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91+ Beautiful Wedding Rangoli Designs Ideas for Your Wedding Décor That You Mustn’t Miss

91+ Beautiful Wedding Rangoli Designs Ideas for Your Wedding  Décor That You Mustn’t Miss

From time immemorial a rangoli crafted with flower petals, colors and sand have been an artistic expression made as a mark of celebration. The ornately crafted rangoli with its intricate patterns since ages has been a way of paying respect to gods, a way of decorating the home ad as an indication of festivities. Known with various names like Mandana, Kolam, Kalam, Alpana, Aripana across sub-continent the beautiful Rangoli Designs Ideas adds a dash of colors to the festivals. No matter what causes the revelry in the festivals and weddings a décor idea that remains common is the Rangoli Designs Ideas.

 When it comes to wedding décor, a variety of ideas for Rangoli designs are there for the couple to try that go in accentuating the beauty of the occasion. These days there are lots of decoration themes that can be seen at weddings that make a wedding venue illustrious. And there is one that is trending these days a lot and it is the Rangoli Designs Ideas. Of all the decoration themes the rangoli décor at the doorways and venue is a timeless idea that never goes out of date and there is no dearth in it. Owing to its beauty and charm the Rangoli décor theme has gained much popularity and become a trending one.

How did Rangoli designs originate?

“Rangoli-The painted prayers of India”, is a traditional art form that has been used since ages for decorating the courtyards and doorways of the homes, house of worship, wedding venues, festival places, inauguration ceremonies as well as exhibition halls. Earlier Rangoli designs in simple patterns were made with white stone power such as marble or lime or with rice flour. The intricate pattern of the Rangoli Designs Ideas differs across various states of India. The designs of the rangoli designs are determined by the ritual and occasion that it is made for such as for wedding a Rangoli in vibrant hue is made whereas for Onam simple designs are opted for.

Finding its traces to the pages of the Purans Rangoli is said to have originated in Maharastra from where it spread to the rest parts of India. Rangoli is various names across the Indian sub-continent such as Alokhathap in Kumaon region, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Alpana in Bengal, Aripana In Bihar, Chowk Pujan n Uttar Pradesh, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Kolam in Kerala, Rangavallie in Karnataka, Saathiya in Gujarat and Alpana in West Bengal. Various legends and myths have been associated with the origin of Rangoli. As per legends recorded in Chitra Lakshana the earliest treatise on Indian painting is credited for the inauguration of Rangoli Designs Ideas. According to the legend a king and his kingdom steeped in sorrow at the death of the head priest’s son.

To bring the son back to life the entire kingdom prayed for him to Lord Brahma. Moved by their pain and devotion Brahmaji asked the king to paint an image of the dead boy on the floor to put life into it. The king did as per the command and lo behold the boy lived again. The whole kingdom rejoiced in joy and thanked lord Brahma for it. As a token of gratitude since then, the tradition of painting rangolis on the floors of home became common. The treatise was made as a mark of respect to Lord Brahma for restoring.

Best Rangoli designs Ideas

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There is another legend that is associated with the origination of Rangoli Designs Ideas. The legend is about Goddess Andal who before attaining the position was a child brought up by childless couple Vishnuchitta ad his wife. Vishnuchitta was a reputed Tamil poet who would weave garlands for the lord. He and his wife were deprived of the joy of parenthood for which they prayed to Lord Vishnu. As an answer to his prayer Vishnuchitta found a baby girl near a tulsi plant and naming her as Khodia and brought him up as his child. While growing up Khodai started believing that she was married to the lord and would wear the stranded garland before offering it to the lord.

On finding his daughters deed Vishnuchitta locked him up were the same night he received a vision of the Lord who revealed that the garlands were acceptable to him. This was when Khodia came to be known as Andal and when she reached 15 years of age she decided to get married to the lord. She prayed in the auspicious month of Margazi(between December 14th- January 14th ). On one such day during the month at Brahma Muhurat Andal’s wish came true and she got married to Lord Vishnu and merged into him. In south India, she came to be known as Goddess Andal and it is during this month that unmarried girls there get up early before sunrise and paint rangolis at the entrance of their homes in the hope of getting the husband of their dreams.

Why is Rangoli Design drawn on the entrance of homes?

Everything in the world that happens, it happens for a reason. Behind every custom, every ritual lies a scientific reason. Even the culture of painting rangoli’s at the entrance of the homes has a reason behind it. According to some theories a relationship exists between vibrations and geometric patterns. Upon putting sand on a metal plate and vibrating it with a certain frequency geometric patterns can be seen forming in the sand. This is known as the science of Cymatics. The reason of making rangoli at an entrance is associated with cymatics. According to it painting rangoli at the entrance is said to have a calming effect on a visitor who enters the house. The geometric patterns of the rangoli manifest into vibrations as brainwaves in the visitor's mind thus putting them at ease and making them feel comfortable and happy.

Bringing back the charm of the traditional artwork modern weddings have embraced the concept of decorating the wedding venues with rangolis. With the paradigm shift from loud and grand weddings to the organic and minimalist wedding the Rangoli Designs Ideas has become an eco-friendly manner of decorating the wedding venue. 

Rangoli is a colorful art that adds beauty to an occasion. “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”-Anni


 There are many beautiful wedding Rangoli ideas that you can apply to your whole wedding venue. If you’re enchanted by the beauty of the rangoli and considering to have it at your weddings you have landed at the right place. Below we will tell you about different wedding rangoli ideas from which you can take inspirations what type of rangoli décor you want to try for your wedding.

90+ Pretty Rangoli Design ideas Perfect For Modern Weddings

Making Rangolis have always been popular in India. In the old times when there were no electric lamps, Indian women made rangolis on functions whether it is a wedding or any other occasion. Diyas and rangoli were only there in the name of decoration and flowers you can say more by which a home or a wedding venue was decorated. In recent times western wedding themes took over all wedding venues but rangoli theme has come again and in vogue. Right from eco-friendly weddings to minimalist nuptials rangoli with designs have become an essential décor idea. 

The rangoli designs can be made with flowers, holi colors and also with images. Various colors you can use in innumerable types of rangoli designs. The vibrant hues and quirky patterns of the rangoli are what set it apart from the other décor ideas. Wedding characters rangolis are also popular in which different characters can be made like God Ganesh, Krishna or others. Get creative with the rangoli as you cartoon and human characters in the design. The selection of characters for rangoli is done in accordance to your taste and preference. Making of a rangoli might seem an easy task on the outer core but good design requires creative and puts to test one’s patience level. The intricate designs blended with colors make the rangoli a time-consuming process.

Rangoli designs 2021 are about incorporating flowers in them. Flower wedding rangolis have gained much popularity this wedding season. Whilst opting for a floral rangoli one needs to take the weather conditions in mind as on a windy day the rangoli might be just blown away. Finding a solution to the glitch the wedding market has roped in the concept of gluing the flowers and leaves to the floor to avoid them from blowing away. So here are the beautiful wedding rangoli ideas for your wedding

Beautiful Rangoli Designs For Wedding

1. Rangoli of Hearts


As the bride gears up to walk down the aisle for exchanging the vows of eternity make her day of love special as you decorate the aisle with the rangoli of hearts. The heart rangoli aisle runner adds a romantic vibe to the atmosphere of the wedding. The use of red rose petals accentuates the beauty of the Rangoli Designs Ideas.

2. Shubh Labh Rangoli


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Wedding is an auspicious occasion and a Shubh Labh rangoli design adds on to the auspiciousness. During the festival of lights shubh labh décor is considered a necessity. The rangoli design for Diwali that is suited the most is the Shubh Labh one. You can enhance its overall look by adding a swastika sign and illuminate it with the placement of diyas around it.

3. Star Rangoli


Are you having a south Indian wedding then you can opt for a star rangoli. The feature of the rangoli is that it incorporates various geometric shapes. The rangoli resembles with the appearance of a deities trident. You can add a dash of personalization to it by adding the couple’s name in it.

4. Peacock Rangoli

Credit : Susmita Phadke

The Peacock is the signia of royalty and is a frequent motif in the wedding rangoli.At Indian weddings the Peacock is considered to be auspicious which is why the motif is widespread in the wedding regalia. The vibrant rangoli pattern where the peacock takes the centerstage making the design beautiful with its subtlety. The wedding market has several ideas for rangoli designs of peacock available and you can pick the one that is of your taste.

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5. Handcrafted Rangoli


Rangoli making requires ample amount of time and a minute glitch is enough to ruin the hours of designing. If your having shortage of time then instead of the regular color and flower rangoli you can opt for the handcrafted Rangoli Designs Ideas. Spruce up your wedding décor as you pick this beautiful handcrafted rangoli.The best standout feature of this rangoli is that it can be reused over period of time.

6. Beginners Floral Rangoli

Credit : Poonam Barhar

If you’re a beginner at Rangoli making then you try making the flower and leaf motif rangoli. You can use the choicest of the colors and patterns for making the easy rangoli designs. The entire idea behind the beginners rangoli is to bring out the creativity of a person. Enhance the overall look of the rangoli by placing diyas around it.

7. Checkered Rangoli


 The wedding market has stellar collections of rangoli designs to offer  and picking the ideal one from them is a dainty task. When you can think of nothing then you can create a checkered pattern with outlines and spaces filled with petals of marigold and rose. This Rangoli Designs Ideas is a brilliant piece of work.

8. Illuminated Floral rangoli


Flowers are timeless and their beauty and essence never seems to fade away. Flowers are one of the most common motifs for the weddings. Rangoli designs with flowers are always a treat to the eyes. The circular tri colored rangoli adorned with the marigold, rose petals looks visually appealing. To enhance the overall look you can consider placing diyas around it in the same pattern and one in the middle.

9. Flowerfall Rangoli


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Floral sculptures have become trending at the modern weddings. To add a dash of uniqueness greets your guests at the entrance with a beautiful rangoli. In order to set your wedding apart from the others ditch the regular flower and drapes entrance arches and replace them with flowerfall Rangoli Designs Ideas. The flowerfall rangoli features beautiful patterns made on the floor with flower petals along with garlands of flower oozing out from vessels to give the resemblance of a waterfall.

10. Hues of Nature


A Peacock seated on branch gives a fresh perspective to the rangoli. The design with focus on the plumage of the Peacock makes the Rangoli design. Amongst all rangoli designs of peacock this the easiest one to make. For beginners looking for a creative design that is easy to make can give this rangoli design a try.

11. Bright and Beautiful


This resplendent rangoli design gives the resembles the appearance of the evening sky. With the usage of hues of red,pink,white and yellow the rangoli looks appealing to the eyes.Adding more charm to the rangoli design diyas are placed around it to illuminate it.

12. Traditional Doormate Rangoli


Looking for a traditional rangoli designs for Diwali then consider opting for the dooormate rangoli. With words of swagatam inscribed in the design along with traditional patterns such as swirls, circles this rangoli is perfect for welcoming of the guests. The use of contrasting colors is what enhances the look of it.

13. Leaf Ganesh motif Rangoli

Credit : Poonam Barhar

Lord Ganesh is referred to as the pratam pujay god. During the wedding the first card is placed before him inviting him to the auspicious occasion. Add auspiciousness to the occasion by getting a lord Ganesh themed rangoli made at the venue.The leaf ganesh motif paired with flower motif and not missing out the leaf mushakraj design makes the rangoli a treat for the eyes.

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14.  Pixel art rangoli


In the time of social media what is a rangoli that is not insta worthy. Wedding is a joyous occasion, spruce up the festivities with the inclusion of colors in it by opting for this vibrant pixel art Rangoli Designs Ideas. A flower design  filled with pixel art surely accounts for a design that is insta worthy. For rangoli designs 2021 this insta worthy design is a captivating idea worth giving a try.

15. Lotus Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The Lotus rangoli is one of the most traditional rangoli designs. With high and low patterns paired with the use of contrasting colors this Lotus rangoli is pretty choice and is perfect for welcoming the guests at the wedding venue.Accentuate the beauty of the rangoli by placing diyas at different points of the rangoli.

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16. Peacock Center stage Rangoli


The pattern with the Peacock motif in the center of the design looks beautiful. With emphasis on the feathers this rangoli is a work of art. The peacock motif made with vibrant colors and surrounded with simple patterns is what makes it beautiful by its subtlety. This beautiful piece is  amongst a timeless rangoli designs of peacock.

17. Pixelated Floral Rangoli

Credit : Hema

In the modern times everyone surely loves the pixilated artforms. The minimalist patterns of this rangoli enhance its look.The color scheme of the rangoli is what makes its to look pretty.Be it a wedding or an occasion this rangoli design is perfect for all festivities. If you’re looking for new rangoli designs for diwali then give the pixilated floral rangoli a try.

18. Gleaming Paisley


Its that time of the year again when you illuminate the homes with diyas and lights. With the festival of round the corner you must be looking for a rangoli perfect for the occasion. A gleaming paisley is the best choice. Spruce up the look of it with the placement of diyas around it.

19. Glistening Blossoms

Credit : Sneha

Sparkle up your diwali as you go for the glistening blossoms rangoli design. The flowers and leaf pattern of the rangoli design paired with the diyas placed around it accentuates its overall look. Put an end to our quest for new rangoli designs for diwali with this glistening blossoms rangoli.

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20. Go Aquatic with tricolor rangoli

Credit : Poonam Barkar

Drawing inspiration from nature the aquatic rangoli embedded with shells and petals remind of the water world. The blissful design of the rangoli requires a lot of patience but the outcome of it is worth the effort. A noticeable feature of the Rangoli Designs Ideas is the amalgamation of the aquatic hues with the tricolors.

21. Petals and Prints


Looking for images for rangoli designs the consider giving the petals and paisley pattern rangoli a try. The color scheme of the rangoli is what adds beauty to it. Illuminate the rangoli by placing diyas inside and outside it.

22. Glowing Swirls


A sober rangoli design perfect for the beginners. If you’re looking for easy rangoli designs than try making this glowing swirls design. The design with circles, paisley and teardrop patterns and diyas illuminating it looks fantastic.

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23. Gleaming Teardrops on floor


A simple rangoli design that is perfect for sprucing up the Diwali celebrations. The use of contrasting colors such as green and blue in the center, red and  orange on the teardrops is what makes the design pretty.

24. Flowers and Feathers


A design that is full of elegance and looks appealing to the eyes is the flower and feathers rangoli design. The beautiful design with peacock feathers taking the center stage surrounded by petals that gives the impression of flower buds makes it a standout rangoli. The patterns and color scheme makes the designs to look more like a 2d rangoli with the feather design popping out.

25. Glow of the dawn


Add a little pop of color to the wedding with the colorful affair of the glow of dawn rangoli. One simply cannot help ogling at the colorful centre motif of the rangoli. The placement of the pot with peacock feathers enhances its look.

26. Meshy Flowers

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Simplicity has its own charm. One simply cannot resist the alluring charm of this beautiful rangoli design. The blue color pops out from the leaf motif whereas the mesh work in the flowers enhances the overall look of the rangoli.Put an to your quest for rangoli designs in simple patterns by opting this meshy flower rangoli.

27. Signia of Royalty


The national bird of India is a considered as a symbol of peace and royalty. The intricate designs made on the body of the peacock are what make the rangoli gorgeous. The splash of colors in the center adds character to the rangoli. Enhance the rangoli by adding diyas around it.

28. The ravishing lotus rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The national flower of India is not only considered auspicious but is also beautiful. The 3D effect created by the use of dual shades of color on the petals makes it a standout feature of rangoli. The green and white detail of the rangoli makes it a fine blend of traditions and modernity.

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29. Enmeshed Swirls


Although simple and sober this enmeshed swirling rangoli has a certain charm to it. The usage of yellow and orange color gives the impression of the setting sun. The mesh work of the rangoli illuminated with the diyas makes it a pretty piece of art.

30. Colors of royalty

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The Peacock rangoli motif is one of the most common designs that is bit tough to draw. It requires great precision and hardwork to make the design. The colorful rangoli designs of peacock are perfect for adding charm to your wedding. The embroidery along with the intricate patterns and use of vibrant hues makes the design to look magnificient.

31. Colorful Mandala Design


A colorful mandala design with a patterned banner gives an offbeat look to the rangoli. The colorful hues adds on the beauty of the Rangoli Designs Ideas.

32. Swirls of Fire


With the festival of lights nearing why not opt for this rangoli design that is looks like a diya flame. The teardrop design embellished with peppy patterns makes the rangoli eye catchy. The center circular pattern surrounded by teardrops in yellow and orange color gives the appearance of a flame.

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33. Petals and Patterns

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Paisley is one of the most sought after wedding pattern. In rangoli designs paisley patterns are he easiest to make. A swirling paisley design paired with petal pattern is what accentuates the beauty of the Rangoli Designs Ideas.

34. 2D Diya Design

Credit : Foap

Flower and colors rangoli is a common design. If your looking for rangoli with designs that are offbeat yet look traditional than give the 2D rangoli design a try. The 2D rangoli design with its diya and elaborate design is a blend of modernity and traditions.

35. Hues of royalty

Looking for trendy stick on rangoli designs of peacock then try this rangoli. The rangoli is subdued with royalty as it features a Peacock motif along with a Lotus design. You can either opt a stick on versio of this rangoli or make it with colors and flower petals.

36. Om Rangoli

Om Rangoli

Add aesthetics and a religious vibe to your rangoli design as you opt for a Om rangoli. Sparkle up the rangoli by surrounding the patterns with diyas. The rangoli design is perfect for Diwali and wedding.

37. Contrasting Floral Mandala

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The intricate high and low patterns paired with swirling designs in contrasting hues is what makes this rangoli design beautiful. Place diyas around this rangoli design to give it a traditional look.

38. Geometric Rangoli

Credit : Hema

This geometric rangoli with square design is surely a piece of art. The Lotus and floral design paired with the intricate artwork accentuates its beauty. A true master piece worth giving a try.

39. Flame it up

Credit : Fashionsrunway

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. This diwali when you add illuminate your house with diyas and light why leave the floors unattended. Sparkle up your diwali as you make this beautiful flame design rangoli on the floor. The design features various intricate patterns such as paisleys, circles in vibrant color schemes which make it a catchy design.

40. Colorful Diyas


The colorful diya rangoli is a master piece. This Diwali surprise your guests as you greet them with this beautiful rangoli design. Your quest for rangoli designs for diwali ends with this ravishing piece.

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41. Betal Leaf Rangoli


Be it a wedding or any festivity a betal leaf is considered auspicious for an occasion. Why not then rope in the auspiciousness of the betal leaf in your rangoli. This betal leaf rangoli with its color scheme and center floral motif along with the lotus topper is what makes the design beautiful.

42. Entangled Twirls


This entangled twirls rangoli in tri colored hues of the setting sun is a treat to the eyes. The swirling pattern of the design accentuates its beauty.

43. Square Rangoli


This simple geometric rangoli with square designs looks pretty. What separates it from the other geometric rangoli is the pretty patterns on it. The placement of diyas inside the rangoli illuminates it.

44. Overlapping Flowers Rangoli


Flowers, bloom and gloom this overlapping rangoli design is a real beauty. The fantastic use of floral motif in different patterns is what spruces up its look. If your looking for rangoli designs with flowers then consider giving this overlapping flower rangoli a try.

45. Swirling Mandala

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The colorful hues of pink & purple, yellow & red, blue & white together fuse in the playful dance of the swirls and flowers. The center mandala design is easy to make and looks visually appealing as well.

46. Pink Vs. Blue

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Vibrant and lively with mix of pink and blue shades in the flowers that is what this beautiful rangoli design is about. The details and symmetry of the rangoli though need practice but is a treat for eyes.

47. Paisley Ganesh Design

Lord Ganesh is one of the most revered gods of the country. The pictorial representations of Lord Ganesh in the rangoli designs have symbolic connotations. This vibrant picturization of Lord Ganesh in his usual posture of one hand showering blessing and other hand holding a moduk in the rangoli looks pretty.The background aesthetics enhance its charm.

48. Dual color Leaf Ganesh Rangoli


This rangoli is a archetype representation of Lord Ganesh made with betal leaf design. The dual tone of the Rangoli adds on to its aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from nature the design features Hibiscous flowers which enhances its charm.

49. Ganesh Center stage Rangoli


The outstanding feature of this rangoli is that it features only the face of Lord Ganesh. The awesome blend of colors with diyas surrounding the design gives the rangoli a 2d effect.

50. Glowing Flowers Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This simply gorgeous design with the focus on block colors for appeal is what makes its captivating. The somber design of the rangoli with the artwork of flowers and diyas makes it perfect pick for jazzing up the Diwali festivities.

51. Gleam of Joy


Looking for rangoli designs for Diwali? This elegant rangoli design of diya is perfect for decorating the entrance of homes and offices during diwali. The use of vibrant color schemes enhances its beauty.

52. Shaded Diya Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

No Diwali celebration is deemed to be complete without a diya decoration. This stand alone Diya decoration rangoli design with its shaded patterns makes it to look pretty.

53. Simple Ganesh Motif Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

A  simple rangoli design with a ganesh motif in circular pattern looks unique. The elaborate designs made inside the petals is what adds on to its beauty.

54. Crescent Moon

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This beautiful design in white and blue is an artistic pattern that represents a crescent moon. The pot of honey along with the flower and leaves design adds character to it.

55. Overlapping Mandala

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This Beautiful overlapping mandala design made of rice flour is perfect for those looking for simple and sober rangoli. The high and low patterns of this rangoli is what makes it beautiful.

56. Ornate Paisley Design

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This ornate design of dome and paisley made with rice flour looks beautiful. The intricate pattern of the design accentuates the beauty of this rangoli.

57. Intricate Mandala Design

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

During weddings mandala is a popular design element. If your looking for rangoli designs images then consider giving this intricate mandala design a try.

58. Mesh work Paisley Design

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This flower design with the mesh work paisley patterns look unique and elegant. This rangoli is perfect for flaunting at weddings and festivitals.

59. Sunflower Design

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

When it comes to warm hues how hues then how can you miss out the sunflower design. This beautiful rangoli design with the sunflower pattern along with mesh artwork looks amazing.

60. Meshy Mandala

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This pink and white rangoli is sure enough to bewilder your guests and enchant them with its charm. The use of minimalist colors and patterns makes the design to look beautiful.

61. Coiled Garland Rangoli


Are you looking for rangoli designs with flowers then give this pretty coiled garland rangoli a try. This beautiful rangoli design is perfect for decorating the corners of the room.

62. Pretty In Pink

Credit : Aakruti Rangoli

This beautiful rangoli design in pink made with flower petals and colors is perfect for decorating the entrance of homes on Diwali. The diya design on the rangoli is what accentuates its beauty.

63. Artistic Rangoli


This wedding season say goodbye to the traditional Rangoli and replace it with an artistic rangoli. This beautiful rangoli design with the artistic rangoli gives a boost to your creativity and adds character to your wedding.

64. Palqui Design

palqui design

At Indian wedding the bidaai of the brides used to done in a palqui. Revive back the charm of the palqui with this pretty palqui design rangoli. You can add personalization to these pretty rangoli designs by getting the names of the bride and groom inscribed in it.

65. Flowering the pathways

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Decorate the pathways of the wedding venue with the floral rangoli decorations. The decorations leave your guests impressed as they walk down the pathway to reach the mandap.

66. Garland Swirls


While you decorate your homes with lights and diyas why leave the sides of the floor unattended. If your looking for new rangoli designs for diwali for decorating the unattended pathways then consider giving the garland swirl rangoli a try. Adorn the rangoli with diyas to enhance its overall look.

67.  Solemnizing knots

Solemnizing knots

The wedding is a celebration of the union of two souls. This wedding celebrate the union as you opt for a gathbandhan rangoli design. The beautiful color contrast of the design is what adds beauty to the rangoli.

68. Shubh Vivah Design

Shubh Vivah Design

A wedding is an auspicious occasion and add on to its auspiciousness by opting for the shubh vivah rangoli design. The incorporation of the kalash and musical instruments adds character to the design thus making it to look traditional.

69. Entwined Welcome Design

Entwined Welcome Design

 Looking for rangoli with designs of the welcome on it? Spruce up the wedding festivities as you give the entwined circular welcome rangoli design a try. The blend of colors with the addition of  table and shehnai gives an ethnic vibe to the rangoli design.

70. Splash of colors


Adorn the unattended corners and places of the wedding venue with this colorful rangoli design. The rangoli adds a splash of colors to the wedding.

71. Musical Affair

Musical Affair

 A wedding without good music is deemed to be incomplete. Show off your love for music to the guests with this musical rangoli design. The Shenai, dholak and and table takes the centerstage thus adding character to the Rangoli design.

72. 7 Pheras Rangoli

7 Pheras Rangoli

 A priceless moment of the wedding is when the pheras time when the bride and groom take circles of the holy fire to get tied in bond of marriage. Capture the beauty of this priceless moment and frame it in a rangoli. This beautiful  rangoli with the bride and groom taking the pheras adds to the aesthetics of the wedding.

73. Teardrops on staircase

Teardrops on staircase

 Decorating the large unattended places around the wedding venue is a difficult task. When you can think of no other way of brightening up those places then the rangoli designs come to your aid. For places like staircases you can decorate it with these paisley designs that looks more like teardrops on the staircase.

74. Floors and Flowers

Floors and Flowers

Who said the floral garlands are meant just for gates and making door hangings during the festival of lights? This beautiful garland floor décor breaks the monotony of using them solely as gate décor. If you’re looking for new rangoli designs for diwali then consider opting for this flower garland rangoli design that is embedded with paisley patterns.

75. Gradient Floral Rangoli

Gradient Floral Rangoli

The pop up of colors in this vibrant gradient floral rangoli is what makes it beautiful.  Levelling up its charm is the placement of the Lord Ganesh idol inside the rangoli.

76. Glowing Blossom

Glowing Blossom

Flowers are symbol of joy and they add on to the auspiciousness of an occasion. This diwali brighten up your room as you get creative with this glowing blossoms rangoli design. Illuminate the design by surrounding it with diyas.

77. Twirl of the petals

Twirl of the petals

The twirling petals rangoli is a simple yet traditional design. If you’re a beginner at rangoli then looking for easy rangoli designs then consider going for this twirl of the petals design.

78. Colorful Affair

Colorful Affair

Add an ethnic vibe to the rangoli as you opt for this beautiful rangoli design. The blend of colors and minimalist patterns is what enhances its beauty.

79. Petal Mesh

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This diwali spruce up the celebrations by opting for the petal mesh rangoli design. The beautiful patterns in the use of contrasting colors is what give the central floral motif a 2d appearance.

80. Square Diya Rangoli

Square Diya Rangoli
Credit :

Tired of the same old rangoli designs for diwali ? Ditch the traditional circular pattern rangoli design and replace it with square shaped rangoli design. The highlight of this rangoli design is the addition of diya designs in the rangoli.

81. Floral Mandala Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The sheer joy of decorating your house with colourful artistry is an attack of different level. Decorate your home on Diwali with this floral mandala rangoli.

82. Maroon Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

The next one on our list is not about the quirky rangoli designs but about the festive colour. This festive colour is none other than the auspicious maroon which is added to every Indian festival.

83. Elegant Double Flower Rangoli

Elegant Double Flower Rangoli
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Then comes the very unique yet elegant double flower rangoli embellished with lit diyas. So if you are looking for minimal or easy rangoli designs then this can be the best choice.

84. Pink Peacock Rangoli

Pink Peacock Rangoli

Peacocks are the epitome of beauty and it goes without saying that these can be used to accentuate every artistic design. So why not experiment with the ethereal pink peacock rangoli?

85. Swirly Traditional Floral Rangoli

Swirly Traditional Floral Rangoli
Credit : Poonam Barkar

If you are one of those people who like to spice things up then without any doubt this swirly traditional floral design is meant for you. Moreover, it can match the exuberance of your wedding with the utmost ease.

86. Semi-Circular Knot Rangoli

Credit :

If you have to decorate the sections of your home on Diwali or sections of your wedding then the semi-circular knot rangoli can end your search. As it has the aesthetics that can top all the rangoli designs.

87. Square Shaped Easy Rangoli Design

Square Shaped Easy Rangoli Design
Credit :

If you can’t decide between square and circular easy rangoli designs, then go for both! Make a circular rangoli and add the creative circular design inside.

88. Multiple Cashew Rangoli Designs 2021

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This one is for all the people who are big mehndi enthusiasts and like to add the henna motifs to all the decorations they participate in. Yes, to fulfil this we have the multiple cashew rangoli designs 2021 special!

89. Rangoli Design With Flower And Diyas

Rangoli Design With Flower And Diyas

The next one on our list is the visual treat for all the people who like to colour their home with lovely designs. Yes, this vibrant rangoli design with flower and diyas can make your Diwali much brighter.

90. Detailed Circular Rangoli

Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

If you are not satisfied with all the easy rangoli designs, then here we are with the detailed circular rangoli. This intricately made rangoli design can add tones of charm to your Diwali and wedding too!

91. Grand Rainbow Wheel Rangoli

 Grand Rainbow Wheel Rangoli

And if you solely want to decorate your wedding venue with colours then we have something that can beat all the rangoli design images in an instance. This rainbow wheel rangoli is not only an aesthetic splash of colours but also a representation of grandness.

92. Asymmetric Rangoli Design

 Asymmetric Rangoli Design
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

If you are bored of scrolling through circular or rectangular rangoli designs for Diwali then here we are with an appealing asymmetric rangoli design. This design has all the attractive motifs that one doesn’t want to miss out!

93. Twin Rangoli Design Of Peacocks

 Twin Rangoli Design Of Peacocks

Then followed by this we have the very beautiful twin rangoli design of peacocks that is decorated with diyas. The best part about this rangoli is that it is a tricoloured piece, which is very easy to execute.

94. Peacock Diya Rangoli Design

 Peacock Diya Rangoli Design
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This appealing Rangoli Designs Ideas covers both, the beauty of the peacock and the auspiciousness of the diyas. So decorate your home with these elegant motifs on this Diwali.

95. Go Green With Flowers

Go Green With Flowers
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

This artsy rangoli highlights the pretty greens and balances the vibrancy of the oranges and pinks. So if you are looking forward to a minimal and easy Rangoli Designs Ideas then do keep this one on your tabs.

96. Floral Diya Rangoli Design

Floral Diya Rangoli Design

If you are one of the people who like to light the designs more than anybody else then this floral diya rangoli design can help you a lot! It is a simple rangoli design with a floral diya as the centre piece.

97. Twin Flower Disc Rangoli

Twin Flower Disc Rangoli
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Another unique design on our list is the twin flower disc Rangoli Designs Ideas that are not only easy to make but very gorgeous to look at. The best part is, you can make tis both in weddings and in Diwali, it will embellish both the events very beautifully!

98. Circular Mandala Colourful Rangoli

Circular Mandala Colourful Rangoli
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Another circular and symmetrical mandala Rangoli Designs Ideas, fit for your home on Diwali,  that we have on our list is this colourful rangoli that flaunts the floral imprints in the mandala.

99. Circular Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

Circular Blue Peacock Rangoli Design

The next one on our list is the eye catching blue peacock design which is made in a swirly circular way. This circular shape is further embellished with multiple peacock feather designs on the rim of the design.

100. Tri-coloured Artsy Sunflower Rangoli

Tri-coloured Artsy Sunflower Rangoli
Credit : Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

If you are one of those people who can’t indulge in the intricate designs then we have the very beautiful and easy to make tri-coloured artsy sunflower Rangoli Designs Ideas. You can make this design both on weddings and on Diwali.

Image Source :- PayalKumarPhotography || rangoliahmedabad ||

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