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Significance Of Bangles For Indian Brides!

Significance Of Bangles For Indian Brides!

Rainbow-tinted circles of light? Lustrous tokens of radiant lives, for happy daughters and happy wives these beautiful lines by Sarojini Naidu tell us the significance of bangles in our Indian culture. Bangles are the twinkling and ringing bracelets that are linked with the evergreen celebration of life worn by beautiful women.

These round bracelets for the arm or wrist made up of gold, silver, metal, glass, lac or plastic does not only adds beauty to a woman but has a greater significance. This traditional jewelry goes back to the roots of our culture.

In India, bangles are the most important ornaments worn by the brides and wives. The significance of these bangles depends on their color. The color of the bangles worn during the wedding or after the wedding differs from region to region.

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Shakha Paula-West Bengal

Shakha Paula-West Bengal
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This is a pair of bangle that is a must in Bengali tradition. Shakha is the white bangle made of conch-shell and Paula is the red bangle made of red corals.  This pair is usually worn in both the hands of a bride. The Paula has to be worn between two iron bangles, commonly called lohabandhano. The red bangle signifies energy and the white bangle signifies new beginnings. And wearing them both together signifies the health and prosperity of the husband.

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This is a collection of 21 ivory or plastic bangles of red and white color. Choodha is given to the bride by the maternal uncle after washing them in milk. These are supposed to be worn for 15 months or for 40 days and after this period for a year. During this period the bride is not supposed to heavy household work. It signifies good luck and strengthens the bond of the couple. And the kallire are added to the Choodha by the friends and cousins that signify the never-ending love of the couple.

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Ivory Bangles-Rajasthan and Gujarat

Ivory Bangles-Rajasthan and Gujarat
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In both, Rajasthan and Gujarat the mother of the bride gifts a set of 52 ivory bangles which is another type of choodha (made of the teeth of an elephant.) In Rajasthan, the women are supposed to wear these ivory bangles till their husband dies. These bangles are worn with lac bangles and the glass bangles of gold, green, red and white color. The colors signify fortune, luck, energy and a new beginning respectively.

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Green Bangles-South India

Green Bangles-South India
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In southern India, the brides wear green colored glass bangles with gold bangles. Green bangles signify luck and fertility, and the golden bangles signify fortune. Scientifically, the bangles are worn by the females on the arm because the body creates constant friction on the vein from where the pulse is checked. This in return improves the blood circulation in the body.

Not to forget that these bangles are a vital part of the ‘sholah shringar’ and an epitome of beauty for an Indian bride. Traditions and ceremonies play an important role in deciding the color of the bangles. But no matter whatever the color of the bangles are, all the bangles signify the prosperity and well-being of the couple!

And here is the significance of colors also that represent different aspects when you wear the bangles:

Red is for energy and prosperity

Green is for good luck and fertility

Blue represents wisdom

Yellow bangles represent happiness

White means beginnings

Orange is for success

Silver bangles show strength

Gold bangles symbolize fortune and prosperity

So tell us which color of bangles you want to wear and according to you what color for you represent, mean to say how you connect with them. Tell in the comments below:

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