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11 Secrets Of Happy Arranged Marriage In India Which Every Groom Should Know

11 Secrets Of Happy Arranged Marriage In India Which Every Groom Should Know

If you ask a millennial guy or a girl the kind of marriage they want; arranged or love? Maximum of the crowd will choose the latter i.e. love marriage. They would want to wait and search for that someone special instead of giving into the family pressure of arranged marriage. But this doesn’t mean that people have lost their faith from the concept of arranged marriage in India. A lot of bachelors trust their parents for choosing the best life partner for them.

The most prominent reason why many people prefer love over arranged marriage is trust, friendship, and understanding both the guy and girl share. This obviously lacks in the arranged marriage as both of them are literally strangers and a courtship period of 5-6 months isn’t enough to know someone well.

There are a lot of arranged marriages in India which turn out to be successful and blissful for both. And to help all the soon to be grooms who are entering into arranged marriage we have compiled a list of secrets which will fill your married life with lots of happiness, mutual respect, and love.

11 Secret Ingredients Of A Blissful Arranged Marriage In India

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1. Don’t Get Worked Up On Small Things

Lot of Indian men lead a very stressful lifestyle due to work pressure and this often makes them short-tempered. And ANGER is a common reason for major fights between many couples. It may happen sometimes that you are in a hurry and not able to find the wallet, the handkerchief, and other essentials at the usual place. Instead of getting irritated and worked-up on your wife for placing them somewhere else, why not just ignore it? Instead, before going to the office, why not steal a kiss from the Mrs for a brighter day?

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2. Tone Down Your Smoking And Drinking Habits

It’s time for a reality check! You are no longer a single guy who likes to drink beer and enjoy a smoke with friends even if your wife is OK with it. It has been proven scientifically that smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol have a negative impact on man’s natural testosterone.  This will negatively affect physical intimacy in your relationship and ultimately the married life.

3. Please Say No To Extra Marital Affairs

It needs to be said it out loud. The biggest reason for the failure of arranged marriages in India is the tendency of guys getting into extramarital affairs. If you feel like drifting apart from your wife then please TALK and SHARE with her what all is going through your mind.

4. Respect Her Parents

It is very common for your wife’s parents to guide and help her settle in your family. If she has something in her mind, at first she may feel hesitant in sharing with you and ask her parents to talk to you on the same. You should simply listen to what they have to say and never get irritated or snap at them. This will slowly build her trust in you and she will start sharing her feelings soon.

5. Never Take A Fight To Bed

Ego and misunderstandings are the two major reason for failed marriages. It is very normal for newly married couples to fight rather it strengthens their bond. But you should never take a fight to bed and always resolve the issue same day itself even if it means for you to say SORRY and TALKING first.

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6. Talk To Her About Managing Expenses

It’s not necessary for every couple to have a huge amount of money for spending on their leisure. As you both are starting a new life together, talk to her about the savings which should be done and the amount of money which is okay to be spent. You will be surprised to know that ‘not able to freely spend money’ is a major reason for problems in an arranged marriage in India.

7. Do Not Judge Her But Understand Her

In the case of arranged marriages, it is very common for guys to not be aware of their better-halves’ likes and dislikes. Like you may prefer buying latest and trendy smartphones very often while for her a budget phone may suffice for years and that doesn’t make her less technology savvy and outdated.

8. Do Not Assert Your Husbandly Rights

As outdated and fogey it may sound, there are still a number of grooms in India who think that getting married is all about SEX. It is not easy for a girl or anyone for that matter to share physical intimacy without knowing the person first. You should take things slow, talk to her. Understand her and simply enjoy the process instead of such having such outrageous expectations.

9. Support Her Decision

We are living in the 21st Century where women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in running the business and doing jobs. Generally, in an arranged marriage in India. The girl is asked to give up her passion for work to handle family affairs. If your wife is interested in pursuing her job post marriage and convey these feelings then you should support her decision. There are a lot of benefits when husband and wife both work as it brings more financial security into their lives.

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10.  Ask For Her Opinions

In a marriage, it is always about WE and not just ME. No matter the decision you take in your life, always run it by her and ask for an opinion. Like you might be thinking of buying a car and this will have an impact on both of your financial resources. Hence you should discuss the idea with her and maybe she even has a dream car which you can consider buying to make her happy.

11.  Do Not Intrude In Her Personal Space

Just like you want to hang out with your school friends once in a while, she may want to do the same. Always give your wife a personal space. Some alone time in which she can meet and enjoy with her friends or family members.

These are our eleven secret ingredients of a loving and forever happy arranged marriage in India which you as husband or soon-to-be groom should be aware of. If you feel we missed any magical ingredient or tip then please share it with us by commenting in the section below. We would like to hear from you.

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