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Your Ultimate Cope Up Mechanisms When Everyone Around You Is Getting Married

Your Ultimate Cope Up Mechanisms When Everyone Around You Is Getting Married

Right after you turn 25 and everyone around you is getting married, you will hear a very subtle alarm sound that only you can listen. Yes, it's the sound of your parents, next-door aunties, and other family members propelling you to get hitched.

It is quite common for an individual to feel like they are being left behind when all of their close buddies and colleagues are getting married one after other. No matter in which event you hop on, all eyes will be starring you like they need an answer to the question "When you are tying the wedding knot?"

The societal and parental pressure is too much to handle for any individual who has gone past the alarming age of 25. However, the key problem for all those singles out there is how to handle the peer pressure and depreciating remarks of others, and make others understand that marriage is all about finding the right partner and hitching at the right time.

We have collated some cope up mechanisms for those singles to whom the very thought of the question of getting hitched from closes ones haunt all day and night long. Here are some top tips you must remember.

1. Getting Married is No Race

Just because all of your fellas are tying the wedding knot doesn't mean you too have to get hitched in the rush. The first and the foremost thing that individuals should remember is you should stop thinking about others are ahead of you because they are getting married earlier.

It's not a competition which you have to participate in and win anyhow. Focus on your personal, financial, and physical goals first.  Always question yourself, what you want to achieve in life and carve an effective and long-term action to work towards executing all of your goals.

2. Your Friends Will Still Be There

Most of the individuals develop the feeling of insecurity or feeling of left behind when one of their close friends get hitched before them. Instead of feeling insecure, you should be happy that your friend is starting a new phase of his/her life and he/she still be there for you even after the wedding.

Though the priorities of a person change a lot after getting hitched, one thing that never changes is the quality of friendship. A true friend will always care about you and value your presence in their life.

3. Marriage is Not a Trophy Which You Have  To Win

Our previous generation has an opinion that marriage is one of the biggest accomplishments of an individual's life. In societies, you will be considered as a well respected and triumphant person, if you have a car, good education, six-figure salary, and of course a well-settled married life.

We have ample examples to show you that there are many prominent personalities out there who didn't marry at all and still living a super-successful and exuberant life. Because they understood quite earlier that your happiness solely depends on you. Yes, it feels way better when you share your success and happiness with others, however, it should not make you feel disparaged at any condition.

4. It's Perfectly Fine Not to Want Marriage

We are living in the 21st century, and marriage is no longer a barometer to measure someone's success or happiness. If everyone around you is getting married, having babies, hoping to exotic locations, it's just their way of living life.

You don't have to feel guilty if you don't believe in the institution of the marriage.  Be happy with the way you want to walk a wonderful journey known as life

5. Be Yourself. Everything Else Will Fall in Line

Sometimes, your thoughts as well as the immense pressure of society to marry quickly cement in your mind so rigidly that you tend to lose the sight of your goals. Remember, the harder you try to achieve something, the more it will get pushed away from you and leave your exasperated. Instead of fulfilling others expectations, put all your efforts in becoming the best version of yourself, and live every moment like there is no tomorrow.

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