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18 Cool Gadget Gifts Ideas for Groom On His Wedding

18 Cool Gadget Gifts Ideas for Groom On His Wedding

People often get confused about what gift to give groom on his wedding. Nature scenery, household items, gold and silver chains or money is the usual things that are given. But if groom is your close friend or near to your heart then usual things don’t gonna impress him or perhaps even you don’t want to give him these.

We think that the best gifts you can give to a groom on his wedding can be tech gifts. Gadgets that he would definitely like and will be beneficial for him. So if you don’t know which one to give and what to select then here are some good gadgets gifts ideas for groom on his wedding.

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Cool Gadgets Gifts Ideas For Groom

Activity Tracker Watch/Digital Watch

activity tracker watch

If groom is a fitness freak, it is good for bride but many are not. So on his wedding, it will be best if you gift him a quality activity tracker watch or a digital watch with activity tracker features provided he can keep track of his all activity and exercises. Groom’s health is bride’s real wealth!

Waterproof Headphone

headphone for groom to swim

In today’s time whenever you buy any digital accessory, always buy waterproof because these days weather is always random. And when everyone is into them, earphone or headphone plugged into their ears, it will be super beneficial for him if you give a pair of waterproof headphone. A quality product will definitely cost but this little you can do for your groom, after all, it is his wedding.

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Record Players

record player for wedding gift

Listen to songs on a record player with vinyl discs is totally different experience like bringing old days back, definitely of your grandfather or mother. That time record players were heavy and one needed to key in of many rounds sever time. But today’s are not. Buy him a record player, the best gadget gift idea for groom.

Portable Speaker

portable speaker for groom

Grooving on songs and dancing with your partner alone in your house ordering Alex to change songs as you want is one of the best experience. On your friend’s wedding gift him a portable speaker, we think Alexa will be better.


camera to gift for groom

If you think he has a little bit kind of creative eye then giving him a branded camera like fulfilling his one of the dreams. And he would never forget your this gift though definitely costly but worth giving.

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X-Box/Sony PlayStation

xbox sony playstation

Who doesn’t want to play video games these days when you have a high configured system that give you a real feel? A favorite time pass is playing video games on X-box or Sony PlayStation. Both husband and wife can play together.

External Hard Disk

external hard disk for groom

A perfect digital companion it is, an external hard disk that you can give to groom on his wedding. When he will be storing his photos onto it or something else he definitely would be love wishing you.

Smart Lock

smart lock for groom

Smart locks are getting popular these days. Every house stuff is getting smart with the use of technology. With a smart lock, your house is safe and you can keep an eye on who is trying to open the door. One of the awesome gift gadgets for groom on his wedding.

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Wireless Mobile Charger

wireless mobile charger for groom

A web of wires always makes your friend cry then why not give him a wireless mobile charger that makes his life happy and trouble-free. Wires often give lots of trouble when you want to charge your phone, power charger, laptop, and any other thing. A wireless mobile charger is a perfect gift idea for groom.

Fire TV Stick

fire tv stick for groom

These days are not about watching movies and episodes on dish. It is the time of online streaming. Whatever you want to watch and whenever you want to watch you can watch with the help of an online streaming device. So if your groom friend is a fan of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon then Fire TV stick will be a super amazing gift for him.

Aqua Audio Device

aqua audio device for groom

We often sing songs while we take shower or have bath. What about a device that sings for you while you have bath? There are Aqua audio devices in the market that are for your bathroom and play songs on radio channels and playlist. We think giving this type of device will be awesome for him. A bathroom player for him.

Nest Learning Thermostat

nest learning thermostat

Change your room temperature as you want. After a little bit of manual setting, the device can anticipate how you want the temperature and adjusts according to that. It is with smart learning technology and a geeky gadget gift for groom.

Bio Lite Camp Stove 2

bio lite camp stove

After wedding bride and groom go on honeymoon but some these days are going on glamping in mountains. So this Bio Lite Camp Stove 2 can be their useful companion that comes with a USB charger.  It is a hybrid and weighs only 2 pounds. You can control the heat according to what you are cooking and take it anywhere wherever you want.

Wakeup Alarm Clock With Sunrise Simulation

wakeup alarm clock with sunrise simulation

yeah, this will be a super needed gadget gift for groom, an alarm clock with sunrise simulation. But don’t take it to your honeymoon! The device can display time on wall and ceiling or on whatever surface you want. It has sunrise simulation provided you feel like the sun is waking you up with other sounds like different birds, ocean waves, storm etc.

Led Lenser MT10 Flashlight

led lenser mt10 flashlight

It is not a torch first of all. It is a small water-resistant flashlight that can shine ten times brighter than a led headlamp. One can charge it via a USB connection. It has a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 6 to 144 hours according to brightness. So when electricity gone, you can search and spot anything with it.

LG Minibeam Projector

projector for groom

For home theater enthusiasts, it is a blessing. This projector is lightweight, portable that provides impressive HD resolution with wireless connectivity including built-in-battery for unstoppable movie watching experience. One of the brilliant gadget gift ideas for groom it is.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

wedding gifts for groom

An experience that you can never forget with this device. It can take you wherever you want to go in a movie or game. It is totally self-contained. You don’t need to tether it to PC, sound system, processor, lenses or tracker. It can also work with prescription lenses.

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Oral-B White 7000 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush

oral b white 7000 smart series electric toothbrush

If you are giving this as a gift to your groom friend then you are really his close friend who always wants him to forever smile. It is one of the best electric toothbrushes available in the market that has 6 different brushing modes including Bluetooth enabled setting that can sync to your smartphone.

So whatever gadget gift ideas for groom we have mentioned are some of the best super awesome gifts for him that you can give. So what you want to give him whether a digital watch, a projector or a virtual reality set; decide yourself or if you have any other gift ideas then tell us. We will include it in our blog provided others can find it better too.

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