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Top 11 Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair To Rock On Your D-Day!

Top 11 Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair To Rock On Your D-Day!

One cannot deny the fact that a woman walking down the aisle in a traditional white gown or a crimson lehenga in the bridal attire is unavoidable to miss out in a wedding. Moreover, if the silky and curly hair strands fall down her face, then they appear to complement the ethereal beauty the bride possesses inside. Yes, we all know how beautiful bridal hairstyles for curly hair looks on our special and beautiful brides, but sadly what we miss out is the amount of work that goes into the curly hair.

It might sound vague to many people, but grooming curly hair is one of the most difficult tasks and is very time consuming. Unlike straight hair, curly hair needs a lot of attention and is often very difficult to tie into a hairstyle. But the beauty of the natural curls holds a special place in our hearts. Henceforth, we will help our would-be brides with curly hair to find a look they can rock on their D-Day effortlessly. For this very reason, we present you with a detailed blog on Indian wedding hairstyles for curly hair.

11 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly Back Bun Tied With Fresh Flowers


This one hairstyle is a perfect fit for all the would-be brides who don’t want their hair to pester them. As in this hairstyle, the curly and wavy hair strands are tired on the back. It gives the appearance of a messy bun but with a touch of elegance. It is further paired up with fresh flowers to adorn the hairstyle.

Side Swept Open Curly Hair


If you are one of those people who are looking for a simple yet beautiful hairstyle then this side swept open curly hair can be a really good look for you to rock on your wedding! This hairstyle is one of the easiest bridal hairstyles for curly hair, as the would-be bride has to simply open her hair and part it from a side suitable for her. This can give you the authentic Bollywood bridal look with the utmost ease.

Simply Tied Back Hair


The next one on our list is the tied back hair that can do wonders if adorned with a hair brooch. This hairstyle gives clarity to the face, as all the curls are tied on the back. So if you are planning to wear a backless dress or saree then this is a really good choice.

90s Short Curly Hair With A Band


As beautiful the wedding hairstyles for curly hair look, it is that easy to make these hairstyles, especially this one. Moreover the highlight here is the vintage lace hair band that is tied on the hair to beautify the bridal look. The soft curls have been swept back with this very band. But the best part is the 90s waves that flows all over the head in the same direction.

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Curly Hair Bun With Side Strands


One of the most common hairstyles, this hair bun highlights the big mass of curls at the temple of the head. In this, the hair is often tied in a way that the sections are twisted and then rolled up. But another pretty part about this hairstyle is the open strands that fall on the face from the front.

Pinned Up Side Swept Curls


Let’s move onto to the new bridal hairstyles for curly hair, here, the hair is beautifully pinned up in the corner. It is loosely tied in the front, then the curly part of the hair is arranged properly in the side to shift the focus of the viewer to every swirling curl. This type of hairstyles looks utterly gorgeous with hair accessories.

Voluminous Open Curly Hair


When you look at this hairstyle, then you would surely get a feeling that this hairstyle is very common. So, let us tell you where you have seen it; you clearly have seen must of the Bollywood actresses wear this hairstyle in movies and awards! All the credit goes to the simplicity of the curly hairstyle and also to the well-organized waves that are kept on both the sides.

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Loose Curly Ponytail With Vibrant Flowers


Subsequently, another way to tie your curly hair is by tying a loose ponytail on one of the sides. Then tying fresh flowers on the ponytail. You can also go for a messily tied braid instead of the basic ponytail. This can help you get the ethnic bridal look very easily.

Side Braids With Open Curly Hair


This one might seem a bit similar to the voluminous open curly hair. One of the bridal hairstyles for curly hair, but this hairstyle is a bit different one. It has a subtle pair of French braids that drive the excess behind. Moreover, the shiny and curly hair locks fall beautifully in the front, highlighting the structure of the bride’s face.

Curly Hair Strands From The Maang Tikka


If you are one of those people who want to showcase their curly fringes then this is a really good choice for you. The hair locks flow smoothly on the face, as it is tied with a fancy maang tikka. Here the back hair can be tied into a loose knot, further adorned with flowers.

Short Hair With Bouncy Curls


Last but not the least is the short hair with bouncy curls. This curly hairstyle is for all the would-be brides who have short hair. However, if you think your hair cannot be tied into a beautiful bun, ponytail, pigtail or any hairstyle, then you are absolutely wrong. Short hair can look very adorable when tied up. In this hairstyle, the curls are clipped behind to beautify the back of the head.

We hope that this blog will help you tie your curly hair easily on your special day! And if you are conscious about your curls, then let us remind you a golden rule. That one wears confidence and charms in their persona, not their hairstyle! So, if you liked our blog then let us know your reviews in the section below. And if you have some same-hair buddies then don’t forget to share all the bridal hairstyles for curly hair with them!

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