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An Insider Guide For Selecting The Best Mehndi Artist in Faridabad

A wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable. In India a bride is dressed in red with all her solah shringars. Wondering what solah shringar is? Solah Shringar is the sixteen basic beautification steps for an Indian woman. It is a ritual that has been passed down through ancient culture. An Indian bride is deemed incomplete without it.

One of the essential elements of solah shringar is mehendi or henna. On the day of the wedding a bride’s hand and feet are covered with intricate mehendi designs, Mehendi signifies the essence of love and applying it on the bride’s hand and feet is said to strengthen the bond of love between the couple. The red color of mehendi is said to symbolize love and purity.

Mehendi ceremony is one of the most important rituals of an Indian wedding. In India at many places it’s not just the bride who has mehendi applied on her hands but even the grooms have to apply it. Mehendi ceremony is what a bride eagerly waits for. The ceremony is celebrated amidst music, dance and lots of fun. If you’re a bride to be and you’re looking for the best bridal mehndi artist in Faridabad but are puzzled about to get the best one in town. Why worry! We at Shaadidukaan understand your demand and have brought for you’re a guide that would help you to get the best mehendi artist in Faridabad.

Why Choose A Professional Artist?

At an Indian marriage a bride cannot be imagined without mehendi. Henna adds on to the beauty of an Indian woman. A professional artist would not just known about different designs but also would also understand your demands and cater you with the same. Are you still unsure about hiring a Mehendi Artist then have a look at these points to get a better understanding about the significance of a mehendi artist.

1. Quality Of Mehendi Used: A professional artist would only use the best quality of Mehendi. A professional would provide you with the best quality and best design according to your budget. To avoid getting skin irritations hire a mehendi artist in Faridabad to get the best quality of henna.

2. Proficient: Wedding are a busy time and you cannot afford trial and error method on your big day. A mehendi artist is a professional and a pro at their work. They can apply mehendi in minimum amount of time without smudging the design.

3. Unique Designs: On her special day every bride intends to look unique and the best reflection of herself. The brides of today have ditched away the traditional attires and want to innovate and get creative with their solah shringar. Hiring a mehndi artist for wedding in Faridabad would provide with unique mehendi design ideas to choose from. Flaunt your style with the application of unique mehendi design on your palms.

4. Time Saviour: The mehendi ceremony is all about dance and fun. Always wanted to be part of the fun? Being the bride you cannot get up while the mehendi is being applied on your hand. Missing out all the fun. Ditch away those long waits as you hire a mehendi artist to apply your mehendi. A mehendi artist would apply a design of your choice within a limited amount of time.

7 Quirky Mehendi Design Styles: Mehendi design not only adds beauty to your hands but it has great cultural, sentimental and social importance as well. Finding its traces in the land of the pyramids, mehendi was originally used by Egyptian queens to tint their nails and hair. The art of applying mehendi has undergone through lots of transformation over the years gaining popularity around the world. The increased popularity has given rise to various mehendi design styles. Before you proceed for hiring of the best bridal mehndi artist in Faridabad, here are a few mehendi styles that have been inspired by the cultures from round the globe.

Some Famous Mehendi Designs around the world

1. Indian Mehendi Design: Irrespective of all the design styles available the charm of Indian Mehendi design would never fade away. Condensed yet elaborate these are what Indian mehendi design is all about. Indian mehendi design elements are inspired by emotions, nature and Earth. The intricate designs and detailing is what makes Indian mehendi designs a treat for the eyes.

2. Pakistani Mehendi Design: Being neighbors there are lots of similarities between both the country’s designs. In Pakistani design the Indian elements like Bride, Groom, Kalash are replaced by Domes, Flowers and leaf patterns. Although like Indian style Pakistani design also includes Mandala patterns.

3. Arabic Design: This mehendi design lives upto its name and features Arabic elements like Cashew patterns and a lot of shading. The design also referred as Mughlai Mehendi design has gained popularity amidst the young women of India.

4. Indo-Arabic Desig: A fusion style of Mehendi design which has brought India and Arab on a single platform. The fusion style pairs both the Indian floral and bird pattern with Arabic Cashew pattern and shading.

5. Western Desig: Mehendi owning to its beauty has got international recognition. The charm of Mehendi has mesmerized people globally which has resulted in the birth of Henna tattoos in the west. The Western Mehendi differs a lot from the desi design as it features geometric designs, quirky patterns. Western Mehendi is applied in a manner to imitate hand jewellery.

6. Indo-Western Design: Another fusion form of Mehendi design which connects India with the western world. The design has become a style statement and features modern patterns along with traditional Indian designs.

7. Moroccan Design: Inspired by traditional tribal patterns and symbols this design looks more like a western tribal tattoo. The quirky aesthetics, zig zag line and geometric curves add more of a masculine touch to the design. The Moroccan design although is not too elaborate is yet beautiful and can be sported by men as a Henna tattoo.

Why Shaadidukaan?

To complete the quintessential look of a bride the right mehendi design plays an important role. If you’re searching for a mehandi artist in Faridabad then Shaadidukaan-India’s fastest growing online wedding market is your place. Search and select your vendor from a colossal range of verified mehendi artists in faridabad available at Shaadidukaan. Make your day of love special as you plan your wedding with us.

FAQ About Mehndi Artist

How Shaadidukaan Can Help Me Find the Top Mehndi Artist in Faridabad?

Shaadidukaan boasts a massive list of best Mehndi Artist in Faridabad region. There are more than 100s of Mehndi artists listed with Shaadidukaan who are continuously rendering their services to our customers. We have Mehndi artists from entire Faridabad-NCR region that are segmented on the basis of the price range - from a basic plan to premium Mehndi package. When you place a request for quotation to any Mehndi artist, Shaadidukaan will immediately assign you a wedding manager who will assist you in roping in the best Mehndi artist in Faridabad region within your budget and without much of a hitch.

Can I Provide My Mehndi Design to The Artist or Do The Mehndi Artist will Choose The Mehndi Design for Me?

The selection of Mehndi design for your wedding function entirely depends on you. If you have any preferred Mehndi design, you can ask the Mehndi artist to draw the same on your hands. However, if you haven't decided anything for the Mehndi ceremony, you can consider the suggestions given by Mehndi artists. Most of the Mehendi artists for wedding in Faridabad listed at Shaadidukaan have an outstanding selection of Mehndi designs of various styles. Go through their portfolio meticulously and pick the most swoon-worthy Mehndi design for your wedding.

What are The Things That I Should Discuss With The Mehndi Artists Before Booking?

There are numerous pointers that you must discuss with Mehndi artists before bringing them on board. Ask them about how many members can apply Mehndi through the artist. Thoroughly inquire about the Mehndi artists previous work and portfolio. Ask, is the Mehndi artist in Faridabad available on your target dates or not' Painstakingly inquire about the refund and cancellation policies from Mehndi artists. Don't forget to ask about payment structure and the payment modes from the artist. Also confirm, how many Mehndi artists would be coming at the ceremony.

What is The Average Cost of Bridal Mehndi Package in Faridabad Region?

The average price of Bridal Mehndi package is usually similar in all the states of India. However, the average cost of Mehndi package is slightly higher in the Faridabad-NCR region. The cost of Mehndi on full hand varies in between 1500 to 3000 per Mehndi design. Producing a full hand bridal Mehndi design takes way more time than producing a Mehndi design on guests' hands. Shaadidukaan can provide Mehndi artists in all price ranges - from affordable to premium Mehndi artists.

Apart from Mehndi Artists, What are Other Wedding Services That I Can Book Through Shaadidukaan?

Including Mehndi Artists, Shaadidukaan provides wedding services in exact 46 categories. From a wedding planner to a makeup artist, wedding photographer, wedding choreographer, wedding band, bridal wear shops, groom wear shops, rental wear shops, wedding caterers, you can book wedding vendors of 46 categories as per your budget. Shaadidukaan is your one-stop source of wedding planning. In 24 cities of India, you can find and book the best wedding vendors at the comfort of your home.

Do the Mehndi Artists Charge Separately for Travelling to My Location?

Most of the Mehndi artists listed with Shaadidukaan don't charge separately for reaching your venue. However, it also depends on the distance of your venue from the vendor's location. If the travelling distance is substantial, A Mehndi artist may charge you for hopping on to your location. It is essential that you should share your location with Mehndi artists and ask, do they will also charge for the travelling'

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