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Dos and Don'ts of Winter Weddings: Pay Heed to the Points Mentioned

Dos and Don'ts of Winter Weddings: Pay Heed to the Points Mentioned

Weather plays a drastically important role in our life. It is connected to us in every way. Just don't take the meaning of it only with climatic things. How it is connected to our life, you don't know? It makes moods. The mood to swing, to travel, to dance, and mood to marry.  Events that we celebrate in our life, we all do by seeing the weather. If we go in our local tongue, we usually say, "Aaj Mausam Accha Hain, Aaj Mausam Kharab Hain." There are more stories to this side but we don't go there. We come to winter and weddings.

Winter in our country is one of the best seasons for doing weddings. Maximum numbers of weddings take place in this season. "Kyonki Sardi Main Meethai Kharab Nahi Hoti Isliye." One of the reasons. If you have planned to get married in this season, here are some dos and don'ts that you need to pay heed to that would certainly benefit you, and give you ideas that how things should be done more organizedly for winter weddings.

Dos and Don'ts for Winter Weddings:

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

 When you go to select a venue for your wedding, there should not be lawn on the area where your wedding dinner is going to be organized. Because in the wintertime, it gets wet or always remain wet due to the season. So at such sort of space if dinner gets organized, then there are chances that guests might slip. It could be so. So select a soil space where your wedding dinner can be organized properly. No slipping.

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Rather than going for conventional winter decor like white, red and blue; go for a colorful one. Winter doesn't mean limitation. So choose whatever theme you want to choose. If you are going floral, then it could be that you have to go limited. Flowers come according to season so whatever available in the winter season you have to go according to that.

Don't Leave Dressing Style

Don't Leave Dressing Style

You are shivering, and have wrapped yourself in lots of sweaters that when you come to stage, you look like a ball of wool. Don't do that. We know it is winter. To save yourself from cold, try some stylish shawl, hand warmers, fashionable scarves or other trendy winter wear. One of the best things you could do is to heat the wedding space by turning the heaters on provided you don't need to wrap yourself up with wools.

What if Winter, Detailed Photoshoot always there

Detailed Photoshoot always there

Just because the Sun hasn't come outside, and still the morning seems like an evening, you don't want to go outside for your wedding photoshoot. Is this what you want to do? Not making beautiful wedding memories due to cold winter! No, don't do it. While planning the proper schedule with your wedding planner and go for outdoor photoshoot and create memories that you always wanted to with your partner.

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Proper Staying Arrangements

Proper Staying Arrangements

Those guests coming from other cities to attend your wedding, there should be proper arrangements for them for staying. All rooms should be leveled up. Blankets, heaters or whatever required according to the winter season should be there in the rooms already.  Otherwise in the midnight guests knocking on your door asking for extra blankets might feel embarrassing. You want this? No, na. So do arrange everything properly.

Hence these are all the broad points you need to pay attention to during winter weddings. In India, winter weddings are enjoyed more than summer. Because you can eat as much as you want to. So enjoy your winter wedding and invite us too. We also want to enjoy!

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