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20 Prettiest Lehenga Designs That You Can Wear On Your Wedding: Don’t Ignore

20 Prettiest Lehenga Designs That You Can Wear On Your Wedding: Don’t Ignore

It doesn’t matter how much costly it is, you certainly gonna buy it if your heart has melted for it. Lehengas and matching jewelry are the things for which girls can die. And even we know how much they shop during their wedding. To select a few Best lehenga designs, they search all the shops in the market. From everywhere they buy, not leaving a single shop on their wedding. This is how girls on their wedding!.

After all, “Husband Se Jada, Lehenga Jada Mehenga Hain”. Joking girls. There are so many designs of it and in any range, you can buy it, from thousands to crores. Many go for designers and latest lehenga designs that remain in the trend.

And they want to buy always the latest that is greatest! Though girls going-to-brides don’t have any hard feelings towards anybody but perhaps they certainly want to make other jealous of their style, swag and wedding lehenga, which they have bought wandering in the market.

Okay, girls, enough talk. You are going to get wed soon, and planning to go on shopping spree before wedding, then for you, here some latest lehenga designs that you can buy for your wedding and other ceremonies.

See Here All Lehenga Designs Provided You Don’t Need To Wander In The Market Here And There At Every Shop

Art Taffeta Silk Lehenga in Red – The Gorgeous Beauty

The Gorgeous Beauty
via pinterest

So red it is like your beautiful lips and when you wear it on your wedding day, you going to look like a Maharani. The elegance of it is unmatched and the work that has been done on it. This Red lehenga is embellished with mirror effects and sequins work. You can wear it with Red color Choli or with a Net Dupatta. Though if you want to experiment, yellow color choli also going to be fine.

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Net Lehenga in Light Pink – The Prettiest

The Prettiest
via pinterest

Some yellow and pink flowers on it, the prettiest you look if you wear it for your Sangeet ceremony. Informal and traditional both feel it has. No one distracts their gaze when you come wearing it with your anklet making the sound of your entrance.

The work on it is Poly Shantoon lining with Resham, Zari and Patch border work. Art silk Choli in yellow and with pink Dupatta, the perfect match it is. Oh the prettiest bride!

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Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Fuchsia – The Elegance

The Elegance
via pinterest

It is simply the sheer elegance, an aura of romance this lehenga reflects. It feels like wearing it you stand near a tree and it is drizzling from the sky and your groom holding your hands comes near you. So romantic it is. It is an Art Silk Lehenga in Fuchsia with satin lining. The embellishment is patch border, enhanced with Resham, Zari, and Stonework. You can wear it with semi-stitched art silk choli in fuchsia and a faux georgette dupatta in fuchsia.

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Embroidered Satin Lehenga in Maroon – The Crush

The Crush
via pinterest

So beautiful, warm, lovable, gorgeous you going to look when you come in this lehenga. Your groom can’t resist you in it, though actually he can’t in anyway. A pure traditional feel it emanates. Poly shantoon lining is on it embellished with sequins, dori and zari work including patch bordering. One of the best lehenga designs it is that your eyes can’t ignore. Best for the Mehndi ceremony.

Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Navy Blue – Alluring

via pinterest

It is the embroidery that very much attracts about this lehenga and a kind of soothing feel it gives to eyes when your bride will wear it. This beauty is with satin lining, enhanced with zari, resham, stone, and patch border work. Semi stitched art silk choli in navy blue you can wear with it and a net dupatta in light peach will be a greet to the eyes.

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Foil Printed Art Silk Lehenga in Peach – The Golden Luster

The Golden Luster
via pinterest

As you are gold, this lehenga is gold too both in fabric and style, illustrious, luscious and totally seductive. The embellishment is satin lining on it enhanced with zari, foil print and patch border work. If you want to be in traditional attire on your wedding night, this is one of the best design lehengas.

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Embroidered Net Lehenga in Peach – The Shimmering Effect

The Shimmering Effect
via pinterest

So shimmery this fascinating lehenga is pure glittering beauty. Its fabric looks crunchy and vaporous, only about feel we are talking. This is the net lehenga is in peach prettified with resham, beads work, sequins and zari. You can wear it with pink semi-stitched art dupion silk choli, and a light blue and green net dupatta. Pink net dupatta will also match on it.

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Embroidered Net Lehenga in Beige and Red – The Glamorous

The Glamorous

Like a diva, you are going to feel in this embroidered net lehenga. So glamorous feel it has that you can’t avoid it wearing. It is beautified with zari, stone, resham, and sequins. You can wear it with a semi-stitched net kameez and faux chiffon.  It is the latest lehenga design in trend and followed most in 2022.

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Embroidered Satin Lehenga in Beige and Pink – The Pink Elixir

The Pink Elixir
via pinterest

This is what is called in the reality the best bridal lehenga. The most awesome it is. Not even a single bride can ignore it in the entire world. The embellishments on it are poly shantoon lining prettified with dori, stonework and zari. You can wear it with a pink satin choli and a net pink dupatta. Even we can’t take our eyes off from it.

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Embroidered Net Lehenga in Dusty Green   - So Princess

So Princess
via pinterest

If you want to know how a princess used to dress in old time, this how it is. You look the same when you wear this princess embroidered velvet dusty green lehenga. It is studded with poly shantoon, prettified with patch border work, stone, zari, and resham work. This dusty green lehenga Designs gives you the royal look. Hail the queen!

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Embroidered Net Lehenga in Beige and Dark Green – The Enchanter

 The Enchanter
via pinterest

Emeraldious it is. The green, captivating, seductive this lehenga is, can make everyone enchanted whoever looks towards it and perfectly lures you it into its magic. The embellishments on it are sequins, stone, zari, and resham work. Wear it with semi-stitched net kameez and faux chiffon dupatta in beige.

Embroidered Art Silk Circular Lehenga in Blue - The Enigma

The Enigma
via pinterest

An enigma it is in which anyone could lose themselves, perhaps even a wearer!. Don’t worry, a little bit of metaphoring. It is an unstitched art silk lehenga embellished with sequins and zari work. You can wear it with semi-stitched blue art silk choli and a beige net dupatta.

Embroidered Georgette Lehenga in Light Fawn - The Desirous

The Desirous
via pinterest

This is the one desirous that you want to wear and everyone gets envy of you. It is simply beautiful when you want to go plain. The embellishments on this lehenga are patch border work beautified with zari, resham, dori, and sequins. You can wear it with semi-stitched art silk choli and a light fawn net dupatta.

Embroidered Velvet Lehenga in Teal Green - The Royal Antiquity

The Royal Antiquity
via pinterest

There is rarely any dark color combination that could match and give the soothing feel but this lehenga is in teal green and pink combination is the royal antiquity that you certainly want to wear on your wedding day. A strange kind of attraction it has that can’t be seen in any other lehenga. It is velvet teal green lehenga embellished with thread, stone, zari, and border work. You can wear it with semi-stitched velvet blouse/choli in teal green and with a net dupatta in pink.

Brocade Lehenga in Navy Blue – Mesmerizing

Brocade Lehenga in Navy Blue
via pinterest

Crystallous attire it is like when you wear it you feel like you have worn the sheet of stars that are twinkling. A statement you want to set among your wedding crowd then this is the lehenga you should go for. It is a brocade lehenga in navy blue prettified with sequins, zari and resham work. You can wear it with semi-stitched satin choli and navy blue art silk jacquard dupatta. This is one of the envious lehenga designs in 2022.

Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Wine – Artist’s Inspiration

Art Silk Lehenga in Wine
via pinterest

The work is so much fine on this lehenga. It is an art silk lehenga in wine studded with sequins, thread, resham, zari, and patch border work. You can wear it with semi-stitched art silk choli and a mustard faux chiffon dupatta.

Woven Art Silk Lehenga in Navy Blue – The Trendiest

Art Silk Lehenga in Navy Blue
via pinterest

If you see this lehenga closely you see the designs of women and peacocks dancing together, a rhythm and dance of love. This woven art silk lehenga in navy blue is studded with poly shantoon lining including peacock and floral motifs with resham and zari figurative work.

Embroidered Velvet Lehenga in Violet - Worth Dying For

Velvet Lehenga in Violet
via pinterest

Such a kind of craftsmanship you can never see in any other lehenga.  It is violet embroidered Best velvet lehenga Designs graced with poly shantoon lining and embellished with zari, cut beads, and patch border work including resham. You can wear it with semi stitched velvet choli in violet and wrap a net dupatta in peach.

Woven Art Silk Lehenga in Pastel Green - Nymphic

Art Silk Lehenga in Pastel Green
via pinterest

Adorable you would look in this lehenga like hundreds of nymphs have gathered for you and bowing down. It is an art silk lehenga in pastel green, prettified with reshama and zari studded with tassels, beaded lace, zari, resham, and stonework. You can wear it with semi-stitched art silk choli in teal blue and wrap an art silk dupatta in pastel green.

Embroidered Crepe Lehenga in Black – The Black Diamond

Crepe Lehenga in Black
via pinterest

So rare it is. When you wear it, you would be the center of attraction among all, totally like a black diamond. It is a faux crepe lehenga in black color graced with poly shantoon lining and enhanced with sequins, patch border work, dori and zari work.

So these are all the trendiest, prettiest and glamorous lehenga designs that you can wear in your wedding and its ceremonies or in other function or just for a photo shoot. These are some of the best lehengas that you can worth dying for.

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