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What Happens On Wedding Night? Listen From Indian Quora Users Who Shared Their Real Wedding Night Stories

What Happens On Wedding Night? Listen From Indian Quora Users Who Shared Their Real Wedding Night Stories

You must have heard this joke ‘Name the place where 500 people are thinking about food and 2 are thinking about sex? The answer is a wedding’. Yes, it’s a fact that whenever a marriage union gets fixed in our country, the bride and groom start thinking about their upcoming wedding night. Although young couples are becoming more open-minded day-by-day still there are a number of people who feel hesitant in asking a married friend or relative about what actually happens on Real Wedding Night Stories? Is it like what we have seen in movies? Is it mandatory to become intimate during the wedding night? Or is the reality entirely different?

To help such soon-to-be brides and grooms, we took help of Quora which is touted as the world’s hugest ‘question and answer’ portal. With India being Quora’s second largest market (after the US), we researched the hell out of this platform and compiled a list of answers submitted by real brides and grooms who shared their wedding night experiences.

Real Wedding Night Experiences Shared By Indians On Quora

wedding night experience

“As an Indian bride who had an arranged marriage, I was damn nervous! But to my surprise, we ended up playing counting the flower petals game. The wager was, whoever will count the maximum number of petals correctly will win a gift. And I won!”

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wedding night experience

“We talked a lot, fed each other some fruits and slept in each other’s arms.”

wedding night experience

“We indulged in a lot of foreplay and ravished each other. It was passionate, loving and simply out of the world.”

wedding night experience

“My husband helped in removing all the heavy jewelry, makeup, and lehenga. He knew I had trepidations and didn’t assert his husbandly rights on me. We just hugged and slept. That night I fell in love with him.”

Real brides and grooms who shared Wedding Night Stories

wedding night experience

“Wedding nights are nothing like they show in Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If you ask me, it was a mix of wet smooches, embarrassing moments, awkward positions and some cramps.”

wedding night experience

“I dozed off while waiting for my hubby to come and woke up at 6 in the morning from my phone’s alarm. Saw my hubby sleeping beside me with an innocent smile on his face and I just went awwww!”

wedding night experience

“Our first night happened during the honeymoon in Langkawi. My husband gifted me a Kamasutra book and damn we did try some interesting positions.”

wedding night experience

“Since ours was a love marriage, the first night was fun as we knew each other from college days. It all happened on our honeymoon because just after marriage you feel so tired that being intimate is the last thing one has in mind.”

wedding night experience by quora

“You wouldn’t believe but me and my wife played Pub-G till 4 AM. Till date, we laugh like crazy remembering that night.”

wedding night experience

“I got pregnant due to our over excitement and careless attitude. A tip to all soon-to-be couples, please use protection on the wedding night.”

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