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41+ Heart Melting Couple Hugs & Kisses Images to Draw Some Inspiration for Your Wedding Photoshoot

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41+ Heart Melting Couple Hugs & Kisses Images to Draw Some Inspiration for Your Wedding Photoshoot

Millennial couples are pure maniacs when it comes to their wedding photography. They will literally give it a shot to every pose, hop on to any location just to make their wedding album more alluring and entrancing. (I have all the sympathies for photographers)

The biggest hurdle among the couples as well as photographers is finding unique and mesmerizing ideas for wedding photoshoot. In my opinion, a perfect wedding album is the one which not only oozes the romance between the couple but also show their other sides like quirky, caring, childish, prankster and the list go on.

If you are banging or scratching your head hard to come up with trendsetting wedding photoshoot ideas but couldn’t come up with the right ones, no need to stress out. After numerous daydreaming sessions and surfing the internet for countless hours,  I have collated some heart-melting couple hugs and kiss images ideas from which you can take some inspiration for your wedding photo shoot.


Couple Hugs & Kiss Images Ideas


1. The Evergreen Forehead Kiss

wedding couple forehead kisses images
Pic Via - sccreationz


wedding couple forehead kiss image
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Nothing exemplifies the love between a couple more than an intimate and fervid forehead kiss. Ask your wedding photographer to capture the snap as soon as you shower the love of the whole world by kissing her on the forehead.


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2. Bride Leaning on Groom

Bride Leaning on Groom - cute hug image
Pic Via - sunnydhimanphotography


Bride Leaning on Groom - nest hug images
Pic Via - luv.talks

This one is unquestionably a timeless pose for the wedding photoshoot. Just lean comfortably on your better half while carrying fall in love smile, look at the camera and let the photographer capture your chemistry brimming with love.


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3. The Passionate Kiss

couple passionate kisses image
Pic Via - pinterest.com


couple passionate kiss picture
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Is there anything sexier photo shoot idea than a couple hugging kissing each other passionately? If you want some hugs and kiss images for your wedding album then, nothing can beat this one.


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4. Hugging from Backside

Hugging from Backside - awesome couple hug picture
Pic Via - pinterest.com


Hugging from Backside - beautiful couple hug image
Pic Via - mandrphotographyuk

If you want to harness these hugs and kiss images idea totally, you should select a location that gives your photograph a realistic & vivacious outlook. A random hug to the bride from backside will surely bring the best of expressions from both individuals.


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5. Bride & Groom Kissing the Pooch

Bride & Groom Kissing the Pooch - sweet kiss photo
Pic Via - dhanikachoksiphotography


Bride & Groom Kissing the Pooch - sweet kissing image
Pic Via - weddingnama

Wanna know what love is? It is 4 legs, a wagging tail! If you have a furry pooch then you can get swoon-worthy photos by kissing the pooch on both cheeks. I am pretty sure everyone will drool over this picture!


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6.  Groom Carrying The Bride

Groom Carrying The Bride picture
Pic Via - pinterest.com


Groom Carrying The Bride - hugging image
Pic Via - Tanweer.photography

A wedding album is incomplete without a groom carrying the bride photograph. To make the photograph more picturesque, select a natural location and experiment with the various angles. Select the photograph for album which is spilling the magic!


7. Groom Lifting the Bride

Groom lifting the Bride
Pic Via - pinterest.com


Groom lifting the Bride
Pic Via - gee_kay_photography

For super adorable hugs and kisses images photographs, lift up the love of your life and give her a deep & passionate kiss. The photographs will surely look natural and candid.


8.  The Dip

cute kissing images
Pic Via - pinterest.com


beautiful kissing photo free download
Pic Via - pinterest.com

The classic dip pose makes me reminiscent of SRK movies. How gently he used to dip the actresses and look into her eyes with utmost love. Well, you are the SRK of your bride and you too can recreate the same iconic dip pose by considering this alluring hugs and kiss images idea.


9. The Symmetrical Hug

The Symmetrical Hug images
Pic Via - pinterest.com


The Reflection Hug image 
Pic Via - pinterest.com

By far, this hugs and kisses images idea is one of the simplest and most adorable. For this photoshoot, you have to visit locations where there is a small pond or river flowing. Stand by near the pond to create reflection and let the photographer snap a breathtaking symmetrical picture.


10. Face Leaning on Each Other

Face Leaning on Each Other
Pic Via - pinterest.com


Face Leaning on Each Other
Pic Via - picsurely

The about-to-be-married couple can lean their face on each other to create an intimate and charming photo shoot moment. I would also place this one in the category classic hugs and kisses images ideas.


11. The Forever Together Hug

The Forever Together Hug Image
Pic Via - pinterest.com


The Forever Together Hug Image
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Hug your partner so passionately and lovingly that the words fall short to describe your photographs. The pictures will be so brimming with emotion that they could make anyone go gaga for your wedding album.


12. Bend & Kiss

Bend & Kiss images
Pic Via - flgroestudios


Bend & Kiss images
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Wrap her from the waist side, bend her a little, and give her a gentle kiss either on the forehead or on the neck.


13.  The Warm Embrace

warm embrace pic
Pic Via - deepak_vijay_photography


warm embrace pic
Pic Via - sunnydhimanphotography

Undeniably, it is one of the most charming and adorable hugs and kisses images ideas to consider for a wedding photography shoot. Ask the bride to hug the groom from the backside and lean her head on his shoulders. So lovable and so drool-worthy at the same time.


14. Carrying Bride on The Shoulder

carrying bride on the shoulder
Pic Via - pinterest.com


carrying bride on the shoulder
Pic Via - pinterest.com

If you are looking for doing something feisty and darndest, carry the bride on your shoulder like you have saved her from some critical situation.


15.  Tie Grab

tie grab
Pic Via - pinterest.com


tie grab image
Pic Via - pinterest.com

It’s time to put some kinky hugs and kisses images ideas on the list. Ask the bride to grab your tie and pull you closer in a luscious way. Yes, this idea is sizzling hot but worth including in your wedding photography album.


16. Kiss Under Veil

kiss under veil
Pic Via - pinterest.com


kiss under veil
Pic Via - pinterest.com

If you are looking for some quirky wedding photo shoot ideas, kissing under veil is super smashing and worth adding in your photo shoot. Hide under a veil with your bride, kiss her passionately, and let the photographer capture some tender and intimate moments.


17. The First Dance Hug

the first dance hug image
Pic Via - theweddingsalad


the first dance hug images
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Ask the photographer to capture your wedding dance from different angles and let yourself lost in the moment while dancing with your better half. This hugs and kisses images idea will definitely look outstanding on photographs.


18. Whispering Love

whispering love - cute wedding photoshoot
Pic Via - pinterest.com


whispering love - cute wedding image
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Another fantastic idea to include in your wedding photography ideas list. Ask the bride to come close to your ear and pretend like she is whispering something. Photographs will look intimate and stunning.


19. Bride Kissing Groom’s Cheek

bride kissing to groom on cheek - best kisses image
Pic Via - waseemalzain


bride kissing to groom on cheek - best kisses images
Pic Via - amansidhuphotography

You don’t need post-wedding days to shower affection on your partner. Pose like you are kissing your better-half on the cheek and let this moment be the ever-lasting memory in your wedding photographs.


20. Groom Kissing Bride’s Cheek

groom kissing bride cheek - sweet kisses pic
Pic Via - pinterest.com


groom kissing bride cheek - sweet kiss image
Pic Via - pinterest.com

Recreate the above-mentioned hugs and kisses images ideas but this time groom will be the one kissing on bride’s cheek.


21.  Looking into The Eyes Hug

looking into the eyes hug image
Pic Via - sunnydhimanphotography


looking into the eyes hug pic
Pic Via - sam.sandhuphotography

I saved the best one for the last. This one is one of the most awe-inspiring photoshoot ideas to consider. Grab your lady love from the waist and look into her eyes in a passionate way. The pose will look heart-melting and deeply touching and the photographs remarkable.

Feature Images Via - DarkChamberStudio

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