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8 Types of Classy Bridal Footwear That Are Perfect For Weddings

8 Types of Classy Bridal Footwear That Are Perfect For Weddings

An Indian wedding comprises of traditions, rituals and fanfare. From deciding the perfect dress, matching jewellery, bridal makeup to bridal footwear brides leave no stones left unturned to look their best on their wedding day. A bride’s attire is a reflection of her family traditions. Indian weddings are all about ceremonies and rituals. For every ritual a bride has to change her outfit. The change of outfit has to be matched with head to toe accessories. In between the changes, arises the chance of the bride tripping and hurting herself. 

Weddings in India call for one long celebrations and the ceremonies continue for entire day. Amidst all the fun and feasting you being the bride would not want to end up with sore feet or by tripping all over. For avoiding this bride needs to wear comfortable footwear. A pair of comfy footwear is all that she requires for surviving through the day long festivities. Footwear plays an important role in her day’s attire.

Every bride has a different approach for selection of footwear

Every bride has a different approach for the selection of footwear that she has to wear for all ceremonies. The footwear market offers a wide range of ladies footwear’s like kitten heels, stilettos, wedges, flats, ballerinas among others. With the endless choices available, selecting the apt footwear proves to be a hassle. The bride while selecting the footwear should keep in mind her comfort and her personal style. So while your wedding outfit steals the limelight don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear also! Flaunt your style as you walk down the aisle like a queen with your king in fancy footwear for taking the vows for eternity. Does this remind you of Cinderella? Cinderella and her glass slippers! Have you always been fascinated by fairytales. Then why not make your own Cinderella story.

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8 Types of Classy Bridal Footwear Designs that would Turn Your Fairytale into a Reality

1. Stilettos


The queen of high heels better known as stilettos is a girl’s second love. The first of course no doubt is diamond! For brides who wish to add some extra inches to her height and can carry herself flawlessly in high heel then this footwear is meant for you. Footwear only fit for a queen. To be honest although they are not really comfy but for attaining the sassy bridal look, you gotta have these classy shoes on!

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2. Pumps


If you have a love for bridal high heels and feel more confident in them yet dread to go for stilettos then believe us this one would be ideal for you. If you want to add extra 3-4 inches to your height without risking the chances of tripping over then go for pump heels. From embellished to printed these heels are available in a variety of colors and textures. If you want something peppier then you can opt for Peep toe pumps, which is a more sought after choice of celebrities. Also if you’re planning for a peep toe pump then ensure that you paint your toe nail with a classic color.

3.  Ankle Strap Heels

ankle strap heels

An elegant way to portray your style statement is to select an ankle strap heel. The best part about the heels is the fact that they have a strap which secures your foot firmly and reduces the chances of tripping. The pair of shoes is comfortable to walk around. This pair is available in small, medium and high heels according to your requirement. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you can also opt for a T-strap heel also known as Lapham.

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4. Wedges

wedges for brides

If pencil heels aren’t your thing and you don't feel at ease with them then go for wedges. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. High on comfort and a perfect example of balance, wedges are the footwear that can complement any Indian wear.

5. Satin Mid Heel

Bridal Footwear

An elegant and chic way to flaunt your style is Satin Mid heel. This footwear goes well with both simple and heavily embellished apparels. Pick a pair in a color that seamlessly blends with your outfit. Make a statement that everyone would remember as you go for them.

6. Kitten Heels

kitten heels

If being comfortable is your priority then go for Kitten heels. The pair looks cute also goes well with a variety of outfits. The best thing about them is you don’t end up with a sore foot even after being on your foot for long.

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7. Flats


If heels in any form are not your idea of ideal footwear during weddings then go for bridal flat sandals. If you want your feet to feel free to breathe that this is your perfect choice. From toe separator to slip-ons the footwear is available in a variety of options. A simple one in light base or velvet embroidered one choose a pair that complements your outfit of the day.

8. Jootis


If you’re searching for something traditional that connects you with the roots then pick up a fancy pair of jootis. Finding its origin in the lanes of Punjab this pair adds a touch of minimalism to your look. Arrays of Jootis in multiple hues are available in the market. You can never go wrong with a choice of this super comfortable ethnic wear.

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20 Designer Footwear To Flaunt At Your Wedding

Girls have a plethora of designer footwear options to choose from each befitting a particular occasion. When it comes to bridal footwear there are endless options to select from. Right from sassy stilettos to shimmery wedges to traditional jootis the modern day brides have number of footwear alternatives that level up their bridal game. Consider yourself as a shoe queen as select a pair from these lusts worthy designer collections. Here have a look bride.

1. Personalized Jootis

personalized bridal shoes

Take personalization a notch over the footwear as you opt for customized jootis. Seek inspiration from this pair which is all about the dulhan and adds a desi touch to the bride’s look.

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2. Mirror Glaze Mojaris

mirror glaze mojaris

The mirror work jootis surely dazzles up your D-day look. This pair from Fizzy Goblet is the perfect pick for those brides who prefer comfort over style.

3. Shimmery Block Heels

shimmery block heels

Are you one of those brides who feel uncomfortable wearing the high heels? Then give these shiny golden block heels a try. The block heels goes well with the ethic wear.

4. Kitten Heels Peep Toes

kitten heels peep toes

Flaunt your mehendi design as you slip your feet into this elegant, chic and comfortable pair of kitten heel peep toes. The shimmery look of this bridal footwear pair compliments your bridal outfit and enhances your overall look.

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5. Golden Thong Wedges

golden thong wedges

Step into these golden shimmery thong wedges and give your bridal look a bold touch. The golden grip wedges gives you a stylish look.

6. Golden Criss Cross Block Heel

golden criss cross block heel

Are you in quest of good bridal footwear to sport with your designer wear? Then give this designer golden criss cross block heel a try. The golden color is the prime reason that draws the attention towards the shoe. The criss cross pattern on the top is the prime allure of the sandal. Look elegant and classy as you sport the sandal on your big day.

7. Embellished Slip Ons

bridal footwear

This stone studded sea green slip ons are the perfect pick for the mehendi night. The slip one are super comfortable and effortlessly pull off any look.

8. Embroidered Mojaris

Embroidered Mojaris

The embroidered mojaris perfectly compliment the ethnic wears. These embroidered mojaris look pretty that brides cannot help drooling over them.

9. Strappy Mid Heel White Sandals

bridal footwear white sandals

Are you having a white wedding? Looking for sandals that perfectly compliment your wedding gown. This white strappy sandal serves as the perfect pick for you. Look a gorgeous bride as you sport this stylish pair on your D-day.

10. Laser Cut Golden Slip On Heels

laser cut golden slip on heels

Indulge in the luxurious metallic allure of this sassy laser cut golden slip on heels. The pair of bridal footwear is perfect choice for brides wishing to stay high on vogue.

11. Crystal Studded Toe Ring Wedge

bridal footwear

High on style this pair of ethnic crystal studded toe ring wedges is the perfect designer footwear for those brides who wish to stay high on style.

12. Embellished Golded Peep Toe Heels

Embellished Golded Peep Toe Heels

The red velvet with golden works crystal studded peep toe heels is the perfect designer bridal footwear that compliments the red shimmery bridal outfit of the bride. Look like a swoon worthy bride as you sport this classy pair on your wedding day.

13. Stone Work Toe Ring Wedges

Stone Work Toe Ring Wedges

You cannot ditch this beautiful stone work toe rings wedges that are embedded with shiny stones. The wedge goes well with the ethnic attires.

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14. Red Velvet Pump Heels

red velvet pump heels

Team your bridal outfits with this perfect pair of classy and stylish red velvet pump heels. Strut away in style as you flaunt the pair on your D-day.

15. Bead Work Toe Ring Wedges

Bead Work Toe Ring Wedges

This pair of bead work toe ring in subtle shimmer ensures grip and comfort. The pair elevates your look while providing comfort to your feet. A must have for the brides who prefer comfort over style.

16. Shiny Golden Mid Heels

bridal footwear ideas

Shush those who judge your beauty by sporting this elegant and comfortable pair of bridal foot wear. This pair of shiny golden mid heels offers you confidence and is a perfect combination of beauty with latest fashion.

17. Belted Shimmery Peep Toe

belted shimmery peep toe

Beauty with size that is what this gorgeous pair of peep toes is all about. The belted look gives you a good grip and also makes you look attractive. The pair goes well the shiny red bridal outfit and can also be flaunted on your reception.

18. Golden Diamond

golden diamond

This gorgeous pair is one of the finest bridal footwear. For big fat weddings red and golden are considered as the prime colors. The sparkly pattern done throughout the body of the footwear makes it the ideal bridal sandal of all time.

19. Embroidered Crystal Studded Sandals

crystal studded sandals

How cool are these handcrafted embroidered stilettos that are further embedded with golden crystals? Be a desi bride as you sport the pair with an outfit of your choice.

20. Uber Chic Colorful Stilettos

Uber Chic Colorful Stilettos

Add a splash of color to your bridal look as you wear these uber chic colorful stilettos on your wedding. The beautiful pair goes well with both traditional and western wear.

5 Tips For Brides To Get The Perfect Bridal Footwear

For getting the perfect bridal makeover a bride needs to match all her head to toe accessories. Being the center of attraction a bride cannot afford a glitch in her attire. A single blunder is enough to ruin your day. If you want to look perfect in your wedding photography then you need to select the right bridal footwear. Face is the mirror of one’s true self, ever heard about the saying. Trust us but nothing is worse than standing with a foot sore and having to pose with a smile. Seems painful, Right! We are sure in your wedding photography you do not want to appear grumpy. That is why the selection of correct footwear plays an important role in your wedding day. So here are 5 tips that you need to keep in mind while selecting your footwear.

1. Give Priority To Your Comfort

Don’t just run blindfolded after fashion. See your comfort first. For day long ceremonies high heels can prove to be painful. If you’re comfortable with spending long hours in heels than go for them else opt for kitten heels, flats or jootis.

2. Try Them Beforehand

While purchasing your footwear don’t just select bridal footwear designs for love of their appearance or color. It is advisable to try them beforehand to get adjusted to them.

3. Select Keeping in Mind The Venue

If you’re getting a married in a marriage lawn or farmhouse then avoid getting heels as you would not want your heels to get in the ground. For hotels and Banquet halls heels work fine whereas for open grounds jootis, flats and ballerinas work well.

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4. Keep The Outfit In Mind

If you’re going for stilettos or pump heels avoid getting floor length lehengas. You would not want to tramp or trip over your lehenga and ruin your day. It is advisable to keep the outfit length short when you’re wearing bridal high heels. Also if you’re selecting embellished footwear then choose a lehenga design with less work at the bottom.

5. Keep A Spare Pair

spare pair of bridal footwear

Make a smart move as you keep a spare pair of footwear handy in case of mishaps. Buy an additional pair of similar looking shoes for your wedding outfit. In case of a mishap where your shoes break at the last moment you need not panic as the additional pair would come to your aid. Even your family would not have to panic for arranging new shoes for you.

At weddings every step of a bride is clicked. Walk like a Queen down the aisle with the right pair of shoes. These were our suggestions for the ideal bridal footwear. Which one would you be flaunting on your D-day. Tell us in the comments below! If you have any further bridal footwear ideas share it with us. We would love to hear it from you.

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