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11 Easy Peasy Steps to Save Your Arrange Marriage First Meeting From Turning Awkward

11 Easy Peasy Steps to Save Your Arrange Marriage First Meeting From Turning Awkward

Arranged marriages are still one of the most prevalent norms of matrimony when it comes to marriages in Indian society. Though the trend of love marriages is flourishing at a blazing speed, still the norm of arranged marriages exceeds the love marriages by leaps and bounds and Arrange Marriage First Meeting. According to a survey conducted by a prestigious matrimonial website, more than 65% of singles falling in the age group of 20-28 years prefer an arranged marriage over the free-choice of love marriage.

Which norm of the matrimony is better: Arrange or love is still hot the favorite topic of perpetual debate among youth. If we talk about the arrange marriages, the first meeting between the girl and boy is set up by their families. Encountering a stranger that too for getting hitched in the first meeting is surely awkward for both sides. However, if given the painstaking attention to a few easy peasy steps, one can turn their awkward encounter with the future partner into a mesmerizing and unforgettable affair.

11 Super-Effective Steps to Turn Awkward Seeming Arrange Marriage Meeting into a Magical Encounter

1. It's Your First Meeting so Dress Well and Smell Good

dress well

Before you start communication with people, what is that one thing that helps you to formulate an opinion about them? It's how they are dressed. How you dress to meet someone plays a gargantuan role in creating the ever-lasting first impression of you in their eyes. Commence your arrange marriage first meeting by dressing up well and use damn fine aromatic perfume to smell good.

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2. Choose a Right Spot for Meeting and Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

comfortable atmosphere

Select a serene and happening place where you can have a conversation with the other person without any hindrance. Obviously, a crowded and cacophonic bar or pub is a terrible choice for the first meeting. Places like theme based restaurant and coffee shops render a soothing and comfortable environment for conversation.

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3. Start Conversation with Humorous or Light Hearted Question

start conversation humorous

Remember, it's not a job interview which you have to ace at any cost. You will meet your future mate for the first time, and the best way to begin your first meeting is like you are on a date. Instead of throwing intricate questions in the first meeting, start a conversation with light-hearted questions or telling some humorous jokes. Another regal way to commence conversation is by complementing the other person on their looks or dress. It is the easiest and mainstream way to kick-start the conversation.

4. Ask About His/her Point of View on Marriage

ask her point of view on marriage

It is quite imperative to check whether the person is ready to get hitched or he/she just forcefully send by parents for the meeting. Ask why he/she agreed for the meeting and what is their point of view on marriage. You can judge by the person reaction whether he/she is interested in the marriage or not.

5. Keep A Series of Questions Ready

make your questions ready

To take up the conversation forward in a seamless manner, always keep a log of questions ready so that you don't end up asking the same question again and again. Questions should be from varied domains like family, career, ambition, dreams, and hobbies.  

6.  Don't Have Conversation like Your are Reading a News Script

 Arrange Marriage First Meeting

In simpler words, don't speak in an expeditious manner like you have to utter 100 news in 10 minutes. Be natural in your approach. Have a conversation like two vivacious human beings are talking to each other, not two machines uttering beyond the comprehension algorithms.

7. Don't Be Over-courteous

don't be over courteous

There is a fine line between being a meeky person and being a big-time flirt. It's is an excellent thing to be courteous, and doing the gentle acts like pulling a chair for the lady. However, going overboard will make you look like a weirdo. No one likes to see over courteous behavior especially ladies as it seems like artificial behavior to them.

8. Be a Keen Observer

Be a Keen Observer

If you have the ability to decipher the subtle body moves then you can unveil a lot about an individual's personality. While having your conversation with the potential future mate,  keep your eyes on how he/she talk and behave when ask certain questions. Did you find them stuttering on some words? Did he/she break a sweat on a particular question? Did he/she is quite uncomfortable talking about their past? You right selection of questions can easily help you to get acquainted with the behaviour of the other party.

9. Watch Your Manners and Don't Pass Graceless Comments

watch your manners

The way you behave with others reveals a lot about your upbringing. Just because the other person is going to be your future partner doesn't mean you should become casual with them Make sure to keep in mind your mannerism and never every pass cheesy comments like 'you are looking too sexy!". Instead of sparking debate on controversial topics, keep your realm of conversation to general topics only.

10. Present Yourself As You Are

Present Yourself As You Are

Being a fakester won't take you anywhere. Present yourself as you are in front of the partner rather than boasting about those things which you don't have or which you are not. Make yourself sound like a mature and intellectual person. Share your honest and raw opinions with the person and don't be too pushy in asking questions to them. Your first meeting is also an exemplary moment when you can share all of your vices with the future partner. If they don't like some of your vices, instead of honking give them an assurance that you will gradually exterminate those vices one at a time.

11. Ask for The Next Meeting

ask for next meeting

One of the best ways to sign off your meeting is by asking "When we are meeting again?"  The end of the meeting will give you a crystal clear idea of whether the person is worthy enough to be your future spouse or not? If the other person embraces your personality and sounds positive, then asking for the next meeting is an enticing way to take forward your first date night to the second one. So, these are the tips that will help you to take over arrange marriage first meeting jitters. Do leave the comment if you have others pointers to share.

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