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Best 12 Months Bridal Beauty Countdown Before Your Special Day!

Best 12 Months Bridal Beauty Countdown Before Your Special Day!

And one of the most awaited moments in everybody’s life is their wedding day. This day is a grand celebration of the unification of two souls that have fastened the bond of love. Moreover, this awaited day is the initiation of the official journey embarked with endless joys of life. And it goes without saying that the highlight of this special day is the would-be couple. The couple stars this ceremony and win over the hearts of all the guests. Especially the bride, a bride is the spotlight of a wedding day, and usually needs a lot of grooming to pull of the final bridal look check Bridal Beauty Checklist!

It is well said by people, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

From focusing on the silky hair, acne and pimple-free face, pearly smile, toned skin, hydrated body, healthy and flushed-up skin, radiant body, well-shaped nails, and whatnot. Everything must be perfect as it is a lifetime event, and won’t be repeated again and again.

And to help our lovely brides with setting a proper self-care and grooming regime, we have listed the twelve-month guide to achieving the idle Bridal Beauty Checklist look that girls plan from the very beginning. So it’s time to get ready and get that look right!

Let The Countdown Begin!

12 Months Before Wedding - EXERCISE


So the engagement is done and you are sitting with that beautiful ring; it glints a little every time you look at it and makes your heart full of love. But don’t forget ladies that it has just begun, the wedding day is just a year away. And you must start prepping yourself up for the grand event!

So, the first thing in the list is a step to detoxify your body and skin. This can be done by focusing on exercising on a regular basis. We don’t want you to take two hours from your busy schedule, but just twenty minutes in the morning after you wake and twenty minutes before you go to sleep. This will ensure that your body is energized time to time, you are filled with positive energy all day, and attain a healthy glow.

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11 Months Before Wedding - TEETH

Woman receiving a dental treatment

The next thing on our list will help you smile brightly and confidently. This point is about the importance of a good pair of teeth before the wedding day. As you will be the spotlight of the wedding, everybody would run to you to get a picture clicked, and then you will have to present your best smile.

So if you think that you require any kind of dental job done, then you should go for it at least eleven to twelve months before the D-Day. And visiting a dentist monthly is a must and you should not skip this if you want that elegant smile!

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10 Months Before Wedding - HAIRCARE

10th Month-HAIRCARE

After the above points, you must look into which type of hairstyle you want to wear on your wedding day. Then you must plan accordingly, try to get haircuts to achieve that look. Moreover, don’t forget to oil your hair from time to time because it provides nutrients to the roots and makes hair silkier than ever. Try to use shampoos and conditions in a cautious way and apply more of natural remedies to help your hair grow naturally.

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9 Months Before Wedding - SUNSCREEN


Preparing your skin prior to the wedding is one of the most important things and not to forget that it takes a lot of efforts to achieve flawless skin. And one of the easiest ways to start this Bridal Beauty Checklist regime, aiming at healthy skin is by using sunscreen punctually. You need to use sunscreen every three to four hours, it will help you protect your skin from inflammation, redness, and harmful UV rays. So make it an involuntary habit of carrying a sunblock wherever you go.

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8 Months Before Wedding - EXFOLIATION


Now as we have moved forth to the skincare part, we would suggest you a lifetime Bridal Beauty Checklist hack that you should never leave. Exfoliation is a way of removing the dead cells from the skin. It helps to remove the dullness, dirt, bacteria, and sweat from the skin. Moreover, we don’t just suggest you exfoliation for the face but also for hands and feet. As it can help you clean your skin deeply. We suggest you to exfoliate twice a week and be consistent with the process.

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       7 Months Before Wedding - HEALTHY FOOD


This might seem very ineffective but don’t forget that we are trying to detox our bodies as much possible. And it cannot be achieved just by exercising regularly, you will have to put some efforts in your diet as well. We don’t want you to go into aggressive dieting, like limiting your daily calories to 2000 and what not. We just want you to replace all the endless binge eating of junk food with some healthy food. And whenever you have sudden cravings, you must replace the finger food with a glass of water or fruits.

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6 Months Before Wedding- SKINCARE

6th Month-SKINCARE

Now to come onto the proper skin treatment, you should visit a dermatologist and discuss all your skin problems with him or her. This professional advice will help you to initiate a wedding skin care routine with the utmost ease and confidence.

It is better than going for regimes found online, that cause a disastrous after effect. But don’t forget to ask what type of skin type you have as it makes a lot of difference in this. And try to be regular with the routine as it can help you a lot for the betterment of your skin.

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5 Months Before Wedding - MASSAGE

5th Month-MASSAGE

After you are done with the prior steps, you should shift your focus back to your body. This can be done effectively by getting scheduled body massages time to time. This will help your skin to gain a natural glow from within and remove the discoloration on the body. Not to forget that massage helps to improve the blood flow in the body and also relaxes the person in a very efficient way.

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4 Months Before Wedding - FACIALS

4th Month-FACIALS
Shot of an attractive young woman getting a facial at a beauty spa

Now is the right time to start with the facials. If you think only a body massage is enough then you are absolutely wrong, you need a professional hand your face too. Facial twice a week can help your skin get the hydration it has been lacking since ages, not to forget the power cleansing done during the facials will remove all the dirt from the roots of the skin.

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3 Months Before Wedding -BEAUTY TRIALS


As you are getting into the beauty aspect of the prepping, we suggest you to take the makeup trials. If you are wondering what makeup trials are then let us tell you that they are the live trials of how the makeup is to be applied on your special day.

It is kind of obvious that you don’t want to experiment with your D-Day look just on the wedding. You should try out a few looks during the trials and choose the one which you think give you a perfect look.

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2 Months Before Wedding - NAILS

2nd Month-NAILS

It is two months before your wedding and you are done with all the essential grooming and now it is the time to add some final touches. One of them is getting your nails manicured and pedicured before the wedding. You can also get some nail art done matching to your wedding dress.

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1 Month Before Wedding - KERATIN TREATMENT


Last but not the least is the keratin treatment that you can get before your wedding. Although, this step is optional and you don’t really have to get it done because you have been taking good care of your hair, according to the 12 month countdown. This treatment will give you soft and silky hair with a gorgeous texture that you should not miss out on!

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We hope this 12 month Bridal Beauty Checklist countdown will help you plan out your grooming regimes! If you have any further suggestions then we would love to hear you out, don’t forget to comment it down in the box below. And don’t forget, sticking to a plan is easier than resenting it afterwards!

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