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Four Vogue Floral Hairstyles for Brides to Look Gorgeous on the Wedding Day

Four Vogue Floral Hairstyles for Brides to Look Gorgeous on the Wedding Day

When it comes to doll-up a bride, I think every little thing matters. Everything should be chosen wisely like we choose our partner. Fascinating and charming…....hairstyle of the bride should do justice with these terms. It is not just about a hairstyle, it is about the perfect style statement on the wedding day. Everyone believes that the hairdo of the bride enhances her beauty ten times more. If you are going to be a bride and you are confused about your hairstyle then don’t worry now we are here to help you out with our startling hairdos suggestion for the brides.

If you are looking for just another usual wedding hairstyle then let me tell you that there are hundreds of wedding hairstyles. But if you are looking for an epic and fairy-tale hairstyle then you are at the right place.

While talking about the present trend in bridal hairstyles, the floral hairdo is the most popular style nowadays. I personally also believe that there can be no better accessory for hairs rather than flowers. Brides look adorable in fresh flowers. So going with the trend, here we bring the trending bloomy hairstyles for you!

Floral Hairstyles for the Brides. You Go Wow...

#Fully Floral Bun for Looking Extra Gorgeous


We can say that this hairstyle is evergreen for the brides, like if you will take my opinion I think this hairstyle simply makes a bride more adorable without any extra efforts. If we add flowers in it then I don’t think there is a need to say anything else. Even Anushka Sharma couldn’t resist herself to doll-up with this hairdo at her wedding. Believe me; her hairstyle had everyone’s heart rather than her jewelry. If you go with the floral bun then you can try bun decorated with roses or a bun with flowers on one side.

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#Fish Tail Plaits With Floral Stunning Appearance 


Having bad hair on your special day?? Don’t worry; there is a special hairdo that will help you out to look smashing with your messy hairs too. Yeah, you got it right!! You can apply fishtail plaints with fresh and light color floras that will give an upshot of the beautiful duchess. If you are kind of a person who likes to do experiments with your hair, you can also try faux flowers as the accessories for finishing the look. You can try this look in any of the functions before the wedding.

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#Long Floral Tresses with Traditional South Indian Touch

Want something unique and traditional hairdo for your D-day?? Then this hairdo can help you as it gives a complete traditional look to the bride. If you are fond of the Indian style of the wedding like proper silk sari, jewelry, etc. then this floral braid will be a perfect hairstyle for completing your look. If you are looking forward to enhancing your look by adding something in it then you can go with a heavy floral top.

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#Curly Hair with Floral Tiara or Crown


Wait!!! Let me first ask a question. Is there someone who doesn’t like tiaras?? I don’t think a single girl will say no. By wearing it, a girl feels like a princess. I would personally suggest that girls!!!!!!!! Please apply a hairdo with a tiara at least in one of your wedding function. It will give you feel like heaven only if you wear it with suitable shades and color. It goes with all types of look, especially with a messy hair look. I bet you will become an eye keeper for the evening if you would wear it on top while setting free the rest of your hair.

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I hope these hairdo suggestions will help you out while choosing the best wedding hairstyle. But while picking a floral hairdo for your wedding day or a festive day; be careful with some significant things such as- the color of hair, your dress color, selection of flowers, etc.


Basic Things to Pay Attention While Choosing Flowers for Hairdo

Choose the Flowers for more beautiful look

If you have decided to choose a floral hairstyle then you also have to be choosy about the flowers you will use in hairdo. There are beautiful flowers that will look ravishing on hairs but they don’t last long. Therefore, most of the hairstylists suggest for the flowers like roses, carnation or jasmines. 

Pick Those Best with the Color of Your Dress

The flowers you are using should go well with the color of the dress you are wearing for the occasion. If you will not pick them wisely, you can ruin the look and can become a disaster at your wedding. So pick the flowers that will suit the outfit color in combination with.

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Keep Your Hair Color in Your Mind While Looking For Florets

Do you have colored hair?? Then be particular about the color of flowers also. For the brides with the colored hairs, some options in flowers will easily go with any hair color for example- lavenders, orchids, and baby breaths. These can be a prodigious pick without any kind of concern. So which floral hairdo you are going to don your wedding?

#Wedding vogue love for weddings

We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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