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22 Graceful Payal Designs For Brides And Bridesmaids: Traditional And Modern Foot Jewelry

22 Graceful Payal Designs For Brides And Bridesmaids: Traditional And Modern Foot Jewelry

There is always a reason or perhaps a tale behind every jewelry women wear in India. We are guessing but it is the case. Every jewelry has their own significance. They are there in your hands, feet, nose, ear because there is a reason behind it, not just ornamentally while from health perspective also, and it has been said many times why a piece of particular jewelry is worn by women.

In today’s context, it can be different. Some consider it and some not. But in Indian culture, it is considered auspicious to wear silver and gold, and especially by women and during their weddings. When you see a bride, she is totally embellished with bridal jewelry from head to toe in every Indian community to whichever she belongs. 

There are all different and various types of bridal jewelry and customized ones also that are in trend. Women love to flaunt and style them. Though we have told you about almost all women jewelry in our previous blogs. Today we gonna talk about anklets, that are informally can be said “Bracelets of your feet”.

These anklets are said “Payal” in Hindi language and there are so many anklet designs that are in the trends in the fashion world and global audience is also liking it. A general reason they say that if we can wear bracelets in our hands then why not in our feet. 

So here in this blog we are going to tell you about the latest payal designs for brides. These are super awesome, dainty and enormously light yet stylish and carry luster when you wear them, like their beauty in your feet.

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Why anklets are worn in Indian culture by women?

The reason we are going to tell you is not specific but accumulated from several blogs and it somewhere stands right in the past time, especially during the time of Raja and Maharajas, and during the time when women were not allowed to stand in front of other men except their husbands.

Wearing a pair of anklets is considered a sign of their entry. When they walk wearing it, anklets make the tinkling sound and because of it, everyone gets aware of it that a woman or women are taking entry. So if there are men in their way, they go to sides or side themselves provided they don’t become a hindrance. 

It is just the past time scenario and the time and reign of Maharajas and Rajas have gone completely. Today it is all fashion-wise, and another reason is it is considered good to wear silver that brings positivity to mind and body. Silver is associated with the Moon also. 

Latest And Trendy Payal Designs for Brides – So Sublime, And They Chime Also When They Walk

Elegant Silver Layered Payal

Elegant silver layered payal

The elegant silver anklet with its layered design gives a traditional look. The exquisite works makes the payal a perfect pick for weddings.

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Embellished Payal Design For Bride

Embellished payal

This pretty piece of anklet looks simple yet stylish. The embellishment of beads enhances its beauty.

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Floral anklet

Floral anklet

Tired of the heavy gold and silver anklets? Then give the pretty floral anklet a try. The floral anklet is like a breather and is perfect accessory for haldi ceremony.

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Oxidized Silver Bridal Payal

 Oxidized silver payal

The silver oxidized  payal embedded with stones looks pretty . The exquisite design of the flower is what adds on to its uniqueness.

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Tribal Afghan Kuchi Silver Pattern

latest payal designs 2019

This is heavy one made of silver. And it is usually a traditional design that is normally worn by brides in weddings. It is a handmade item too in perfect quality.

Crystal Studded Payal Design

Crystal studded payal

Ditch the regular gold and silver payal design and opt for a crystal studded payal. This payal looks dandy and gorgeous.

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Rajasthani Royal Payal

Go traditional as you give the Rajasthani styled payal a try. The chain design with pretty patterns makes it the right fit for weddings.

The Golden Hue

the golden hue payal designs

This anklet is sheer elegance, golden in color with zircon diamond into it. Zircon diamonds are said to have healing property and especially helpful in marriages. There are many advantages of it. This anklet is looking awesome with golden glitter Mehandi. And the upper layer is of white beads that make it entirely outstanding.

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Flowers With Golden Chain Tassels

Flowers With Golden Chain Tassels

Wearing this anklet feels like you have worn a garland of flowers in your feet. This is the artificial flower anklet with golden chain tassels attached to it. It is a combination of both. Three and four chain layers are there. A loose mesmerizing design.

Unforgettable Traditionality

traditional payal designs

It is the bunch of silver beads woven together, a heavy silver anklet that presents traditionality. When a bride walks with it, someone definitely would know that she is coming! It is a magnetic allure.

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Charismatic Beauty

unique anklet designs for bride

Simply stylish this payal design with small pearls woven into gold designs. And there are different colors of gemstones too in it.

Entrancing Leafy Design

Entrancing Leafy Design of payal

When you see closely this payal design, there is a leaf type of structure there in it or you can also say a mango type. It is a gold and silver mix and with Mehandi looking awestruck.

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Like Chips Pattern Design

chips payal pattern

This is gorgeously different than other payals. Chips type of shapes these have including red and green color fake gemstones in it including white zircon. These anklets do not make that much twinkling sound as beads ones.

Embedded Payal

Embedded Payal

The antique yet modern look of the embedded payal makes it a standout piece. Embedded with kundan and emerald embellishments this payal  makes your feet to look beautiful.

Silver Abundance

silver anklet designs

This design of payal is slivery abundance. A heavy one it is and a pattern design rather than beads. Tiny silver beads have been used where it is knotted off and on. Related to a specific community in India this design is. Traditional jewelry always differ community wise.

Shimmery Sunshine

Shimmery sunshine

The payal is perfect for those brides who seek simplicity while retaining the touch of traditions.

Toe Ring Anklet Tangle

toe ring anklet designs

You don’t need to wear a different toe ring. This anklet is two in one with others on the sides hanging supported by silver chains. It looks regal like perhaps Maratha queens used to wear. 

Floral Fragrance

floral design of payal

Floral jewelry is in vogue nowadays. Brides are going for it spreading real fragrance. So light and elegant floral jewelry is whether in payal or hathphool. And one of the best features about floral jewelry is you can make it as you want.

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Simplistic Gold Payal Design for Bride

Simplistic gold payal

The simplistic gold payal is of sheer elegance. The broad patti design on the payal draws its inspiration from south-indian style jewellery. Stay true to your traditions as you don this payal on your D-day.

The Reign Of You

The Reign Of You

Peacocks and its feathers, the assemblage of both. An artistic allure that you perhaps not even in your dreams could ignore. When you wear this pair of the anklet, it is like the reign of you. And white pearls make it more gorgeous.

Designer Payal Design

Designer Payal

The designer motif on the payal resembles the look of a baraat procession.  The payal is perfect for those brides seeking for a unique design.

Folk Attraction

folk attraction payal

This type of anklet design we can see normally in villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat where women wear this intricate design of payal. They are heavy in metal and can be denser. Folk village jewelry is in demand too these days where we can see beautiful models carrying them in fashion shows and on-ramp walks.

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So these are all the latest and trendiest anklet designs for brides. Whichever they select they gonna love it without regretting and thinking why they have bought it. You can go for experimental too including tribal, lacey and colorful thread payal designs. If you have any special one in your wedding whose design you want to share with us, then do share. We would include it in our blog if we like it. Check our other blogs too on bridal jewelry.

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