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12 Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Designs To Match Your Zodiac Sign!

12 Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Designs To  Match Your Zodiac Sign!

So you have finalized the wedding date. We know, it’s not just any ordinary day, it’s your D-Day. So there are many things to plan and work on, from skin care to shopping, so much work! Moreover, preparing for the ever green look is something that takes a lot of your time. Choosing the colour of your Bridal Lehenga Designs and then deciding its design, is one of the major issues that all the would-be brides face.

And not to forget, that this ethereal look is so special that it needs to be planned pretty well. We mean, you wouldn’t want to risk your lifetime look, would you? A wedding is a lifetime event and the bridal look is a lifetime appearance which everybody wants to be perfect! But let us not forget, that the significance of the outfit is so vital because of you, our beautiful brides. The persona you possess is the way you should determine what kind of designer bridal lehenga you need to shop. Your disposition can be the key you are missing out.

12 Bridal Lehenga For Your Zodiac Sign

But to help you with this indecisiveness, we thought of a fun way. Why not select something that suits you inside out? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the outfits based on your zodiac signs! Ever thought of how you can experiment with clothing based on your personality and nature? If not, then don’t worry, let us help you indulge in the experience of shopping things according to your zodiac sign. It is not only a fun way, but also an effective way! So we made a list of Bridal Lehenga Designs collection that can be an apt choice for you!



Lucky Colour - White

We know how you have a preference of diving in first, the habit to be the number one is something you really can’t avoid. So, you need a lehenga that stands at par with your ambitious persona and helps you showcase the inner goddess you have. So, we chose a white lehenga for you! The best part is, white is your lucky colour and when paired with your wedding outfit, it can make you look amazingly pretty.



Lucky Colour – Red

The passion of our lovely Taureans can be matched by the red Bridal Lehenga Designs. Might sound funny, a bull sign wearing a red dress; but let’s not forget that the Taurus ladies are the best in whatever they do, so why not red? Moreover, as we know this sign is pretty consistent   and dedicated, so let them immerse themselves in this popular colour!



Lucky Colour – Yellow

Our Gemini ladies are one of those people who can handle all the tasks single handedly, not only this, you can clearly surprise us all with your smart thinking. So you need a dress that can match your image of being a social butterfly. Not to forget, the best colour for your Bridal Lehenga Designs is yellow which signifies happiness and freshness, just like your personality!



Lucky Colour - Turquoise blue

Cancerian women are one of the most sensitive and caring zodiac signs. You ladies can really put in all of yourself in something you love and dream about. And the purity and dedication are evidently seen in the vibrant yet serene colour, the turquoise blue. So rather than wandering here and there for wedding outfit ideas, go for this vibrant lehenga!



Lucky Colour – Gold

All the Leo women are the real queens out there. With the lioness in you, we believe that you can easily conquer your surroundings. And hence, we found a very such designer bridal lehenga just for you that can make everybody stop at awe. And the only colour that can match your charismatic self is the sparkling and glittery golden dress. So, go for that shiny fit without any doubt!



Lucky Colour - Jade green

Jade green is a colour that doesn’t suit everybody, but when our logically sound Virgo ladies walk with this shade on, then the magic is something out of the world. As the perfectionist you are, and the love you have for simplicity makes us proud of you! You are that uberant bride that can make all the Bridal Lehenga Designs insignificant with your beauty.



Lucky Colour – Orange

Stuck on the balance and the harmonious aspect of their life, Libra women like to maintain the equilibrium of physical and emotional life better than any other zodiac sign. And the best part about Libra ladies is their attitude of, “we.” The bond and efforts they put in the relationship is something beyond imagination! To depict this warmth, the colour that suits them the most is none other than orange.



Lucky Colour – Blue

Known as one of the most mystical zodiac signs, Scorpio women are filled with surprises. Not just the emotional surprises but also the physical surprises, to depict this vivid emotional realm of our pretty women, we chose the colour blue. They should definitely go for blue Bridal Lehenga Designs, as the wisdom and confidence they bear is something which is in par with the colour’s significance.



Lucky Colour – Purple

It’s not about them being amazing story teller this time, but it’s about how special our Sagittarius ladies are as they indulge in respecting their not interested attitude. Yes, you heard it right, our Sagittarius girlies are pretty up-straight and we are not even complaining. This magnificence can look the best if it is paired with the royal colour purple. So wear that chic purple lehenga right, ladies!



Lucky Colour - Deep shades of green

All the types of bridal lehenga collection fail when we look something for our Capricorn would be-brides. The elegance and jubilant nature of the Capricorn is not just surprising but also absolutely adorable. Our workaholic Capricorn future wives are definitely busy planning the wedding rather than spending some time on the wedding dress. So, we found a colour that can complement the inner depths of our pretty Capricorn ladies!



Lucky Colour – Red

You are the most benevolent of all the zodiac sign and the best part is the unique outlook you have towards things is something refreshing to look at in the daily mainstream life. For this very reason, after reviewing a lot of lehenga designs, we landed upon this one. A lehenga that can suit you the most should be of the colour red. The uniqueness of the red colour will match the purity of your nature better than any other colour.|



Lucky Colour – Green

You are a piece of art, and we are not exaggerating when we say this but, you and all the pieces ladies are very special because you are a survivor. You adapt so easily with the surroundings, even though you have to remind yourself of the reality time to time. And this courageous and mystical attitude of yours should be worn as the best bridal lehenga, especially in the shade that can highlight your inner you, like the green colour!

We hope this can help you decide upon a good wedding lehenga, which is not just beautifully designed but also matches your personality inside out. And if you liked our blog, then don’t forget to comment in the section below! Moreover, if you want to share these fun ideas with your friends, then share away!

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