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Hey Guys, You are Goin’ to Propose Her: Don’t Make These Proposal Mistakes

Hey Guys, You are Goin’ to Propose Her: Don’t Make These Proposal Mistakes

Finding a companion for life, we think is one of the greatest gift or blessing you get from God. You can also think of it as a play of your destiny. Treading this life alone is not easy for everyone. Perhaps there would few that like aloneness, yet we think, you must need someone to talk to. Otherwise, it is going to be painful, the life.

So we come to the point. If you have found your soul mate, and you both know you want to marry each other. You are sure about that, then you definitely must be thinking about proposing her and making plans for it.

It is a beautiful thing. Finally that you are going to propose her, and she must be expecting it too but many men in proposal do such mistakes that make their proposal entirely embarrassing. And with the love bird with whom you want to chirp whole life, feels awkward.

It is sure then you don’t want to make any mistake while proposing, and for this, you have totally readied yourself up but it is noticed that most men make these mistakes that ruin their proposal utterly terribly.

You must be thinking what these mistakes are? Then here are those mistakes that you must not make when you want to propose her for your life.

Calling Her and You not Coming

Proposal Fails waiting women

you want to propose her on the spot where you first saw her, met her or kissed her. And it is going to be so soulful that you have completely planned for it. You have said her to come on the particular spot on a certain time, but on that certain time you don’t show up. This you really should not do, not in even in your dreams guys.

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Proposing Empty-Handed

Wedding Proposal

when you propose, don’t propose empty-handed. Like just saying some words of love or saying that “I want to marry” doesn’t work. You must have a ring in your hand while proposing her for marriage. Don’t try to be more over-creative here. Going simple somber would work fine. It is said by many women that when their partner proposed they didn’t have a ring in their hand, which made the proposal disaster.

It doesn’t matter that you need to have a high amount of ring, a costly one. Just having a ring would work whether it is of grass, wood, iron or any other. The necessary and important part is your feelings must be there.

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Don’t High-Jump

Do not do's while proposing

there is a great difference between infatuation and love. You must know on which stage you are. Just seeing a beautiful face and proposing her doesn’t work. You and she must know that you want to be for life together ever and ever, and you should be sure about that, only then you should make a move. Otherwise, it is better to be your own room!

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Not Make Announcement before Everyone

Private wedding proposal

proposing your beloved is your private affair and it should remain private rather than announcing it before everyone. It could be that she doesn’t like it. Though it certainly depends on the chemistry you have. But before making this move, you must know whether she would like it or not.

Right Moment & Right Time

Couple Wedding Proposal

for proposing, you must know the right moment and right time. Suppose that in her life or career there is a storm going, or she going through any difficult time, and you are thinking about proposing her, then man, you are making the serious unpardonable mistake. And it is insensible of you if you go like this.

These are all the mistakes that you should not make when you propose your girlfriend. And the most important is that you should know when to propose. You just need to know when the wind is flowing in your favor and you should make move with it. Besides all that, it just depends on the chemistry you have, and nothing else matters.

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