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My Romantic Love And Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

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My Romantic Love And Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated to commemorate love. With each anniversary it gets deepen. A woman loves her man very much and every day she writes about wedding anniversary wishes for her husband

A woman loves her husband like a fish loves its water. And a husband loves his woman like a moon loves its beams. There cannot be any comparison done between the love of his for her and of her for him but more can be said about in the praise of them both. It is always said about, mostly in folklores and stories, described and talked about a man’s love for a woman; but how much a woman craves for him, loves him; talked less. Yeah, it is there but a bit less talked. It is always he dies for her but she also has scarified herself for him many times. 


wedding anniversary wishes for husband


A woman loves her man very much because he stands for her, gives her courage and her ultimate strength. She every time wishes good for him. She wants and craves for his happiness every time sacrificing hers. When their anniversary comes, they celebrate their love but she always wants to say something special to him that describes her love for him. So for you all wives, here are best of the words about wedding anniversary wishes for husband.  

romantic wedding anniversary messages for husband

Besides with every anniversary, a husband and a wife come to different understanding of love and of each other. Here we are giving some guess description, totally predications, that what each anniversary can be about different kind of love.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

On 1st Anniversary:

It is your arranged marriage and two strangers have become of each other. When your first anniversary comes, it is about your understanding that you get for each other. 


"365 days have passed and every single day you made me feel more special and beautiful. With you, life seems more happening. Let’s make the rest of our journey magical".

1st wedding anniversary wishes for husband


"Sometimes, it takes whole life to find true love. I guess I hit the jackpot in just one year. Happy 1st wedding anniversary to my lovely and obedient husband".

1st wedding anniversary quotes for hubby


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On 2nd Anniversary:

Now you know that he is a bit like you but different but you like him, love him and always wishes to be with him. 


"Another year passed and our unconditional love for each other have become more intense and stronger. So glad to have such a dashing and humble man in my life. Happy wedding anniversary sweetheart!"

2nd wedding anniversary wishes for husband


"Our 2nd wedding anniversary makes me reminiscent of the day you proposed and vowed to spend the rest of the life together. Thank you for being such a lovely and supportive husband".

2nd wedding anniversary quotes for hubby


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On 3rd Anniversary:

Your love has gotten a little bit deeper. You understand him by his eyes and his silence what he wants to say. 


"3 cheers for our love, friendship, and 3rd wedding anniversary.Way to go my husband!"

3rd wedding anniversary quotes for husband


"All it takes is one special person to make you believe that true love exists. You are that person for me. Every fiber of my body loves you unconditionally. Happiest Wedding anniversary!"

3rd marriage anniversary wishes for husband


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On 4th Anniversary:

You have become each other very real best friends. The relationship has matured more and you understand his every breath what he wants to say into it. 


"Tying wedding knot with you was the best decision of my life. I may not say it everyday but thank you for being in my life and making it better and full of love. I wish you a  happy wedding anniversary!"

happy 4th anniversary my love


"Some feelings can’t be expressed in words. All I want to say is you have changed my life completely. I just want to savor these feelings for the lifetime!"

happy 4th anniversary wishes for husband


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On 5th Anniversary: 

Now it is not about breath and eyes. It is about your souls that talk to each other without uttering any word by mouth. 


"Before you, my life was all about achieving goals. Then you came and my perspective on life changed completely. Thank you for making me a wonderful mother and a compassionate human being!"

4th wedding anniversary wishes for husband


"Till yet, our wedding life is one hell of a roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every moment to the fullest. Happy anniversary my superman!"

happy 4th wedding anniversary wishes for hubby


On 6th Anniversary:

Whether you quarrel or anger or fight with each other over issues, you know that you are fighting unnecessarily. But it is also another way of expressing love. 


"Seriously, six freaking years we’ve spent together. Can you believe that! Though we are poles apart personalities i think that’s what keeps us together. Cheers to our 6th wedding anniversary."


6th wedding anniversary quotes for hubby


“Happiness is only real when shared”. In six years of our marriage, you have given me everything unconditionally but never asked for anything in return. I love you and admire you the most in this world.

6th anniversary wishes for husband

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On 7th Anniversary:

You remember how you met and how you got married and how all fights that you fought with him were also a part of life that strengthens the relationship like a rock. 


"Our hectic jobs barely give us time to spend some quality together. But today it's all about you and me only. Let’s love more, laugh more, and live more together!"

7th wedding anniversary messages for a husband


"I am not saying that our marriage is perfect but over the course of time, we’ve learned to love each other imperfections. All credit goes to you for making our married life happening."

7th wedding anniversary wishes for husband


On 8th Anniversary: 

 Now you only want to talk about love. Your relationship is beyond everything. It is time to visit memorable romantic places. If you want to give treat to yourselves. 


"Where there is life, there is love. And where there is love, I find only you. So blessed to be in your life."

7th wedding anniversary messages to husbands


"My craziness and your serenity, what a topsy-turvy couple we are. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and limitless love!"

8th wedding anniversary for a husband


On 9th Anniversary:

Without love, there is no world and nothing could be in this world, survive. Love is everything and love was everything and it will be. 


"It’s been 9 years of our marriage and it still feels like we met yesterday. All because of the love given by you, life is so vivacious and fresh. Happy 9th anniversary my love!"

8th wedding anniversary wishes to my husband


"You are the perfect man a woman could ever ask for. Thank you to the person who makes me feel alive and special every single day."

9th wedding anniversary wishes for a hubby


On 10th Anniversary:

You transcend each other completely. Your souls have become one. And you know what is the true meaning of love.  


"10 years of togetherness, tons of unforgettable memories, and two mushy children. My life is perfect and so are you, my hubby!"

10th wedding anniversary wishes for husband


"It’s so difficult to find words to describe how amazing as a husband you are. All I can say is thank you for the love and support you have given me all these years and very wedding anniversary!"

10th wedding anniversary quotes for a husband

With every anniversary spent you understand your husband better and wish for him everything whether it is about his success, future or health. At the end of the day you want him happy and above wedding anniversary wishes for husband make him happier if you say him on each anniversary of yours. 

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