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10 Different Types of Fathers of Brides You Will Spot on at India Weddings

10 Different Types of Fathers of Brides You Will Spot on at India Weddings

Dads are the first superhero for daughters, aren't they? They are the people you turn for advice, they take you on vacations at coveted destinations, they give you pocket money, they allow you to hop on late night parties sneakily from mom, and yes, they save you from mom's scolding when your turn up late at home. Yeah, you may not find dads doing eye-on-eye things like pampering and showering affection, however, they have their own ways of expressing love unconditionally. With father's day on the brink of arrival,  we would like to take you through our rib-tickling list of the Different Types of Fathers of Brides that you will bump into at Indian weddings.

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The theme and behaviours of dads in this list is so common that you will quickly find out the type which your father resonate with. Read on!

1. The Daddy Cool

the daddy cool

This type of dads is the coolest from the rest. They are always ready to relive their childhood. Though they may be double of their daughters' age, you won't find any sign of curtailing of enthusiasm in them. Always ready to give a shot to new things, dance till they drop, chill out like teenagers with their tots, and the best pop to talk about difficult situations or adult conversations.

2. The Work is Everything Dad

working dad

For this type of dad, a mobile phone is his truest love and work is bigger than any religion. Even at the most special day of his daughter, you will definitely find his face buried in checking trivial e-mails. He will barely make any effort in saying hello to the guests unless he finds a networking opportunity.

He may not be the right person to talk about how to manage life after marriage, but he surely knows how to manage the career and personal life still being the workaholic dad.

3. The Outrageously Sanskari Dad

sanskari dad

Remember the super Sanskari Babu Ji Aloknath from Bollywood movies? His ultimate aim is to hold the entire family together and preach all the sanskars which have been transferred to him by his ancestors. If any ritual goes wrong in the wedding, he will wreak havoc on the entire family, and trust us, it's hard to convince the Sanskari Babu Ji at that time.

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4. The Absent-Minded Dad

absent minded father

Hey, is this wallet yours or mine? Where the hell did I put my phone? Oh! it's in my hand. If your dad displays similar behavior, congratulations! your dad falls under the category of absent-minded pops. Be careful when handling your essential to your dad. He will wander off with your stuff, and may get lost of it; even though he doesn't mean to do it.

Trust us brides, he is not the right choice to take after wedding advice, especially for the shopping.

5. The Overprotective Popsy

the overprotective father

Still remember the summer camp scene of Kuch Kuch Hota Hain movie? When little Anjali was constantly arguing with her dad(SRK) to go to summer camp, and he was giving the lame reason like she will get a cold. Shah Rukh Khan is the kind of dad who is quite overprotective for his daughter.

If your dad in anything like this, you are in big trouble girl. Well, most dads are a bit overprotective for their daughters, however, the kinds of SRK type Dads is the real deal to manage.

6. The Geeky Dad

the geeky father

Here is the type of Know it all dad who is always ready to throw any advice related to any segment, all you have to do is just ask. Don't you dare to bring the topics of politics, government future plans, and the world economy in front of him? He will literally kill you by dropping knowledge bombs, but can't tell you from where to buy the affordable wedding outfit.

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He is often found reading the business newspapers and entrepreneurial magazines.

7. The Hard To Convince Dad

hard to convince father

Dad, Can I Buy this jewellery? It's looking so pretty! When the reply is 'No' all the time, you are stuck with the hard to convince hard. This type of dad is quite strict and throw multiple Nos on you even before asking what you want. The one fine example of hard to crack dad is Amrish Puri from Dil Waaley Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Ok, Ok, don't start crying, we can understand your pain.

8. The Checkbook-in-Hand Dad

father with cheque book in hand

You are a damn lucky girl if your dad allows you to splurge money like nothing for your wedding shopping. The checkbook-in-hand type of dad is a very rare species. He tries to maintain his stature in front of everyone by splurging money like a maniac on your wedding planning.

9. The Ailing Dad

the ailing dad

Illness is inevitable, but imagine a dad who is just perpetually ill? We can clearly remember the one, Raju Rastogi's dad from 3 idiots movie who is perennially ill, and her mom constantly tells her plight story to everyone who steps in the home.

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All of his stories start with "Isse accha to Bhagwaan mujhe utha le."

10. The Biased Dad

the biased father

India majorly comprises patriarchal societies, and most of the dads prefer to have a male child over a girl. As soon as the girl takes the first breath, her father starts ignoring her and continues to bring pain in her life. His absence is desperately felt by the daughter, and broken relationship between them can't be hidden even in the public.

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