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#7 Swoon-Worthy Bridal Poses For Millennial Brides Of 2020

#7 Swoon-Worthy Bridal Poses For Millennial Brides Of 2020

“A bride is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her”-Ambrose Bierce

Dressed in her bridal ensemble, a bride is considered to be the epitome of sheer beauty and grace. She with her killer looks steals the limelight at the wedding. A wedding is the most awaited moment in a girl’s life. It is the day that embarks the beginning of her journey from being a daughter to a wife and a daughter-in-law. Owning to the auspiciousness of the occasion she looks the best version of herself on her D-day. 

A wedding is one of the most celebrated occasions; it shows the union of two souls and two families in the bonds of togetherness. The beauty of the occasion makes it worth the capture. That is when the latest wedding photography trends come to aid. One of the hyping concepts of wedding photography is bridal photos. Bridal photography captures the timeless beauty of the bride. Over the passage of years, the concept of bridal photography has undergone through transformation. Right from off the cuff bridal poses to candid moments, the bridal photography pose ideas are many. For a bride picking of the perfect photography pose might prove to be a dainty task.

Seek inspiration for picking the right bridal photography poses? A bridal photography pose should be one that captures the bespoke beauty of the bride. The perfect bridal photograph is one that not just portrays her beauty but rather tells her story and also serves as a reflection of her true self. If you’re confused about your  choice of  Indian wedding photography poses for bride then worry not as we have got your back. We have handpicked for the best bridal photography poses for 2020. Here take a look!

#7 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Photography Poses For Brides Of 2020

Wedding Photography Poses For Brides Of 2020
Pic via -

Photos are a medium of capturing the golden moments through the camera and transforming them into a lifetime of happy memories. Sometimes what words fail to express a picture says it all. When it comes to bridal photography it captures the emotions of the bride. The creative shots depict the unseen side of a bride. Irrespective of the fact of whether you’re a Tamilian or Bengali bride the poses reveal the saga of love of a bride. The wedding photographers in Jaipur, Mumbai and all parts of the country have embraced the bridal photography trends. So no matter which photographer you pick just remember to ask your photographer to keep in line with the photography trends to make your photos insta-worthy. Need help with the selection of bridal poses? Well then here is a list of best wedding poses for brides.

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1. Full Shots

best traditional wedding photography poses for brides
Pic credit - filmyfilmers

When it comes to bridal poses this one tops our list. It is one of the best traditional wedding photography poses for brides. For a wedding, a bride puts in an immense load of effort for selecting her bridal ensemble. It takes hours of effort to make create the transformation of a girl into a swoon-worthy bride. The full shots aptly capture the beauty of the bride dressed in her bridal ensemble. Get creative with the shots with the inclusion of picturesque background and some quirky props.

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2. The Transformation Shot

latest wedding photography pose for bride
Image courtesy: Gitesh Gupta

One of the latest wedding photography trends is capturing the girl’s transformation into a gorgeous bride. The getting ready poses not just capture the bride but also showcase the efforts put into bringing about the transformation. The transformation shots have become a popular choice of the millennial brides of 2020. One of the best getting ready shots is the bride posing beside her stellar lehenga. Another popular pose is capturing the makeup sessions of the bride.

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3. Jewellery Shots

south Indian wedding photography poses for brides
Pic via -

Wedding is an investment and one of the biggest assets that adds on to the charm of a bride is her jewelry. The wedding industry drawing inspiration from south Indian wedding photography poses for brides has made jewelry shots a hyping trend. The temple style jewelry of South Indians has been well acclaimed and brides there like to flaunt their jewelry. The jewelry shots of the south Indian brides have deeply inspired the wedding photographers. This photography style has traveled to the other parts of the country and thus making the shot a must-have one for the brides of today.

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4. Mirror Photos

Mirror Photos
Pic credit - AK-Studio

A mirror showcases the true reflection of one's self.  The creative photography style has garnered much attention these days.  Skillfully capturing the reflection of the bride in the mirror is what mirror photos are all about. If you’re seeking a unique bridal pose then consider opting for the mirror shot.

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5. The Coy Bride Shot

Bengali wedding photography poses for brides
Pic credit - Rolling-Canvas-Presentations

The blush on the face of the bride is what enhances her charm. Bengali brides are known for their Oti Shundori bridal look. The blush on the face of the Bengali bride adds on to her beauty. Over the year’s one of the most sought after Bengali wedding photography poses for brides have been the coy bride shot. The charm of the shot has made it trending amongst the other brides of the country. Show off your shy side as you opt for the coy bride shot.

6. Candid shots

Candid photography shots idea for wedding
Pic credit - PakhiWeddings

The entire idea of having a camera to your face can be daunting. To capture the impromptu off the cuff moments of the bride, the concept of candid shots has been roped in. The candid shots capture the bubbly side of the bride when she is seen having fun. Wedding photographers in Jaipur have embraced this trend with open arms. The photographers are seen capturing the dancing and giggling photos of the bride along with her family. The candid shots remind the bride of the happy times she had during her wedding.

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7. The Twirling Shot

The Twirling Shot
Pic credit - Colorblind-Production

Remember the childhood days when you used to wear a frock and twirl around. Bringing back the charm of the childhood days the concept of twirling shot was roped in. The twirl shots enable a bride to flaunt her dreamy outfit. The twirling shots have become one of the most trending ideas for  Indian wedding photography poses for the bride.

So these are a few photography pose ideas for the modern brides. Which one is your favorite? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

Feature image credit - Souravs-Photography

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