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Top #31 Dainty Engagement Mehndi Designs For Bride

Top #31 Dainty Engagement Mehndi Designs For Bride

“Mehndi hai rachne wali…Haatho me gehri laali”….you all must have heard and relished this beautiful song at wedding ceremonies, especially at the mehndi ceremony. Henna is not only a paste that brides apply on their hands just for formality or show, but it also holds great prominence in a wedding as it is one of the imperative elements of the Solah Shringar of a bride.

Before any wedding, an engagement ceremony is held which is equally special as a wedding because it is the first ritual that binds a couple into a pious relationship. An engagement ceremony is celebrated with great vehemence and bliss. It is significant to note that at the engagement also, it is important for the bride-to-be to have her solah shringar. So mehndi is the first thing that is applied on the hands and feet of a bride-to-be. So girls look for the best engagement mehndi designs to glamorize themselves and also to complete this virtuous ritual of mehndi

In India, any auspicious occasion is not complete without henna. Women get ready and have their stunning attires on, but mehndi is a very special thing that is never forgotten on any propitious ceremony or occasion.

You all must have also heard that the dark colour of henna represents the love of your husband or would-be-husband. Yes…this is saying by our nanis and dadis. Some people show that they do not believe in this but I know when they put mehndi and the colour of the henna does not turn out to be dark, they feel sad! Well, …everybody has their own perception of this pure element.

Don’t you think that I talk too much? Jokes apart…concentrating on the engagement ceremony as the wedding season has already arrived and all the brides-to-be are surfing the internet for beautiful engagement mehndi designs, I have come up with some gorgeous henna designs for your engagement girls…

I know that every girl wants to look the loveliest on her engagement, and they think they can achieve a pretty look by chic makeup and beautiful attires…but trust me girls, your mehndi is also going to be the center of attraction for many people such as your nanands or your mother-in-law. So I have some striking designs for your engagement that can add more charm to your exquisiteness on your special day.

Yes…before we start let me tell you that you can use the “ready to use” henna cones that are easily available in the market and are really popular but my suggestion to you is to use the home-made henna paste for your special day. I am suggesting this because the colour and fragrance of home-made henna paste is matchless. The ones available in the market are also not good for your hands as they have chemical and can cause allergies or reactions, while the home-made henna paste is very gentle on your hands.

OK…let’s not talk much and see the engagement mehndi designs that will titivate your hands and make you a perfect bride or fiancé on your engagement day.

#31 Awe-Inspiring Engagement Mehndi Designs

#1 Bold Fill Pattern

Bold Fill Pattern
Credit : essence_thehennatattoostudio

This magnificent bold-fill design is impeccable for engagement as it will cover all your hands and the bangles that your wear will look very appealing with this engagement mehndi design. The hanging bell pattern in the center is new and really awesome.

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#2 Names and Figures In Mehndi

Names and Figures In Mehndi
Credit :shraddha Mehndi Kala

Go funky with this super funky henna design that will make everybody look twice at your hands. You can make your mehndi design really creative by adding names and cure figures in it. Try this idea, this is really going to work.

#3 Highlighted Rose Design

Highlighted Rose Design
Credit : khushboo_golechha

Give a trendy touch to your mehndi by this stunning rose design mehndi. It is simple yet elegant. Your hands will look very beautiful with this pretty design.

#4 Criss-Cross Pattern

Criss-Cross Pattern
Credit : PoonamShah

Well…I like a full coverage mehndi design and if you are someone like me, then this crisscross pattern can be your choice for your engagement. The fine and bold filling in the zigzag pattern is really very eye-pleasing.

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#5 Multi-Pattern Fine Designing

Multi-Pattern Fine Designing
Credit : Pinterest

Oh…I am in love with this engagement mehndi design. I think this will give you a perfect bridal look. The multi-patterns in this henna art looks amazing. I am damn sure that everybody at the ring ceremony is going to appreciate your mehndi.

#6 Bold Flowers

Bold Flowers
Credit : Heena by Mahira Mohsin

Trends are not only followed in jewellery or silhouettes, but they are important to be followed in mehndi too. If you are a modish and fashionable bride, then go for this bold flower design henna art.  It looks smashing and will perfectly suit your taste and style.

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#7 Less But Impressive

Less But Impressive
Credit : Promy's Henna Cavern

Ok…girls, I understand the situation when your engagement is taking place in a great hurry and you do not have time to have full coverage henna then this is a perfect option for you. This engagement mehndi design is very simple but the pattern is very impressive.

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#8 Floral And Mesh Pattern

Floral And Mesh Pattern
Credit : Heena By Divya

This easy mehndi design will be relished by all your aunties and friends. Yes…your would-be-husband will also be happy to see such beautiful mehndi on your hands. Pick up this design for your engagement and have lots of appreciation girls…

#9 Trending Lotus Henna

Trending Lotus Henna
Credit : Pinterest

I am sure that you have seen Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone's mehndi ceremony pictures on Instagram or other social networking sites. So you must have noticed this prominent lotus design in their mehndi. So why don’t you try it on your engagement day? It will look very pretty.

#10 Traditional and Gorgeous

Credit : mehndihennaartistry

When you want your engagement mehndi design to be traditional, this must be your pick. I think it is a suitable henna design for all the brides-to-be wanting simplicity.

#11 Hearts All Around

Hearts All Around
Credit : _ammu_henna_arts_

I know some girls do not like mehndi which is totally fine…but girls you can’t skip this on your engagement day. So I have this pretty and minimal mehndi design for you. I hope you love this.

#12 Attractive Grid-Style Mehndi

Attractive Grid-Style Mehndi
Credit : hennabytwinss

Be at your best with this alluring grid pattern henna art. This is perfect when you want to have not too heavy and not too simple mehndi look. I think this is an apt design for your engagement.

#13 Go Arabic

Go Arabic
Credit : makeup_hennastic_art

Henna design is an art and this perfectly designed art is suitable for your engagement day. Arabic mehndi designs are loved by everyone. They are evergreen and trust me they will augment sheer grace to your hands.

#14 Quotes in Mehndi

Quotes in Mehndi
Credit : Tulsi Mehandi

Writing quotes and messages in mehndi is “in” now a days so girls grab this idea to make your engagement mehndi super smashing. I really liked this idea as you can express your feelings to your partner through your mehndi…this is so romantic!

#15 Leaf Pattern Henna Art

Leaf Pattern Henna Art
Credit : Gangaur Mehandi

This is a very beautiful engagement mehndi design having a leaf pattern in it. You can use definitely use this idea to make your engagement really special.

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#16 Mystic Moon Design

Mystic Moon Design
Credit : Disha Shah

Well…” mystic moon” is the first word that came into my mind when I saw this stunning mehndi art. The circular design in this mehndi looks appealing and this will enhance the elegance of your hands for sure.

#17 Mandala Mehndi

Mandala Mehndi
Credit : Pinterest

Mandala mehndi is a very famous and loved mehndi design. The design is so popular that you can see the mandala pattern in every mehndi art. So in my opinion, this can be a great option for you on your engagement girls.

#18 Patch Design Henna

Patch Design Henna
Credit : Promy's Henna Cavern

Wow…this is a unique mehndi design. I really like it. When you don’t want a heavy and full coverage mehndi look for your engagement. This can be a good choice for you girls… This engagement mehndi design is serene and graceful.

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#19 Peacock Motif Mehndi Art

Peacock Motif Mehndi Art
Credit : Pinterest

The traditional touch to mehndi can be added by a peacock motif. This simple and sheer mehndi design is for the girls looking for minimal yet stylish henna design. The beauty of the peacock motif in this mehndi is the star in the art.

#20 Checkboard Design

 Checkboard Design
Credit : Mehndi By Theresa

Checkboard designs are simple and easy to make. If you want to have an easy yet sweet mehndi design, then girls this is a suggestion for you. This can be an ideal henna art for your hands on your exceptional day.

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#21 Vertical Pattern Henna Art

 Vertical Pattern Henna Art
Credit : Heena For all

This extraordinary design will steal your heart! When I saw the design, I was stunned to see such wonderful patterns created in a mehndi design. I am sure you are also going to like this engagement mehndi design.

Engagement Mehndi Designs To Beautify Your Feet

#22 Flowers and Peacock Design

Flowers and Peacock Design
Credit : Pinterest

As I said, traditional touch is reflected by peacock designs, the combination of flowers with peacock motif creates an incredible design for your feet. This design is simple and sober and of course apt for your engagement.

#23 Mandala and Rose Motif Mehndi

Mandala and Rose Motif Mehndi
Credit : Pinterest

Roses are my favorite and I am sure yours too. So why not draw these beautiful roses in your mehndi. Take inspiration from this striking engagement mehndi design having roses and the very popular mandala pattern. The design on the fingers is my favorite in this whole art.

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#24 Jaali Design In Mehndi

Jaali Design In Mehndi
Credit : Heena By Divya

This is one of my favourites guys. This mehndi design is so gorgeous that I can’t take my eyes off this. The little roses made in between jaali pattern looks so attractive. Let me tell you guys, this is not at all a difficult mehndi design, you can easily create the pattern and guess what? It will take very little time to be made.

#25 Floral Pattern Henna Design

Floral Pattern Henna Design
Credit: Pinterest

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Floral designs are very prominent in mehndi. You can see several types of floral shapes in one mehndi design. So on your engagement, embellish your feet with this stunning floral mehndi art.

#26 Little Hearts in Your Henna

Little Hearts in Your Henna
Credit : Pinterest

Oh My God…such a cute mehndi design. The little hearts in this henna design has taken my heart. The intricate engagement mehndi design looks really attractive and it is a perfect match for your beautiful feet.

#27 Hanging Bells

Hanging Bells
Credit : Hitched & Clicked

I think this pattern is very innovative. To present your wedding bells, this mehndi design has cute and beautiful hanging bells that look charming. Try out this henna idea and flaunt your lovely feet at your engagement.

#28 Simplicity

Credit : Pinterest

Nothing can be more beautiful than simplicity. You can make this very simple mehndi design on your feet and rock your engagement party. Apply a beautiful hue of nail paint and voilla…you are good to go.

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#29 Chain Design

Chain Design
Credit : Heena By Pallavi

The chain pattern in the engagement mehndi designs is very popular these days. So why not be trendy and gorgeous with this fine chain pattern henna art. The magnificently created chains with flower motif at the center are astonishing.

#30 Fine Filling Design

Fine Filling Design
Credit : Henna By Pallavi

Can you see the small flower-like pattern at the ankles in this picture? They are the highlights of this mehndi art. The rose motif at the top with fine filling is like a cherry on the cake. You can have a full coverage look and half coverage look both in the same design. So take up this idea and get ready for your special day.

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#31 Just a Flower

Just a Flower

Some brides like everything minimal so as the mehndi. So, girls, I have something for you too. This is an unrivaled design for your girls. Be dazzling on your engagement day with this sweet and pretty henna design. Girls…I am sure that you have chosen one perfect engagement mehndi design for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Call your mehndi artist and share the picture of your favourite design so that he or she can perfectly make the exact design on your hands and feet.

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