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10 Things That Sister Of The Groom Should DO To Make Her Veera's Wedding Perfect

10 Things That Sister Of The Groom Should DO To Make Her Veera's Wedding Perfect

‘Mere Veerey Di Wedding Hai’ is an epic line said by a sister that shows her excitement for her Veera’s wedding. Veera’s wedding is one of the most anticipated moments that a sister eagerly waits for. A brother’s wedding gives the sister the perfect chance to enjoy a family function and to tease her veera about his to be wife. Irrespective of the fights that a sibling has wedding is the time when they form a team to make the moment special for the other. With the entire shopping spree, photo sessions, dressing up, number of fun filled ceremonies a sister’s excitement is justified.

Irrespective of the love hate relation that siblings share a brother is the prince charming for every sister and for the bhai her bhena is Miss goody two shoes! Sibling bond is the strongest relation on the planet. Sisters are always the second best friend for a brother, the first being their mother. When a boy is getting married there is plenty of work to do right from arranging the wedding dress to the baraat arrangements. A daughter is the backbone of the family who handles all the emotional issues. A sister is the light that brightens a brother’s life.

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Wedding is a frenzy of rituals, ceremonies that inflicts fun and excitement. Apart from all the fun and enjoyment you should not forget the mandatory sister of the groom duties that you need to perform. After all its your ‘Veera’s wedding’ and nothing can be neglected. So to help you slay the role of the perfect Veerey di Bhen we have brought for you an extensive list of Indian wedding duties that all you bhena’s need to perform. Check em’out

Super Fun Bhena Duties That You Must Perform At Your Veera’s Wedding

At brothers wedding a sister is no less than a VIP and there are some quientessential rituals that cannot be done without your gracious presence. Always wanted to look important before your brother kudos sisters here is your chance to prove yourself. Infact there are some rituals without which your ‘pyaara bhaiya’ cannot get married unless you perform them! So bhena’s gear yourself up to play the crucial VIP role. These super fun bhena duties at your Veera’s wedding are sure enough to add oodles of fun.

1. Godhbharai


Wondering how this ritual is even related to a wedding? Well if you’re Marwari or your bhaiya is having a Marwari wedding then this is an essential wedding ritual. A godhbharai ritual is incomplete unless you bhena’s bless your bhabhi at the engagement with an adorable baby. The ritual gives a major nervousness to the bhai’s and a chance to the bhena’s to tease them about the baby.

2. Dress Him Up In His Groom Attire

dress him up on his wedding

Bhena’s always wanted to doll up your brother or critise his fashion sense here is your chance. Help your bhai to get ready on his wedding day. Change his attire and pep it up with your fashion sense. Psst.. a suggestion why not twin up your brother’s attire with your bhabhi’s bridal dress. While dressing up your bhai keep your bhabhi in the loop.This would ensure you gain her favoritism as well.

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3. Highlight His Eyes With Kajal

heighlight groom's eye with kajal

Who said Kajal is just meant to enhance the beauty of a girl’s eye? It is a common belief that Kajal is applied to protect the protect the person from the evil eye. So bhena’s ward off the evil eye that is eyeing your charming brother by applying kajal on his eyes. Boys do hate kajal so use the rasam of Kajal Lagai to turn tables in your favor and ask for anything from your brother while he begs for applying just a thin line. Its #BhaiKoBlackamailKaroTime sisters.

4. Tying The Sehra

sehra bandi on his wedding

Just a veil is to a bride so is the sehra. The sehra protects the groom from being seen by the bride until the auspicious moment. Tie the sehra on your brothers forehead and complete his groom avatar. Showoff your #siblinggoals by posting a cute picture of yours getting ready or even a little dance video of you helping your brother with his dress and sehra. Living in the world of TikTok and Musically you know what grab draw eyes towards you.

5. Ghodi Pujan

ghodi pujan in indian weddings

Before your Veera mounts on his ghodi to proceed with baraat for fetching his wife you need to do the ghodi puja. The pujan is all about the sister feeding chana to the ghodi to ensure that the ghodi is good to his brother.

6. Veere Ke Arti

veere ki arti

After the ghodi pujan you have to do the arti of your annoying bhai. Although your brother might irritating and a gadha but this is the highest respect that he would get from you. As per the ritual a sister has to perform the arti and bless her brother before he starts his new journey.So grant your bhaiya with the aashirvad of your choice and not just the regular ‘dudo nahao puto falo’ to add the fun factor to the ceremony.

7. Gathbandhan

gathbandhan by sister

Offcourse the pandit is responsible for solemnizing the wedding but it is the sister who ties the knots of love. By knots of love we are implying on gathbandhan.One of the most important ritual of a wedding so sisters take your own time while tying it because according to beliefs if the gathbandhan opens the couple is surely to fight. You definitely would not want your brother to seek another fighting partner as fighting with him is offcourse bhena’s your birth right.

8. Dwaar Roka

dwar roka

Before your bhaiya enters the house with his newlywed use your sister right to block his way and demand for Shagun. Yes bhena’s  shaadi ka shagun or sagan is your legal right. So use blackmailing, talking and don’t just give up before you drive a hole in your brothers pocket. After all its not everyday that you get a chance to ‘lootofy’ your brother.

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9. Sabotaging His First Night

sabotaging His First Night

This is one of the most awaited moments that you have ever waited for bhena’s. Share your brother’s deepest and darkest secrets with your new friend your bhabhi. Also its time to show off your evil side as you sabotage your brother’s first night with your crazy pranks. Its war time sisters and time for you to seek avenge from your brother for all those fights that he had won. Other fights he may have got the better of you and now with your bhabhi on your side and the advantage of home ground you gotta win this one.

10. Be His Dance Partner At The Sangeet

be his partner at sangeet

So your veera is finally getting married but that does not change the thing that you would always be his best friend and special girl. So before your bhaiya and bhabhi’s mandatory romantic couple dance have a brother sister duo performances to show off the love you have for each other. Trust us there is no better way of celebrating your bond than grooving on the tunes of music.

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So bhena’s is your Veera getting married? Are you excited about his wedding? Tag your veera below and let us know in the comments about the plans you have for his big day.

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