons is they all are well-groomed.

Manliness is not an innate trait. It is something on which you have to achieve mastery over by developing the fine sense of fashion and adopting to the T grooming tips.

The definition of manliness alters with respect to the era. There was a time when shabby beard and long hairs were considered to be uber cool and hip. Then dominated the trend of spiky hairs and French cut beards. Now, there is an overwhelming selection of opinions and advice floating on the web and magazines that can confuse the hell out of an individual.

If you dive deep into the grooming secrets of some of the dapper men prevailing on this planet, you will find they don't spend a fortune roping in a ridiculous amount of grooming products to ace the style game.

The gateway to mastering the art of manliness is surely daunting and arduous, but not impossible. By incorporating the right grooming tips and products in your lifestyle, you too can have the hairstyle of David Beckham and bear of Robert Downy Jr.

After swimming into the labyrinth of the Internet for hours and ogling the Instagram profiles of some of the sexiest and well-groomed men, we have compiled a list of timeless grooming secrets that will turn you into a sizzling hot demi-god like creature and proper your better-half stalk you sneakily o the first date.

1. Learn How To Shave Like A Pro

Grooming Tips for Men

Though you may not have the proficiency and experience of a barber, however, by keeping in mind some crucial shaving tips, you can have a perfect shape that is free from cuts and irritation.

Before running the razor on the beard, apply shave oil on the face, and massage it for at least 2-3 minutes. Once the oil is soaked completely, marinate the razor blades in warm water and glide razor over your facial hears. You will have a flawless shave free from red marks and itchiness.

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2.  Get Frequent Hair Cuts and Know Which Hair Products Work Best on You

Haircut Men

This is one grooming secret that all the hottest hunks follow religiously. Observe them today, a week later, a month later, or a year later, they never let it look they've got a haircut yet they have it frequently.

Find a personal hairstylist who resonates with your idea of an exemplary haircut, and discuss your hairstyle goals with him. Getting a trendy haircut won't make you stylish, but a haircut that defines your personality and amps it up certainly will.

Another thing that you have to keep in check is hair products. A right hair product can make a massive difference in your hairstyle game. For long and thick hairs, pomades or hair wax will do the fine job. And for thin and short hairs, hair sprays can do the wonder.

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3. Rope in A Signature Scent

Scent Men grooming

Here is the grooming secret that every man knows but not every man incorporate in his lifestyle.

The prime difference between an ordinary man and a stylish man is, an ordinary man wear any scent but a dapper man hunt down the perfect signature scent for himself that fits well his personality.

The right scent can spell-bind any woman you are going to date with and leave a long-lasting impression of your personality in her mind.

So, take your time to hunt down the signature scent and append that in your wardrobe.

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4. Body Hair

Grooming tips for men

A little bit of chest hair is fine but excess of body hair is not the sign of a classic and stylish man.

There are mixed opinions among men when it comes to keeping or removing the body hair.  Some say a few body hairs are perfect, while others consider keeping enormous body hairs as manliness.

The key here is to find the right balance. Manage excess of body hairs by trimming or waxing them as per your idea of exemplary body hairs. There is no need to go overboard.

5. Fix Your Eyebrows


What defines beautiful and enigmatic eyes are eyebrows. Big eyebrows are not an issue. The real problem arises when they are meeting in the middle.

When taking care of eyebrows, pay great emphasis on the section in between eyebrows. If you find extra hairs above, below, and in between section of eyebrows, pluck them.

The better way for managing your eyebrows is to go to your hairstylist and ask him to set them up.

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6. Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed


For a flawless and glittering face skin, you have to incorporate a face wash routine before going to bed. If you live in a tier-1 city where pollutants are in heaps in air, your skin will accumulate them in plenty.

Washing your face multiple times a day with the cold water ensures your precious skin will remain protected from the pernicious pollutants. Right after washing the face, apply moisturizer to protect your pores and give them a chance to breathe some freshness.

7. Never Ever Forget Sunscreen

Sunscreen Men's grooming

Sunscreens are no less than a boon, especially in the summertime. The intense U.V rays can put your well-pampered skin in the great jeopardy. Adding the right SPF sunscreen in your wardrobe and daily grooming routine will nourish your skin and protect it from harmful U.V rays.

These grooming habits will help you to perfect the art of manliness and stand apart from the pack. If you have suggestions to share, feel to drop your valuable opinion in the comment section below!

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