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The Ultimate Skin And Hair Care Tips For Summer In India

The Ultimate Skin And Hair Care Tips For Summer In India

Skincare and haircare for summer in India may be a recurrent challenge for some. With the rise in temperature and the brighter sun shine, summer season in India brings an exclusive set of challenges with it to maintain healthy hair and skin. Increased sun exposure along with the hot, humid weather can result in different problems, like frizzy hair, dehydration, and sunburn. But, if you follow the right Skin and Hair Care Tips for Summer routine, you can still keep your hair looking their best and your skin radiating during the summer months. 

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In this blog, let’s discover various effective skin and hair care tips for summer that will help you nourish and protect your hair and skin during summers. From proper maintenance and hydration to sun protection, you will find some practical skin and hair care tips for summer to keep your hair silky and your skin glowing despite the summer heat and humidity. Read on to uncover the top secrets to beautiful, healthy skin and hair in the summer season

Skin Care Tips For Summer in India

Skin Care Source: gotoskincare

In India, summer brings strong sun rays, high humidity, and intense heat, which creates unique challenges to maintain radiant and healthy skin. Harsh sunlight and scorching temperatures of summer makes it vital to tweak your summer skin care routine. Whether you are battling the humidity of a coastal region or the blistering heat of the plain, our tips below will help keep the skin glowing, resilient, and healthy throughout the summer. 

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Use Sunscreen Everyday 

Use Sunscreen Everyday Source: shutterstock

Apply a sunscreen daily with SPF 30 or even higher to your exposed skin, including your neck, face, legs, and arms. Reapply every couple of hours, particularly if you are sweating or swimming. Don’t forget your lips too!


Keep Moisturizing 

Moisturizing Source: herzindagi

Though the air is not as dry in summers as in winters, you should not ditch your summer moisturizer. The skin can dry out even in the summer season. If a heavy moisturizer is making you feel some weight on your face, find a lighter one. Sample some to get the best one. If you have oily skin, choose a summer moisturizer for oily skin. And if you have dry skin, choose a summer moisturizer for dry skin. You can even find the best summer moisturizer for combination skin in the beauty section of your preferred drug store. 

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Go With Light Makeup 

Go With Light Makeup Source: Instagram

In the summer season, wearing lots of makeup will make you feel that you have a needless extra layer. When you sweat, the makeup will easily come off. Make your skin breathe properly by wearing less makeup. 

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Exfoliate Once A Week 

Exfoliate Once A Week Source: freepik

It is important to wear sunscreen in summer. And sweat is a natural way for your body to cool off. However, both can clog your pores. This is where exfoliation can help. Exfoliation will help reduce blemishes and unclog the pores. You should stick to exfoliating once or twice a week only, as overdoing it can do more harm than good. 

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Self-Tan Source: everydayhealth

If you are prone to tanning and not burning, you may skip the sunscreen. Even though tanning is not painful, it is technically sun damage. You can use a self-tanner to avoid this. Reapply this product until you get the desired color. 

Summer is sunnier and warmer in India compared to winter. So, your skin will naturally have different requirements. If you spend a lot of time under the sun, be mindful of using sunscreen. Consider using a SPF 30 at least with a broad spectrum to protect your skin. The best summer face moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer.  Also, ensure to go light on your makeup and don’t exfoliate more than once a week. 

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 To get a healthy glow, choose a summer Fridays moisturizer or self-tanner. Covering up with summer skin care products will be great to protect your skin during summer

Hair Care Tips For Summer In India Source: healthshots

Just like summer damages your skin, whether dry or oily, it can damage hair too. Chlorine and saltwater can also harm your tresses. The unwanted outcome - the hair that was easily manageable and shiny feels and looks fried. So, let’s take note of some best hair care tips for summer to keep every hair issue at bay and sport healthy, gorgeous hair. 

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Use Hydrating Shampoo Only

Use Hydrating Shampoo OnlySource: istockphoto

Using a hydrating shampoo can help prevent brittle, dry hair throughout the summer season. Use a shampoo that has hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It will not just cleanse your scalp but help maintain the moisture barrier naturally of your strands and scalp. 

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Choose a Nourishing Conditioner 

Choose a Nourishing Conditioner Source: Instagram

An important step in hair care routine for summer is conditioning. It helps keep frizz and split ends away and locks the moisturizer in the hair shaft. Leave your nourishing conditioner for 2-3 minutes in your hair so that they soak in the nourishment. Ensure to detangle the hair gently while conditioning. 

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Use a Hair Mask 

Use a Hair Mask Source: stock.adobe

During summers, you can pamper the hair with a hair mask. It will deep condition the strands and scalp while protecting them from hair fall, dryness, and other issues. Based on your hair needs and type, you can use a nourishing hair mask two times a week. 

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Remember The Hair Serum 

Remember The Hair Serum Source: etsy

Protect your hair from environmental aggressors and the sun by using a hair serum. It is a must-have product in your hair care routine for summer. It works as a hurdle between the heat and the hair and makes your hair look shiny, healthy, hydrated, and soft always. 

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Apply a Night Cream 

Apply a Night Cream Source: shutterstock

If you apply a night cream during summers on your hair, it will infuse your hair with proper hydration and seal your cuticles overnight. Choose a night creating that has moisturizing ingredients for attaining maximum advantages while enjoying your beauty sleep. 

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Keep all the above-mentioned hair care tips for summer in mind and explore a range of hair care products for summer to flaunt smooth and healthy hair in this summer season!


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Wrap Up 

Maintaining healthy skin and hair care tips for summer needs a combination of gentle care and protective hydration. By following the above mentioned skin and hair care tips for simmer, you can easily protect your hair and skin from the harsh effects of the sun and maintain a radiant and healthy appearance. Ensure to customize your haircare and skincare routine to your specific preferences and needs!


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