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Before Marriage Questions That You Should Ask

Before Marriage Questions That You Should Ask

Marriage is not about perfection but making it perfect slowly and gradually with your dearest but not so very perfect. It is always good to know the hidden thoughts of each other, especially when you are planning a life together. There are a few questions that you can ask without hesitation to know more about him/her. This would pull you out of the confusion zone and give you a clean mindset to say ‘a yes or a no’. Well, understand that it is good to be open about your thoughts rather than playing hide & seek with your own self.

Also, if you do not have an answer of any question, it’s the right time to give a thought for a forever happy wedding. Prefer asking sensibly qualitative questions before marriage rather than making a list of out of course questions. So, go through the list below: 

What are your expectations from each other about your new family?

The new extended family is the major change for both. They play an important role when it comes to marriage. You both need to be very clear in terms of what do you expect from each other in regard to your family and how far the other can fulfill the expectation. So, this is one of the relevant questions to be asked before marriage. 

How significant and frequent should be vacations as per you? 

Acknowledging this, will let you know about the preference of your partner vacay mood. Do they need their own ‘me time’? Are they comfortable in couple group vacations? Is privacy more important for them? So, basically you will be able to sense if he/she is on the same track of thoughts as you are or not. A fun loving person with more of ease will be a great choice. 

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What you both cannot negotiate on ever in any condition?

Every individual is bring and brought up with different lifestyle and each one has their own comfort zone depending on various criteria like: religious beliefs, traditions, customs, parenting ways, set of standards and so on. The earlier you get into this, the more you get to know about the things deeply. A better understanding is developed in terms of what to ignore and what to accept mutually. So, the more you match, the best will be for two of you.

What is your call about sharing financial responsibility? 

Being in a world where working couples are in a competition to earn more for a higher living, the concern of managing the finance is major among you both. You need a clear vision on how would you share the financial responsibility in the future thereby also keeping the relation healthy. The better the vision, the stronger is the sense of being stable.

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How would you react to heated discussion? 

Being from two different worlds would hardly allow you to agree mutually. Disagreements and discussions are a normal part of a marriage and it is absolutely ok to have a healthy one. You both need to understand this thing. But what if discussion turns out to a heated argument? What would be your extinguisher to calm it down without hurting each other’s self respect? Your answer will decide a good part about it should be a yes or a no. 

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How will you handle if love slips out of us? 

You both need to understand that no one dreams a wedding with the expectation of separation. Though exceptions are always there but make sure yours is not the one. Accept that every relation goes through roller coaster but then quitting is never the solution. You both need to be on the same track that there is no happy ending but always a happy beginning to every relation. So, know each other’s thought for a ‘happily married after’.

Hope these questions before marriage helps you out and assist you in taking a right decision. Just a piece of advice; never let stress suppress the love between both of you. Never ignore, always speak to each other but talk healthy. Wish you All the Best!


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