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Top #21 Beautiful Kamar Bandh Designs For Your Special D-Day!

Top #21 Beautiful Kamar Bandh Designs For Your Special D-Day!

The first thing that anybody observes about the bride is her attire.

Then comes her makeup, jewelry, hairstyle, accessories, etc.

The beauty of the bride is truly a mesmerizing sight, especially of an Indian Bride.

With all the beautiful and luminous lehenga the bride swirls right into our heart!

But what do you think is the patent of every Indian bride?

 The fancy bindi, the red sindoor, the majestic maang tikka, the kajal, the round nath, the embellished necklace, glittery kaan phool, the fancy Mehendi, the clinking bangles, the elegant baaju bandh, the decorated haath phool, the regal kamar bandh, the jingling payal, the fragrant scent and the ever gorgeous bridal dress.

In short the patent of every Indian bride is the ‘Solah Shringar.’

The Solah Shringar of the bride makes a bride the idle Indian bride.

No matter how many people refuse this traditional way of dressing up as a bride.

But it still remains superior and more beautiful than most of the bridal looks all over the world and obviously the western trends. 

Nothing can match the traditional ways which are given by the rich culture of our country.

Solah Shringar has been a proper guide for all the brides for centuries.

No matter what, the bride catches everybody’s eyes with all the types of jewelry and due to the other little additions to her attire.

Solah Shringar makes a woman the idle bride; it’s the significant addition to a woman.

But the most underrated jewelry which is often avoided is the elegant kamar bandh.

Kamar Bandh is a gorgeous waist band embellished with various kinds of motifs.

It was initially worn by many warriors and men in general to show their masculine bodies.

But now it is worn on the waist, and you can wear it plainly over the bare skin or over some clothing mostly by the women.

It is worn to highlight the beautiful waist and the figure of the bride. 

But the most difficult thing is to find various types of good kamar bandh designs.

People think that the kamar bandh is limited to only a few designs like- the chain design, band design, etc.

But that’s not true; kamar bandh comes in various styles and goes very well with the bridal attire.

Nowadays it is made of various types of materials like- gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls, etc.

#21 Beautiful Kamar Bandh Designs

Vaddanams Kamar Bandh

Vaddanams Kamar Bandh
Shot by - Duet-photography

Gota Kamar Bandh

Gota Kamar Bandh
Shot by - wedding-nama

String Vaddanams Kamar Bandh

String Vaddanams Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Kandora Kamar Bandh

Kandora Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Simple And Elegant Kamar Bandh

Simple And Elegant Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Light Polki Paan Kamar Bandh 

Light Polki Paan Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Bold Plate Kamar Bandh

Bold Plate Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Oddiyanam Kamar Bandh

Oddiyanam Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Silver Kandora Kamar Bandh

Silver Kandora Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Rajasthani Kundan Kamar Bandh

Rajasthani Kundan Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Elegant Silver Kamar Bandh With Gems

Elegant Silver Kamar Bandh With Gems
Pic via -

Crystal And Diamond Kamar Bandh

Crystal And Diamond Kamar Bandh
Shot by- the-wedding-salad

Gold And Diamond Kamar Bandh

Gold And Diamond Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Flower And Beads Kamar Band 

Flower And Beads Kamar Band
Shot by - coolbluez-photography

Temple Jewelry Kamar Bandh

Temple Jewelry Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Flower Embellished Kamar Bandh

Flower Embellished Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Kundan Latkan Kamar Bandh

Kundan Latkan Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Gold And Pearl Kamar Bandh

Gold And Pearl Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Heavy And Intricately Designed Kamar Bandh

Heavy And Intricately Designed Kamar Bandh
shot by - gautam-khullar-photography

Circular Diamond Band Kamar Bandh

Circular Diamond Band Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

Haaram And Temple Jewelry Kamar Bandh

Haaram And Temple Jewelry Kamar Bandh
Pic via -

We hope these designs can help you decide the design of your wedding Kamar Bandh and inspire you to shop well! But do not forget that the important thing is not the bridal jewelry or the bridal outfit but your confidence. If you are confident enough to smile through the whole ceremony then your smile will act as a bigger ornament!

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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