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Paan Wala In Pune Selling Minty And Refreshing Natural Digestives

We all love the sweet and minty taste of Paan. It has been a part of the Indian diet since the time of sages because of the various digestive and therapeutic benefits. As the food we consume is spicy and oily, the cooling sensation of betel leaves mixed with different condiments provides relief to the stomach.

If we talk about the wedding menu, it has options covering from entrees to mains and desserts. All the wedding guests expect the food to be spicy and tangy, which can tickle their taste buds. For this reason, couples also hire wedding Paan vendors in Pune to set up a counter serving cool refreshments. It lets the guests enjoy all the food without any worry of bad breath and stomach issues because of the strong digestion power present in the Paan.

If you too are looking to include a Paan stall at the wedding and other functions, there are some important aspects which you need to consider. Below we have discussed questions to ask a shop owner before hiring the services.

Three Must Ask Questions From The Owners Of Paan Shop In Pune

Do You Have Different Options In Paan?

Gone are the days when paan vendors used to sell two types of paan options – sweet and masala. Now you can get almost twenty different flavors of this mouth-freshening delight. Some common and most loved options are chocolate paan, strawberry paan, ice paan, mango paan, fire paan, etc. Hence you should hire a vendor who provides multiple options because your guests will be looking forward to these delicious treats.

Do You Use Freshly Plucked Betel Leaves?

A major reason for the people to love paan is the crispy and sharp taste of the betel leaves. These leaves are the most important ingredient of the recipe as all the other ingredients are wrapped in them while being served. The leading Best wedding Paan vendors in Pune serve their customers a Paan made using fresh beetle leaves. The leaves become soft and soggy if they are not consumed within one or two days. You should ensure that the vendor use leaves which are fresh while serving the guests.

Is The Rose Concoction Made Using Natural Raw Materials?

A reason why so many kids and the younger generation love paan is the sweet flavor of Gulkand. It is a thick and sticky mixture made of rose petals, sugar, and little amount of rose essence. All these ingredients are mixed together and placed in air-tight containers in a dark room and leave it for a week. The resultant mixture is placed in the center of betel leaf along with other natural flavor enhancers. As it plays a crucial role in elevating the flavor of Paan, it is important for it to be natural and not preservative infused Gulkand available in the market.

So these are our three questions which you should ask the paan vendor before hiring his services for the wedding functions.

Why You Should Choose

It is common for the elder generation to share their lack of trust in online shopping. They prefer stepping into the shop, having a one-on-one discussion with the owner, and making the purchase after checking the product or services to their satisfaction. Same is the case with planning a wedding, where the family members and couples travel in the market seeking different vendors providing wedding-related services. But this task takes up a lot of time, energy and also creates unnecessary stress for the couple. Is there a solution? Yes, there is and it is called

They are India’s leading online wedding market, where you will find more than thirty thousand vendors. All the vendors are verified and have a reputation for providing quality services to their customers. Through the website, you can find and book every possible service which ranges from wedding videographers to cakes and paan shop in Pune. Like different social media platforms, all the vendors have their business profile on the website. From the profile, you can get the vendor’s business address, product images, ratings and reviews given by previous customers.


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