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Girls! Wear These Four Envious Wavy Hairstyles and Drown Everyone

Girls! Wear These Four Envious Wavy Hairstyles and Drown Everyone

Your hairs make me drool, I want to go deep into them and see what is in there. I like it how you wrap, the way you circle it and the way you curl it, the way they hang, and the way they fly. I just want to get into them. The fragrance of it I can feel, it feels so roses, lilies, and all the beautiful flowers. So black, lushy they are. When open, they look cool. I can find my heaven in them. - Anonymous

The above written is a rendition of an artist. Who is it, I don't know. The way he describes her muse is remarkably appreciable. Just the beauty it is and nothing else. How you find it is your view that don't bother much.

Nowadays wavy hairstyle is popular and it is none other than our Bollywood divas that are making it. It is always them that other women and girls follow. It is always idolizing and finding inspiration from someone. Some celebrities always do stylistic experiments and remain in buzz.  Here are some Bollywood Dying Drool-Worthy Wavy Hairstyles that are in run and you can try them up in coming 2019 New Year Party.

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No wave but there bare layers

No wave but there bare layers

It is a wavy bare look you can try if you don't want to go more wavy whether for party or wedding look. This hairstyle looks elegant and classy too giving embossing minimum waves that you could notice but feel like whether they are there or not. Seeing this hairstyle you would feel the ocean that wants to come out but couldn't somehow. So ambitious it is.

A bit disperse and voluminous look you want to have is your choice. More contemporary if you want to go, then you can go Alia Bhatt's way who has donned this hairstyle recently and she looking pretty queen.

If you have just come out with fresh washed hair, let your tresses air-dry and frizz at verge end. Besides this, you should spray your hair with a good hair spray, and you would see how your hairs are flowing as a lioness' mane flows when she runs with confidence and courage. The same way you would feel also.

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Defined waves

Defined waves

As the name suggests as the style it is, entirely measured hairstyle and especially those women like it who give importance to elegance and aesthetics. A woman should always maintain elegance whether men do it or not. For shine, one can apply heat protecting spray on just-washed hair.  If you want them voluminous, curl down till bottom and apply hairspray for long-lasting.

Tight Curls

Tight Curls

A bit dense this wavy hairstyle than above we have mentioned. It is like a little powerful storm that could flood anyone and anything. So when you don it, you don it carefully because many going to fallen for you! For inspiration, you can see Sonam Kapoor how perfectly and aesthetically she has worn this tight curls hairstyle.

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At the bottom side, it looks so dispersed and in the middle, it feels like a slow tide has come whose waves are flowing. When I see this hairstyle it often reminds me of French Heroine Adele Exarchopoulos whose hair often remains like this and I want to tell I like them how she comforts them turning them backside when they, again and again, trying to come blocking her face.

Ananya Panday also has got swayed by tight curls though a little bit voluminous she has gone. To make your hair more enhanced you can apply a cream that helps to make them soft. So twist as you want to curling them, and rock the red carpet flaunting them.



I thought that only tide waves are there but I am coming to realization women have lots of! This old Hollywood classic wave is back again that our celebrities are flying for. it is an infinite style that never fades out and never would. Deepika Padukone and Karishma Kapoor both have worn it looking like classy ladies of Hollywood. if you have watched old Hollywood movies you would remember the hairstyle.

To make your hairs butter for this style you can apply smoothing balm. Just divide it into finger length section and gently up the section towards the scalp securing and setting them intact, and then comb through. S-wave is ready.

So girls with what wave you want to go? Choose the one that makes the flow and you get along with. Trying something new is always beautiful but when you try a new hairstyle, you should always do it according to your face-cut because all hairstyles don't suit every face. I think with these hairstyles girls could bring havoc!

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