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Top 40 Elegant Bridal Pattu Sarees That We Can’t Stop Loving

Top 40 Elegant Bridal Pattu Sarees That We Can’t Stop Loving

No matter how much people run after the twirling bridal lehengas or heavy wedding gowns, we cannot overlook our traditional bridal saree- an elegant saree.

Not a single person can avert their eyes off a beautiful bride wearing the traditional saree paired with the glistening jewelry; the sight is of the world.

The saree wraps a woman in elegance from one curve to another, further, it flows with grace on her body just like her personality, with a fluttering pallu matching the woman’s charm.

And when this very bridal saree is paired with vibrant colors, then it wins all the hearts and depicts the real essence of the joy of a wedding.

And Pattu sarees are a very apt example of such a saree, and this majestically woven saree comes from the culturally rich region of south India.

Pattu sarees are woven with the exquisite mulberry silk thread and the specialty of this saree is the difference of color of the border from the color of the saree.

It has a very glossy and fine finish which constitutes the golden embroidery with the bright color of the saree.

These beautiful Pattu sarees are usually worn with contrasting blousesand heavy gold jewelry to match the heavy border and pallu work.

One more important addition to this saree is the heavy kamarbandh; it is worn to rim out and highlight the waist or the figure of a woman, hence, pattu saree for brides is such a popular trend.

So if you are wondering about which saree to wear on this wedding season, then you might as well give it a try!

So if you want to avoid the mainstream white and red bridal dress colors, then this can be a very good choice.

The Pattu saree can make you stand out at the wedding with all the vibrant and colorful shades.

Pair this beautiful saree with exotic and traditional temple jewelry to get the best of the looks out, and don’t forget to wear a fragrant and fresh white gajra as well!

To help you further, we made a list of Pattu sarees for wedding that can melt your heart in seconds!

40 Bridal Pattu Sarees

Carrot Red Pattu Saree

Red Pattu Saree

Contrasting Pattu Sarees Blouse Design

White pattu saree

Simple Golden Pattu Sarees For Brides

white golden pattu saree

Designer Pattu Saree With A Dark Blouse

red golden pattu saree

Heavy Pattu Saree Bridal Look

pattu sarees for wedding

Purple Chequered Pattu Saree

purple bridal pattu saree

Aquamarine Colored Pattu Saree

green off white bridal pattu saree

Multicolored Pattu Sarees Latest Design

 bridal pattu saree

Rose Gold Pattu Saree For Brides

Peach golden pattu sarees images

Embellished Pattu Sarees Blouse Design

Shining Purple pattu sarees for wedding

Simple And Contrasting Pattu Saree Design

off white  bridal pattu saree

Pattu Saree For Wedding

pattu sarees for wedding

Finely Embroidered Pattu Saree

 latest Red bridal pattu sarees

All Ruby Colored Pattu Saree

Red bridal pattu saree 3

Embroidered Pattu Sarees Blouse Design

Light blue pattu sarees images

Classic Fuschia Pattu Saree Design

Magenta bridal pattu saree

Hot Pink And Green Pattu Saree

Green-magenta pattu sarees latest

Off-White Pattu Saree

Off white golden bridal pattu saree

Blood Red And Golden Pattu Saree

pattu sarees uppada

Bright Yellow Pattu Saree For Brides

Yellow Pattu saree

Dark Bridal Pattu Saree

pattu saree red

Gorgeous Beige Pattu Saree

Golden saree pattu

Byzantine Colored Pattu Saree

Dark purple pattu saree

Simple Pattu Saree Latest Design

Pattu saree Golden

Sweet Pink Pattu Saree

Pink pattu saree

Heavy Blouse With A Simple Pattu Saree

pattu sarees bridal

Pattu Saree Worn With Temple Jewelry

yellow bridal pattu sarees images

Mustard Colored Pattu Saree Design

pattu sarees for brides

Scarlet Pattu Saree For Brides

latest pattu sarees for brides

Multicolored Bright Pattu Saree

trending pattu sarees for brides

Contrasting Colored Pattu Saree Latest Design

pattu sarees blouse design

Golden And Red Pattu Saree

pattu sarees blouse design

Dark Green Chequered Pattu Saree For Brides

pattu sarees for wedding

Solid Colored Pattu Saree Designs

pattu sarees images for wedding

Stylish Pattu Saree Blouse Design

pattu sarees images for wedding

Gorgeous Pattu Saree Uppada Style

pattu sarees uppada

Elegant Yet Simple Pattu Saree For Brides

pattu sarees uppada

Net Blouse With A Pattu Saree

pattu sarees latest designs

Scarlet Pink Pattu Saree Latest Design

pattu sarees latest designs

Traditional Blue Pattu Saree For Brides

 latest pattu sarees designs

We hope our blog will help you find your favorite style and color of your Pattu saree. But don’t forget to comment below any suggestions you have regarding the Pattu sarees and share these gorgeous varieties of Pattu sarees with your friends and families!

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