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The Significance Behind Kundali Milan - Top Reasons To Match Kundli Before Tying The Nuptial Knot

The Significance Behind Kundali Milan - Top Reasons To Match Kundli Before Tying The Nuptial Knot

Marriage is perhaps the biggest U-turn in the lives of two individuals and families. It is the commencement of the new phase of life. But do you know the first phase of this utterly mesmerizing and life-long journey? It's Kundali Milan. In a majority of the Hindu and other cultures marriages, parents decide to match the detailed Kundli chart of their children to ensure whether the stars are compatible or not.

The question here pops up why it is pivotal to match the Kundli of two individuals before tying the wedding knot? To find the most relevant and intellect-satiating answer to this question, we discussed our question with some of the top-notch astrologers and scrolled various prominent blogs on Kundali Milan. Here is what we chalked out.

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The Imperativeness of Kundli Matching

The key reason why Kundalis of two individuals are matched before the nuptial ceremony is to make sure that couples will live a rich, opulent, and healthy life together. According to some of the most acclaimed astrologers in India, Kundli Milan is an integral part of the Indian Matrimony, and it is done to predict the nature, future, and other life aspects of an individual.

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Astrology is a very archaic and accurate science. With the help of right Kundli chart, astrologers can accurately predict the range of things which if you know in advance can make your marriage life enticing.

How Kundlis are Matched?

The entire system of the Kundali matching is based on 8 Gunas. The Gunas of two individuals are matched to find out the compatibility of the couple. The minimum sum of these gunas should be at least 18 to lead a happy and successful nuptial life. If the total comes out to be below 18, the marriage is not considered as exemplary. The maximum sum of these Gunas can be 36 which happens very rarely.

Each of these gunas has a specific numerical value, and the total of all the gunas is 36. Let's have a look at all gunas which are considered indispensable when matching the Kundli charts.

1. Varna

2. Vashya

3. Tara

4. Yoni

5. Graha Maitri

6. Gan

7. Bhakoot

8. Nadi

Apart from these gunas, other pivotal factors like Maanglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitra dosh should be studied meticulously to make sure the alliance between the boy and girl turns out to be a successful affair.

Top Reasons to Match the Kundli

1. Compatibility


The first and the foremost reason to match Kundali charts it to check the compatibility between two individuals. As we have already discussed, the total sum of gunas is 36 and at least 50% of them should match for further proceedings in the process of marriage. Matching of these gunas in Kundali ensure you the conjugal harmony between two individuals.

2. Offspring


One of the biggest reasons to match Kundali charts of two individuals is to check the off-spring bearing compatibility of the couple. Naadi guna indicates the possibility of having or not having childbirth and also the problems which couples may face when conceiving the baby. Since no family is complete without a child, it is essential to ensure the well-being and happiness of off-spring in advance.

3. Career and Financial Aspects

The motion of planets and Nakshatras not only impact the life of a person but also his/her career and financial aspects. Bhakoot guna in Kundli determines the financial stability, career stability, and growth aspects of both individuals which are absolutely necessary to look on.

4. To Check Doshas Your Kundli Carries

To Check Doshas Your Kundli Carries

There are different types of Doshas which any individual can have in his/her Kundali. The timing and position of stars are responsible for the occurrence of such Doshas in a person's Kundli. These doshas can create some serious troubles in life after marriage if not resolved at the right time. Studying Kundli charts allow astrologers to find out doshas and guide the couple or their families to perform requisite poojas to exterminate detected doshas.

5. To Find Solution for Mis-Matched Kundlis

To Find Solution for Mis-Matched Kundlis

Sometimes, the boy and girl like each other, however, their kundlis don't match. And Gunas Milan is mandatory for a successful and happy married life. In case the Kundlis don't match, astrologers can render your particular solutions to tie the wedding knot with the preferred person, even after the kundli doesn't match.

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