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6 Unique Super Fun Bachelorette Party Games For Your Veere Di's Wedding

6 Unique Super Fun Bachelorette Party Games For Your Veere Di's Wedding

 He proposed her and she got flattered with the shiny wedding ring and agreed at once to the much awaited proposal. The next thing that follows in line is the excited bride ringing up her girls to break the thrilling news. The phone call is the onset of hour long discussions on variety of topics ranging from selecting the dream wedding venue to bridal wear. With the wedding nearing it calls for the bride and her #bridetribe to let their hairs down and let the bride to have the last fling before the ring! It calls in for celebration, to have a blast, it’s time for the bridal shower.

 To make the dwindling days of your Veere as a single girl unforgettable the bride’s girl gang needs to plan a bachelorette party.  Right from snazzy invites, fancy décor, crazy girl names, to good food, fine dine and some wine that’s what bachelorette party is all about. If you’re looking for ways to spice up things at your Veere’s wedding then here are some super fun games that you should include onboard. Here have a look bride tribe!

6 Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

1. Truth And Dare

Truth And Dare bridal shower games

Remember the evergreen game that you used to play during your childhood. The charm of the game never seems to fade away. Revive back the charm of the evergreen game as you make it a part of the bridal shower. Let the dark secrets of the bride and her tride reveal out as you play the intriguing game.

Things you need: An empty glass bottle, a flat surface preferably a table

How to play:  Place the bottle on the table and let the bride and her tribe to sit around the table. Once everyone is seated let the bottle rolling. Turn it around to let the secrets unfold.

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2. Ex Charades

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette is a night of making memories. Let the fun begin as you walk the memory lane and give the college games a twist. Remember the times when back in the times of the college you would be playing dumb charades, the movie guessing game. Give the fun game a twist instead of dumb charades why not play ex charades….ahhh ahhh you guessed it right! The game is all about making the bride to recall all her crushes and flings, about all her blunders, love interests and yaa her love fails, lol! Watch her smile and giggle as you and the gang enact her crushes and guesses who’s who.

Things you need: Nothing apart from great acting skills, lol! Bring it on; bring out the hidden actor in girl gang.

How to play: Get everyone seated in the room or venue. Divide yourselves into two teams and the ladies take turns to enact the brides school crushes, college flings and her ex-boyfriends. Watch everyone roll with laughter as the brides friends take turns to act as her crazy boyfriends.

3.  Never Have I Ever

Bridal Shower Games

Bring out the booze to reveal the things that the ladies haven’t ever indulged in.  Spice up things at the bridal shower as you make the game scandalous. The game is all about asking questions about things that the ladies have never been part of. For a particular question if the bride or any member of her bride has never done it then they have to gulp down a shot of the booze, to heat up things the person also has reveal the entire detail about the incidence.

Things you need: Alcohol and shot glasses

How to play: Pour the alcohol in the glasses and let the ladies to take turns to ask the questions. Watch them to gulp down the shots as their secrets unfold.

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4. The Groom Quiz

The Groom Quiz
Toronto wedding photography by Olive Photography

So your Veere is getting married but how well she is versed about the groom.  Quiz the bride to find out how much she knows about her better half. Reward her with her favourite goodies or naughty gifts for very right answer that she gives.

Things you need: A quiz card, goodie bag

How to play: Prior the bachelorette party make a list of the questions that you need to ask the bride. Ask the bride the question and see if it matches with what the groom said. For every right answer that the bride gives shower her gifts of her choice. The game is a hit amongst the girl gang and why not after all it gives you an insight into the compatibility shared between the bride and the groom.

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5. Bliss The Miss With Goodbye Kiss

Bachelorette Party Games ideas

A guessing game which shows how much the bride knows about her girl gang. The fun game leaves a memorable card for the bride that she can preserve a memoir of the good times.

Things you need: Lipsticks and a white Canvas

How to play: Blindfold the bride and make the ladies to put on a shade of the lipstick and make them to plant a kiss on the canvas along with a message for the bride beneath their lip mark. The bride then has to guess which lip mark belongs to which lady and who wrote which message. The bride has to guess which lady from her bride tribe was sporting which lip color. Post the game the bride can take the canvas back with her as a card which reminds her of her bachelorette party.

6. Treasure Hunt

Bridal Shower Games ideas

Remember the good old school days when you would go on a scavenger hunt with your gang to search for the hidden treasure. Ever wished that if only for once you could revive those moments? Here’s your chance to relive the moments as you make the treasure hunt game a party of the bachelorette party. Have fun as the bride and her tribe get in search for the treasure.

Things you need: A pen, paper for clues, crown, treasure comprising of goodies

How to play: Before the bachelorette party make clues for the treasure hunt and place them in and around venue. Make sure that clues are not way too tough as you would not want the ladies to spend the entire bachelorette trying to figure out the meaning of the clues. Divide the ladies into two teams and let the game begin. The first team to find the treasure is crowned the winner and gets their hand on the treasure.

Have a blast at the bachelorette as you indulge in playing the games.  Brace yourself up bride tribe as you get ready to have some real fun with these games. Liked the post? Do you know about other bachelorette party games? Share with us about your thoughts on the post in the comments below.

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