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10 Refreshing And Unique Bridal Portrait Ideas For 2018!

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10 Refreshing And Unique Bridal Portrait Ideas For 2018!

The date has been set; the wedding dress has been finalized. Now what you need is the wedding photographer, who would capture you on your special in all your glory.  Getting captured in diverse poses is something that every bride looks forward to, but it gets quite overwhelming to decide which photos are special and which should be put in the wedding album.

This is something as difficult as finalizing bridal dress ideas and therefore you should look to have photographs that are unique and candid at the same time. Given below are ten typical and refreshing bridal photograph ideas that you can pose for to make your wedding album an extraordinary collection.

1. The extremely close up shot – A close-up shot is one of the most popular bridal portrait ideas in recent times and it is surely going to be in trend in 2018. The close-up shot is a must-have in your wedding album and without it, the wedding album would seem incomplete. Once dressed up and ready with makeup, you can pose gently for the photographers for the close-up shot.

Close up Photoshoot Ideas For Bridal

Wedding photographers in Jaipur take expertise in capturing candid and beautiful close up shots reflecting the makeup, jewellery and facial expression of the bride in the most profound manner.

2. The ‘sexy back’ shot – Among the unique bridal portrait ideas for 2018, this one surely is one of the most popular among brides. So if you want your wedding album to be complemented with a glamorous photo, a sexy back shot is something that you can instruct your photographer to capture.

Sexy Back Bridal Shoot

Once you have dressed, you can pose for the camera for a glamorous and beautiful shot. This portrait idea is catching up with brides in recent times and it surely has become a must-have picture in a wedding album.

3. The ‘I am Chilling’ Shot - If you want your wedding album to have some most candid pictures, then you can go for photographs where you could be captured having a fun time. Either it could be ‘eating pizza’ before getting ready on the day of the wedding or you can ask the photographer to click you in a bathtub with you taking bath in wedding clothes.

Chilling Shot Bridal Portraits

Such type of portraits would surely come up quite extraordinary and would look refreshing in your wedding album.

4. The ‘Getting ready’ shot - Irrespective of year or time, the ‘getting ready’ shot can never go out of trend. It is one bridal portrait idea that remains closest to the heart of the bride and every bride loves to be captured while getting ready.  So whether you are being clicked while wearing bangles, necklace and nose ring, the picture reflects intensity and passion in plenty.

Getting Ready Photoshoot Ideas

The ‘getting ready’ portrait idea in itself is unique to every bride and thus it should be included in your wedding album.

5. When you are waiting for your Baraat – Among the unique bridal photoshoot ideas, this one surely has to be included. Do you want your wedding album to have one portrait which you can see in future and remember how nervous you were during the time of arrival of Baraat, then you should look to get captured waiting for the Baraat?

Waiting For your baraat photoshoot

Images Credit: The Delhi Bride

The photograph should be intense and you should be looking nervous and excited at the same time so as to make for a perfect photograph.

6. One with the door – Since after the marriage, you will leave your house and go to the house of your husband, it would be a unique concept to have your photograph along and with the door of your house. This activity could take place with pre-wedding shoot ideas and you can ask or suggest the photographer make the photographs look intense and real.

Surely, the photographs would make for an interesting and refreshing album that you can later put in your wedding album to create wonderful memories.

7. One with the pet – Provided you have a pet dog in your home for which you have always been fond of, then it is but natural to strike a candid pose with your pet in your wedding lehenga.  A photograph of the pet in the wedding dress would surely make for an interesting and lovable picture that may when included in wedding album become one of the most special and celebrated moments.

Photoshoots With Pets

8. The ‘through the glass’ shot – Once you have dressed up and is fully ready to make your entry on the stage for the wedding ceremony, you can opt to have a ‘through the glass’ shot.  The shot should capture your emotions perfectly and should make you appear as a bride who is about to make the entry and is pretty excited about the whole situation.

Through The Glass Photoshoot

The ‘through the glass’ shot has become quite popular in recent times and it is going to be one of the most popular bridal portrait ideas in 2018.

9. Special moments with loved ones – A photograph with loved ones would never go out of fashion and it is going to be in trend in 2018 and in coming years as well. You can ask your siblings, best friends and your loved ones to strike a pose with you to have an ideal photograph for your wedding album.

Special Moments With Loved Ones

This one bridal portal should reflect the love of loved ones for the bride and thus it will become one of the most special pictures in the wedding album.

10. The entry portrait– As you are about to climb the stage for the wedding ceremony, the walk leading to the stage should not be missed. Since at this time you are the centre of attraction, you should look for perfect pose so that you get an ideal portrait.

Brides Entry

Whether the entry is grand or simple one, the photographer should be instructed from beforehand to capture portraits from every angle to make for a perfect entry portrait.

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